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    Hi All. It has been maybe 7 months since re-opening the site. Thanks for hanging out and participating! Here's some of the things that I'm looking at for the site in the new year. Monthly Flash Fiction Tournaments - monthly tournament will resume with a new Rating system. The 5 star rating system that the forum has is cool but too limited. There is just not enough flexibility in the Forum 5-Star System to give more fine grained scores (like, say, a 4.5 or 4.6). So the Tournaments will return when I build a new rating mechanism for our wonderful Match Judges to use. Fantasy Teams - the fantasy teams has been fun, I think. It is an evolving system, and is getting updates and changes based on feedback of it. We'll keep on playing and improving it as we go! CBUB Database - There are several Wikis out there which have data about the characters that are in the CBUB Database. I'm hoping to connect to those Wikis and use their data to make the entries in the CBUB database easier to use in battles. The VS Battles Wiki is one that could be really useful. Other Stuff - I'll keep fixing things or adding features when you bring them to my attention, of course. Just let me know. You can, of course, use the site features like the Blog section to post things that interest you. I use mine for the occasional Anime review. I would like the site to be the best it can be at what it is! All that said... the CBUB has returned to a very different world than the one it left. As far as getting new members goes, this is probably about as good as it gets. I point this out because some of you have asked or mentioned it. I've tried running ads and so forth - it's money down the drain to no effect. This is a very niche kind of website and this is not the halcyon days of the 1990's when comics were king and the internet was young. Anyways, this site is here because you asked for it to be here - and as long as you are entertained by it, that's really all that matters to me, personally. I'll just keep doing what I do and trying to make it better. Thanks!
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    That's why I see Nadai taking this. I think Palpatine may have an understanding of building a droid and maybe even an advanced one at that, but Nadai is probably capable of making another Ultron or something even worse than Ultron. I just don't see Palps being able to create something to that extent
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    I liked this match quite a bit, and I found it pretty neat how you managed to combine all three of these '90s characters into a single match. Props to you on that, it was pretty creative in its inception and its conceptualization. There were some spelling and grammar issues here and there but it was well done. For the match, I'm liking Gus here, true Slappy has a proven track record and is pretty hard to put down, but in a way, I'm thinking that it will be much harder for him to defeat Gus than it would for Gus to defeat the latter. Reason being, Gus may move slow and be lumbering, but his gum is nearly impenetrable if it hits someone, and his body, in being made of gum would prevent any real damage from being inflicted on him by Slappy, unless Slappy manages to get his hand on cold items to attack Gus with in such a sort period of time, unlikely but possible. Crypt-Keeper would likely hold a bit more of an advantage here against Gus, although I am inclined to think Gus might still be able to defeat him as well, as certain episodes of Tales from the Crypt didn't always go on the way that the Keeper was hoping for, in terms of the bookends, so Gus still has a shot based on that. Slappy vs the Keeper would certainly be closer in terms of a winner, but if it came down to that I could also see Slappy prevailing, though it would probably be about the same amount of times as it would be with Gus, perhaps a bit more, perhaps a bit less, but not too much further beyond that probability.
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    Yeah, all good. Tier 5 is a broad category. I will look forward to the Magneto vs. Death Star thread.
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    Woof, wouldn't want to face that team next. WAIT
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    Proposed centerpiece design:
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    That's surprising, since Gantu failed at capturing one little blue dude who wasn't effectively hiding.
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    Slot X: The Team's Corporate Mascot.. Corporate mascots either from fiction or real-life, i.e. icons known for promoting and selling things. Not sure what challenges could go with this, but honestly, there probably is a few things already which come to mind. Base Line Examples: Ronald McDonald Burger King Michelin Man Captain Morgan etc.
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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; Everyone slept soundly; except for there next to the shelves, Low and behold, twas not one but two massive big elves! Swords and spears they carried, and bows as long as an arm, Smiles on their lovely faces, that promised each other much harm, For these weren't jolly Christmas elves, oh my dear no, These were warrior prince elves; that deadliest of foe! They clashed together with thunder and wrath, And the Christmas tree lay shredded in their path, They laughed as they fought, a most terrifying sound, So stay in your bed kids, lest they put YOU in the ground! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa and some jollier elves that this visit you soon!
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    I'm not as familiar with Damian as I probably should be, but from what I've looked up on him, he seems to be more of the serious, brooding type and not that charismatic. As mentioned, while Damian no doubt has seen some scary things being related to Batman and the al Ghuls, Jade has dealt with demons in the form of the Shadowkhan and the Demon Sorcerers and has imagination and her cheerful and enthusiastic charisma to boot. While Damian would probably scare away or bore the kids (both of which defeat the purpose of telling a good story), Jade is more likely to keep them entertained.
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    Pretty sure Tommy is a bit too young to be able to snowtube. CT has the right idea.
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    i was rushed i have my 2 year old niece with me and she is keeping me running around. i am just glad i kind of finished it
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    This was very great and I certainly liked the mood of the set up once Wanda was in the dream world While it does take place in dream world, i feel like Wanda should be able to win this one. She will have to watch herself as Freddy is in the dream world. He does have an advantage but I feel like Wanda is on a other level of power that she can take them to another plane and destroy him there
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    Its been a hot minute since I've watched Dexter's lab. I'd have to go back and see if there is a yt clip or something out there I do feel that Dexter has more intelligence and should be able to win this one.
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    For some reason, I feel like Sue can win this. I mean she has invisibility and power. I think Carol may have more power, but Sue also has genius level intellect that i think could be a deciding factor in something like this
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    Both kid geniuses, could be a close one. Stewie does show actual infant tendencies, so he might end up choking on a small piece. I know Dexter has board game experience, and being an older child means he's probably played more board games than baby Stewie. I say Dexter has the advantage.
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    Umpire continues to troll with Zabu vs Abu. Abu ftw
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    If we are talking about who can become the most popular and make the most money, I'll have to give this heartily to the cute cheeky monkey. A sabre-tooth tiger may appeal to a certain group of people in terms of very specific advertising, but Abu brings a cross-demographic appeal to the field. He's able to advertise more things, star in more complex commercials and has that broader appeal. Plus, capuchin monkeys have a familiarity about them, think Indiana Jones, PIrates of the Caribbean, Night at the Museum, Ace Ventura etc. Abu for the win.
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    Fantastic set up and incredible idea for a match up! I had to take a look at both of them and I think Katie should be able to take this one
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    Kamala stared at her algebra book with much contempt in her eyes. "I hate you." She said flatly. Her math teacher assigned the entire class a week of algebra homework that they had to return at the start of next week on a Monday and tonight was a Friday. Not out of time but even with half of it done, she felt it took forever that it might as well never be done. Not helped by the fact that multiple times, she procrastinated playing Warcraft with the excuse she'll get it done eventually. All the way to Friday. "How the heck am I supposed to get this done?" She wondered aloud to herself. "And how did I get stuck on algebra?" She then faceplated on the book in frustration. It had been a slow week for Kamala, close to a month even. As Ms Marvel, A member of the Avengers, a superhero in New Jersey in her own right, last month there was a lot of activity. The stress between superheroics and school life got too much that she wished stuff could it take it easy on her. And so it did. But then she got the algebra assignments. Kamala immediately regretted her wish. Suddenly however, snapping out of her plight, she heard a low but loud humming sound. "Huh?" Kamala sat upright. She rushed over to her window to look what was outside. Kamala could barely see it due to how far but she swore she could make out a set of lights. As if it came straight out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Kamala's trance was interrupted by the sound of her phone buzzing. Rushing to her bed, she saw it was Tony Stark calling him, Iron Man. She clicked to answer. "You're seeing weird lights too?" He asked. "Yeah." She nodded. "Get dressed, kid!" He said urgently. "Got to make sure they aren't hostile." "On it!" She said as she hung up. 'It beats algebra homework!' Kamala thought to herself as she raced toward her closet to her Ms Marvel costume. ---- Tony wasted no time picking up Kamala in the convertible. He informed her the others such as Sam Wilson (Captain America), Thor (Jane Foster), Vision, Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Nova (Sam Alexander) have already conversed around Liberty Island which was where the lights, now identified as a UFO were meeting two others. One was hovering above Brooklyn and the other directly near Liberty Island. Parking near the docks, Tony Stark now immersed himself in the Iron Man suit, prepared to take off with Ms Marvel wrapping her arms around his neck. "Slow week?" He said. "Yeah!" She replied. "Hope this doesn't bore us then!" Iron Man lifted off and with Ms Marvel in tow, flew to Liberty Island to join with the other Avengers, just as the UFO Kamala saw joined the other two in the sky. "Any updates?" Iron Man asked Captain America. "No idea!" He replied. "They've just been hovering there for an hour." Nova in the meanwhile for the past hour had been pondering. Something about them was familiar. "What's up with you?" Spider-Man asked Nova. "This has been bothering me." He replied. "I feel like I should what those ships are. Can't be Chitauri." "Definitely not spacecraft belonging to Skrull or Kree." Vision concurred. "I see something!" Shouted Thor. Doors from the ships opened to reveal a curious army of beings. All encased in broad armor with to the most casual observer had one eye, shaped like a pepper shaker with two light bulbs on its head and a plunger and egg beater. "We're being invaded by salt and pepper shakers?" Iron Man stared in confusion. "Oh snap!" Nova finally realized, now he remembered based on his experience conversing with other members of the Nova corp. "Daleks!" "Daleks?" The rest of the Avengers asked in unison. "Atten-tion hu-mans!" The leader Dalek spoke. "This pla-net is un-der the rule of the Da-lek ar-ma-da!" "Surrender imme-diately or else face the conse-quenc-es!" It continued. As a demonstration, a Dalek ship fired a laser at a nearby building, decimating it completely. "Surrender or be ex-termi-nated!" "If it's a fight they want, it's a fight they shall get!" Thor shouted in anger, ready for battle. "Kid," Iron Man said to Nova. "Give us the details while we fight these guys!" "I don't think we'll get any downtime for explanations." He added. "On it!" Nova nodded in response. "Avengers Assemble!" Captain America shouted as the Avengers rush into battle as the Daleks descended upon them. "Ex-ter-minate!" Screamed the Daleks. ----- Stand alone fight. Basically, every Avenger is at full strength, especially the Jane Foster Thor and so are the Daleks. Didn't want to try one ship, so I picked three to make things even.
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    I vaguely remember the Ice Cream Man. I feel like I enjoyed that movie, but it's been so long. I do feel he loses here though. It won't take much for him to get caught. Thanks for using all these underused characters. Nice to see them get some love. The set-up was good too, didn't notice any glaring errors.
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    This was awesome and very entertaining! The Avengers have my vote on this one but it is definitely a close one
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    “This had better be good, Keeper,” muttered Slappy. The dummy sat on an antique chair, gazing at the Crypt Keeper as he stood hunched over a table reading through one of his many books. “I’ve got better things to do with my nights than be cooped up here in your dump of a crypt.” The Crypt Keeper cackled as he shut the book, and turned his attention fully to Slappy. “Heh heh heh heh. Why, Slappy. You shouldn’t say things that aren’t true. You wouldn’t want your noise to start growing again. Heh heh!” “That was Pinocchio, you pile of bones and pus!” snapped Slappy. “I’ve been sitting here for an hour while you’ve just been reading that stupid book!” “Ah, but there’s nothing like burying yourself in a good story. Heh heh heh! “ The Crypt Keeper placed the book back on a shelf as voice grew more serious. “You should consider yourself lucky that the only threat to you has been dying of boredom. After your behavior at my last monster bash, I could have turned you into kindling the minute you set foot at my door again.” “You’re the one who invited Zeke the Plumber without telling anybody!” “That’s no reason for having a brawl that wrecked my haunted home!” “How could you tell it was wrecked? It always looks like this!” The two stood eye to eye glaring at each other. Then both cackled gleefully. “Heh heh heh! Oh, you really are a cut up, Slappy. I’ve always had a soft spot in my…er…guts for you. I’m willing to let die-gones be die-gones. And to make it up to you, I’ve arranged a special trick r treat for you.” The Crypt Keeper picked up an old remote, pressing a button and turning on a wall of televisions. Through the static, Slappy could see a surveillance camera view of each room in the Keeper’s mansion above them. But the cameras also revealed that they were not alone. Hurrying from room to room were young humans, carrying kegs, dancing and chatting excitedly together. “What are these brats doing here?” said Slappy. “These brats are from a community college near here,” explained the Crypt Keeper. “Apparently someone invited them all to a night of thrills and chills in my mansion.” Slappy looked back at the screens stunned. “Let me get this straight. These low rent co eds received anonymous invitations to a party in the most haunted looking house on Earth, and they all said yes?” The Crypt Keeper grinned and nodded. “I believe they thought it would be ‘lit’. Heh heh heh!” Slappy howled with laughter. “Hahahaha! Boy, I love humans!” The Crypt Keeper motioned to a book case. “Behind that shelf is a passage way. It will lead you up to the study. From there I’m sure you can find some way to make our young fiends feel…comfortable.” Slappy hurried to the book case, slipping a knife into his suit pocket. “Oh I’m sure I can. Thanks a lot, Crypty. Whenever anyone tells me you’re not a nice guy….I’ll be sure to believe ‘em! Hahahahahaha!” Slappy pulled out one of the books, and the shelf moved aside to reveal a stairwell. Slappy hurried up the steps as the book shelf swung back into place behind him. With the Living Dummy gone, the Crypt Keeper’s grin vanished. “That stupid pile of termite food! You really think I’d bring you here to bury the hatchet? Heh heh. Well you’re right. I’ll bury it right in your wooden head!” The Crypt Keeper hurried across the crypt to a blue Igloo cooler wrapped in chains and padlocked. He quickly undid the locks and lifted the lid of the cooler. Inside, laid out on pile of ice, was a very ugly doll. It was the size of a Cabbage Patch Kid, but it was purple, wrinkled, and hairless. It was dressed in a red turtle neck sweater, black pants, and a black leather trench coat. Carefully, the Crypt Keeper lifted the doll out of the cooler, brushing away the frost on it’s head. “Shh. There, there. I’m sorry you had to be kept on ice for a while, but we must keep you a surprise for that demented Muppet up there. Now, let’s see if you are still in good shirking order.” He pressed a button on the back of the doll’s head. The doll cycled through it’s pre-recorded catchphrases. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “SLIME ANYONE?” After a final press of the button, a purple slime trickled out of the doll’s mouth. The Crypt Keeper stuck his finger in the slime and put it in his mouth. “Mmmm. Grape bubblegum. Heh heh! Ya gotta love those retro 90s toys. Although it would have been better if it was red scary or slaughter-melon flavored instead. But no matter. Now that I know you’re still functioning, why don’t you go warm yourself by the fire? Or rather….IN it?” The Crypt Keeper threw the doll across the crypt like a football, sending it flying into a stone fireplace. A burst of flames shot out of the fireplace, soon replaced by billowing clouds of purple smoke. Out the smoke, crawling out on it’s hands and knees, was the doll. It struggled to it’s feet, swaying to maintain it’s balance. The toy that was once the size of a normal doll now stood at a towering 6 feet tall. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” it growled. The Crypt Keeper clapped his hands triumphantly. “Heh heh heh heh! It worked! The stories about Gooey Gus were true! Talk about getting hot under the collar! Heh heh heh!” Gooey Gus pointed a shriveled hand at the Crypt Keeper. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “Who? Me? Oh not at all, my fruity fiend. Don’t tell me you’re still feeling heated about me putting you in cold storage, are you?” Gooey Gus squinted at the Crypt Keeper. “SLIME ANYONE?” Gooey Gus reared back his head, and the Crypt Keeper jumped out the way behind a stone gargoyle. Gooey Gus unleashed a torrent of purple slime from his mouth on the chair that Slappy had been sitting in. Within seconds it was completely enveloped in slimy cocoon. The Crypt Keeper peeked out to look at his ruined furniture. “Oh boy. I always liked that armchair. I had it made of real arms. But I really think you should focus your rage on someone who really is laughing at you.” Gooey Gus lurched toward the Crypt Keeper. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” “Yes, yes, my twisted pile of gum,” said the Crypt Keeper, pointing at the television screens which showed Slappy having taken the teenagers hostage in the study. “But that little man there is the one laughing at you, not me.” Gooey Gus cocked his head at the screen and stated as Slappy used his green breath to convert one the teenagers into a lifesized puppet. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” “Yes, he is, Gus,” soothed the Crypt Keeper, patting his arm consolingly. “And he’s going to keep laughing at you unless you do something about it. So, my purple pal, what are you going to do about it?” Gooey Gus looked with his bloodshot eyes at the televisions, then sent them crashing to the floor, and turned to glare at the Crypt Keeper. “SLIME ANYONE?” “Perfect!” cried the Crypt Keeper, as he ushered Gooey Gus to the book case. “Secret passage is through there.” Gooey Gus looked confused at the briefcase, then melted himself into a slimy puddle and slid underneath to the other side. The Crypt Keeper rushed back to the television monitors, and set it on a desk to watch the fun. In the study Slappy had finished with his victim. On the floor was now a dummy with a painted face, and carved jaw, still wearing a varsity jacket. “Please,” sobbed a blonde girl. “Why are you doing this?” Slappy drew close her, and pointed the knife toward her face. “Because you are my slaves, sweetie. I can do what ever I want to you. You can either do as a say, or you can wind up like your friend over there.” Another boy in a varsity jacket leaned toward Slappy, stopping short only because of the knife. “Let us go, you psychotic little…” His blustering was interrupted as the bookcase burst out into the study, sending books flying and the teenagers screaming and ducking for cover. Slappy’s eyes widened as Gooey Gus entered the room. “What are you supposed to be? The Toxic Avenger?” Gooey Gus stepped over the fallen bookcase toward Slappy. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” Slappy couldn’t believe his eyes. “Wait a minute. You’re that freak from that PBS show? Did Keeper put you up to this?” Gooey Gus stretched out his arms toward Slappy. “YOU LAUGHING AT ME? YOU LAUGHING AT ME?!” Slappy waved the knife dismissively at the lumbering slime monster. “Yeah, yeah. You weren’t much for conversation back in the day either, were you? As you can see I’m busy right now so why don’t you hop on the next Greyhound to Brooklyn and I’ll…” Suddenly the boy in the varsity rushed forward, knocking aside Slappy and charging toward Gooey Gus with fists raised. “Leave us alone, you freaks!” he cried swinging punch at Gus’ chest. The fist sunk into slime that made up Gooey Gus. The boy tried to pull back his fist, but it was stuck tight. Gooey Gus looked down at the arm stuck in his chest, then glared down at the foolish boy. “SLIME ANYONE?” The last sensations the boy experienced was the blast of slime dislodging him from the monster’s chest, the feeling of flying through air, crashing against a wall, then the world turning purple as the slime cocooned around him, attaching him to the wall. The other teenagers scattered, screaming and running to various rooms in the mansion. Gooey Gus looked around the room. “Hey! Raisin Brain!” Gus turned around to see Slappy, flanked by two teenagers converted into dummies, and using his magic to grow to Gus’ height. “You’ve made the worst mistake of your life, gruesome. And after I’m done with you, I’m gonna make the Crypt Keeper pay!” Gooey Gus raised his arms above his head as he roared. “I’M BURNING MAD! I’M STEAMING MAD!” Slappy readied his knife and he charged forward with his puppets behind him. “Yeah? Join the club.” OK: Slappy: Has all his abilities from books/movies. I’ve added that he can use his magic to grow to human size, but it will wear down over time. He can ‘recharge’ but he must revert to dummy size while he does. The Crypt Keeper: Has all his abilities from his shows. Gooey Gus: Gus is essentially Clayface crossed with a zombie. He can project his slime to trap people and turn to slime himself to get passed locked doors. He can be weakened by cold or substances that soften his gum based body. If he gets too cold, he loses strength and returns to doll size. Slappy or Gus win by destroying the other, then taking out Crypt Keeper. The Crypt Keeper wins if the teenagers destroy Slappy and Gus (leaving them easy pickings for the Crypt Keeper), or if he destroys the winner of Slappy/Gus himself. Game On!
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    I agree. I think Sam's experience can make up for any slight advantage Vulture will have in suit technology.
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    Yet another great set-up, Culwych! As usual, you really laid out the story here. As for the match, like the others I think I like the more accomplished Caesar in this war.
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    Definitely gets my vote. I dont think we really saw just how powerful she was, and the only thing that held her back from destroying Sinbad at the end was herself.
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    Great idea for a matchup. I need to look into Eris more because I never saw the Sinbad cartoon movie. You nailed Hades though, one of my favorite Disney villains. Good job,
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    Awesome set up! I really enjoyed it a lot! Will need to think on this one before I can make a decision
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    Awesome set up! This was really fun! I will definitely have to look at the characters and make a decision later. Once again this was really great!
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    If this is a fight between two movie characters, I feel like Vulture might get the edge because he has a bit more tech on him than Falcon
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    I do totally see your Viewpoint. However, if this were a Tier 4 slot, the character would actually be underpowered. They rate him a Low 4 at peak. So he does not neatly fit there either - there are better options if we are picking Tier 4. I guess if you split the difference then he is a Tier 4.5.
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    I think Venom is asking because the Death Star - 1 and 2 - are listed there, but seem a little out of place. Does a fully functional battle station manned by many stormtroopers count as a character for this slot?
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    It's pretty useful. I was considering giving it a real test next season and going Seven Slots - Seven Tiers. But we'll see.
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    It was an exciting time for all in the Omniverse. Thousands of people for infinite worlds await in line for the grand reopening of Khazan, the nexus of all realities. After the planet was deemed off limits to all, it has now been reopened for the masses. Along with old allies, new applicants lined up by the thousands for the chance to experience the sights of Khazan City. It is there where one tall, skinny man brandishing armor that just didn't fit well in all manner of ways was sitting in a... wall? The way the buildings have gotten so tall have always bothered him, even if he has been living in Khazan for years. Yet he was waiting for an old friend to come by. Rather impatiently. He was tapping his toes until finally... A shorter man with black hair and an eyepatch over his left eye. Or what's left of it anyways. "It's about time you showed up," the taller man spoke up, his voice teeming with imitation. "I've been waiting on this corner for hours." "Well, what's a man to do when he gets to see his own idol Nick Fury again after so many years." A beat. "He totally missed he too by the way." The two stared at each other tensely for a few seconds... only to break the staredown with a hug. "Man, it's been far too long Joxer," the shorter man said. "No need to lay it in thick Xander," Joxer replied before taking a step back. "How's Dawn?" "You know the usual. Helping her with her energy problems. Dodging glances from angry older sister slayer. At least it's better than unsuspectingly dating demons." He chuckled nervously. "How's Meg?" "Still the most wonderful woman in the world. Even gave me the idea to set up a Xena and Gabrielle souvenir shop in Khazan." Joxer's eyes beamed... only to dim a bit at the situation of his life. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "Tough luck on Gabrielle. Hard to fight literal destiny. Even we struggled with that." "Pfft. It's all in the past now," Joxer waved him off. "Besides, I still need to work on living up to their name as a grand warrior." Xander tried his best to stifle a laugh, but Joxer heard it loud and clear. "Is something funny to you?" Xander wiped his nose as he tried to stop smiling. "Nothing. Just that I find it hard to believe you could be a warrior. Didn't you fail to do so after 25 years of trying?" "Oh you're one to talk. How many times did Buffy have to bail you out of your own messes?" "Well at least I didn't die from one." His mouth closed too late to stop the latest insult from escaping his mouth. Joxer's jaws went wide with shock only to grimace as his left hand squeezed into a fist. His right hand shoved Xander back as he stepped forward. "Oh... oh. It's on now buddy. You think I haven't noticed the scoreboard? We haven't faced each other in a match yet. Likely because you're too chicken to face me. Well, it's high time I change that. You and me. Khazan Arena. Right now." Not wanting to look weak, Xander sidestepped and held his hands up high. "Oh it's on like Donkey Kong. You better bring a coffin, because I'm putting you in six feet under for your second time..." ... It was a bright and sunny day in the Arena. Perfect weather for a fight. Unfortunately, the crowds weren't nearly as filled as per usual. It appeared that everyone knows what to expect from the two men and were not impressed. With that said, they two had enough connections to pull all the strings so that the spectacle would be commentated by the very best. And so... "And welcome back folks to what looks to be a rather interesting grudge match her in Khazan Arena. I'm Pat Summers." "And I'm Jay Peoples. And we have ourselves a battle of the male sidekicks. While we have had many storied matches between the Warrior Princess and the Vampire Slayer, we have yet to see their two male allies land blows." "Part of it has to deal with the fact that the two are usually pretty chummy with each other. But this latest spite has finally brought the two to blows." "And the audience will be the ultimate benefit of it all. We have ourselves a classic sand match filled with all sorts of destructive goodies familiar to both our fighters. Swords, arrows, guns and the like. It will be up to them to arm themselves and go for the kill." "Which will make things all the more interesting in what sort of strategy these two... lesser than stellar combatants will bring to the table. It may not look like much on paper, but crazier things have happened in this arena..." And indeed things were about to become weird. Two witches, each hoping that the other would win cast a spell on their patron in the hopes of bringing them to their best physical shape. So here is the scenario: Both are unarmed and 100 feet away from each other. Weapons are scattered around the arena. But there's a twist. Joxer has been turned into his best self in 'From Him the Bell Tolls' while Xander is at his military persona from 'Halloween' se the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
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    I tried to search the Internet for what makes Eeyore happy and found this wiki. It says: "He also loves sad stories because they make him feel more appreciative of his life and what he has." Hmmm... so he likes sad stories, then. I think Heat Miser would like to tell the very sad tale of a Snowman who encountered some warm weather one day...
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    Oh, you gotta be ... 😆 That's it, no more non-Draft-themed specialists for me. But yeah, while both Westley and Widow have plenty of charisma, I think Romanoff has access to more resources.
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    Sorry I missed this. Great concept though and deserving of five stars. I really like that you gave us numbers to see what they had and judge for ourselves. I don't know who I would have voted for, but I enjoyed reading this nonetheless.
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    Alice's life was good. She had taken over her father's business, and had become a trailblazer for women everywhere as she deftly took it from success to success. She had married, had a child, and only in the darkest corners of her mind did Wonderland emerge again. In those times she would happily let reality slip away, secure in her knowledge that it was but a dream or memory and that her place was in the real world next to her family. So it came as a huge surprise to her when, unbidden, the world actually did slip away. A whiteness enveloped her, the sturdy oak of the desk before disappearing to an emptiness. Then, a large silver plain appeared before her; a swirling silver that gently solidified and turned into large green fields. Mountains towered over the horizon, and she could see forests intersperse the expansive view. Wonderland? she mused to herself. But it didn't feel like that. "For once it seems like I would have been better off late!" said a familiar voice behind her, and Alice swiveled to see an apparition from her youth walking up to her. The White Rabbit! In all the strangeness of her journey to this place, the tall white rabbit in a waistcoat was reassuring. She impulsively reached out to hug the figure, then looked out across the fields to see more figures that she recognised. The Mad Hatter waiving at her, the regal White Queen talking to some card soldiers, the dancing grin of the Cheshire Cat. "Are we in Wonderland?" she asked the White Rabbit. He shook his head quickly, "No, it is no land that I know. Like you it seems, we were brought here" Suddenly a large sphere, coloured the black of the darkest night, appeared overhead. It was huge, gently hovering over the land. A booming voice emerged from the sphere that shook the land. ALICE, WHITE QUEEN, YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED HERE FOR BATTLE. IN EXACTLY ONE DAY, AN ARMY WILL BE MARCHING OVER THOSE HILLS WITH ONLY ONE PURPOSE: TO DESTROY YOU ALL. YOU HAVE ONE DAY TO PREPARE, GATHER YOUR TROOPS, AND READY YOURSELVES FOR THE WAR TO COME. COOPERATE WITH YOUR ALLIES AND YOU WILL SAVE WONDERLAND. FAIL, AND EVERYTHING YOU KNOW WILL BE DESTROYED. YOUR 24 HOUR COUNTDOWN STARTS NOW. The darkness of the sphere was suddenly illuminated with a countdown; 23:59:59 During the announcement the White Queen had walked over to Alice. "Is this something from your land Alice?" she said, laying a gentle, reassuring hand on her shoulder. "No, this most certainly is not" replied Alice. Then her eyes narrowed with determination; "But it sounds clear what we must do to save us all." ----------------------------------------------------- Jonathan clapped his hands in glee as he lifted the virtual reality headset away from his head and wiped his brow. It was beyond surreal, he thought. Virtualibris was the game of the century, allowing the user to feed in information on any fiction or non-fiction source and the game would take care of the rest. It would literally create those characters, with state of the art artificial intelligence and allow you to set the parameters which they would face. The game would source a lot of its information from the internet, feeding that into huge algorithms so the characters believed they were real, had real memories, and would interact and react to the input. Of course, Jonathan had only had one thought in his mind when he fired up the game: Battles! He loved pitting people against each other; and had been part of online forums for many years. Now his dream had come true and he would be able to actually throw this characters into a simulated battle and be there to observe what happened. He was already busy typing out the invite to his pals at his favorite forum CBUB so they could join in on the fun. Another feature of Virtualibris was that you could create the scenarios and characters (when combined named "modules") for others to enjoy - and this was Jonathan's dream. He had few prized possessions, but old copies of Alice in Wonderland and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz were among them. Jonathan had tweaked the rules of this mod slightly, allocating points to allow a bit more strategy into the mix. He would have players spend points to choose key players in the battle, and then allow them to direct in a turn-based approach how they thought the troops would be best placed. They would still follow the advanced AI in their brains, and would act as you'd expect the real characters to, but high level strategy was dictated by the player (or you could slave it fully to the AI if you were feeling lazy). He typed the last few parameters in, and then clicked send to all. Invites were sent, the battlefield a small world full of scenery and open plains to observe the fighting. For those interested in Jonathan's module, the character stats read as follows: Oz Starting Team Name Attributes Cost Princess Ozma Leader, allows 1 move per round N/A Grown up Dorothy Leader, allows 1 move per round N/A Wizard of Oz Primary Adviser, allows 1 move per round N/A Special Forces (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost Tik-Tok Can use a whirly attack which can take out 6 soldiers at once, usable every 5 rounds 3 points Scarecrow Can act as an additional advisor (extra move every 5 rounds) and boosts morale 3 points Tin Woodman Can rally troops to him and act as a general in the field (increased movement and morale) 3 points Cowardly Lion Can unleash a roar that drops enemy morale significantly 3 points Army (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost 100 x Oz Soldiers Medium life, strong armor, medium attack, medium morale 6 points 100 x Munchkins Medium life, medium armor, strong attack, low morale 6 points 17 x Wheelers High life, Medium armor, strong attack, medium morale. Special: Fast Movement 4 points 1 x Soldier with the Green Whiskers Type: General (morale boost), High life, high armor, strong attack, high morale. 4 points Additional Forces (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost Locasta, Good Witch of the North Divination, Defense boost, Teleportation, Transformation, Evil immunity 6 points Glinda, Good Witch of the South Elemental manipulation, Spell Negation, Animation, Misdirection, Zookinesis 6 points Nome King Evil character, can manipulate and launch rocks every 5 rounds, increasing both attack and defense of troops 4 points China Princess Can summon 50 china troops (low life, armor and attack) once during battle 4 points Wonderland Starting Team Name Attributes Cost White Queen Leader, allows 1 move per round N/A Grown up Alice Leader, allows 1 move per round N/A The Caterpillar Primary Adviser, allows 1 move per round N/A Special Forces (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost Mad Hatter Can enter into a frenzy after being in play for 6 rounds which increases army's attack as well. annot be in play at the same time as the Jabberwock 3 points March Hare Can use telekinesis to move objects around the battlefield, as well deal long range damage (throwing plates) 3 points White Rabbit Despite being always late, can boost speed of troops around him once every 4 rounds. 3 points The Dormouse Can rally troops to her and act as a general in the field (increased movement and morale) 3 points Army (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost 100 x Card Soldiers (Hearts) Medium life, strong armor, medium attack, medium morale 6 points 100 x Card Soldiers (Spades) Medium life, medium armor, strong attack, medium morale 6 points 17 living chess pieces High life, High armor, strong attack, medium morale. Special: Can form a blockade for 10 rounds 4 points 1 x Knave of Hearts Type: General (morale boost), High life, high armor, strong attack, high morale. 4 points Additional Forces (10 points available) Name Attributes Cost Cheshire Cat Size manipulation, invisibility, levitation, teleportation , once every 5 rounds, can steal a move from opponent 6 points Queen of Hearts Evil character. Boosts Heart Soldiers morale significantly. If combined with the Knave of Hearts adds an extra move every 5 rounds. 4 points Bandersnatch Evil character, venomous bite, can charge doing damage to 6 soldiers at once (usable every 5 rounds) 4 points Jabberwocky Flight, devastating bite, lowers morale of enemy significantly, very high life 6 points OZ meets Wonderland in this battle of advanced AI's who are in a very real fight for their survival. Who wins - you decide. ENJOY!
  41. 1 point
    Eh, Blackagar doesn't need to scream to win this. All it would probably take is his softest whisper, which could still level buildings. Also, Mr. Boltagon is a very skilled fighter in his own right, so between that and his voice, it may not be so easy for the Force to contain him.
  42. 1 point
    Unfortunately for the bionic redneck, his greatest weapon, the Stone Cold Stunner, is completely useless in this battle. Barbie is too small and F.L.U.D.D. has no chin. I like Barbie using her array of accessories for the upset.
  43. 1 point
    Yeah I agree with you there on that last part, these two would certainly like each other greatly. In terms of skill and intelligence, both are very high, with Moon Girl certainly higher, but Penny could also certainly calculate the speed required for the race as well, as she did determine using her intellect how MAD agents were making themselves invisible to scare off miners, not something her Uncle, nor the miners themselves could discover, making it likely she could deduce speed like that fairly easily. She's also likely no slouch in inventions either, as she did invent her Computer Book and Video Watch, by herself, and could likely use both to invent gadgets and tools to help her participate quite well in the race, not as fast as Moon Girl more than likely, but comparable in some notable ways. Now, without much knowledge or other X factors, Penny would likely be slightly more athletic of the two, due to her detective training with Gadget, however, Moon Girl is also both an Inhuman and a superhero, with access to Devil Dinosaur powers, so in that she would probably surpass Penny, but my knowledge is rather limited on that any way. For what it is worth, this match could go either way, but I don't think it will be too one sided in terms of who could conceivably win this.
  44. 1 point
    I just want to go on record saying that if you had switched out the Profile Pic of the character to Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum from "The Greatest Showman" then that would have been some wise team captaining this season. As is, I like P.T. here and voted for him in this challenge.
  45. 1 point
    Having seen the challenges in that slot, Baby Yoda can chill on the bench and eat frogs. I made a very weak choice, was hoping for some cuteness inspired challenges there.
  46. 1 point
    I don't think I can even vote for my own guy. Lol
  47. 1 point
    I keep going back and forth on it I think Flashpoint Batman is definitely more ruthless but I agree. He won't kill his own son at the end of the day. While these two are past their prime, I think Returns Batman is slightly younger if i remember. Its been a while since I've read Flashpoint
  48. 1 point
    Coulson may have an edge here by being so proper in the way he carries himself. A lot of royalty expect people to have proper etiquette when meeting and addressing them. Jones is more loose and doesn’t play no BS.
  49. 1 point
    I think this would make for a great story set up I think Legolas would take this one! They are both incredibly skilled fighters but I do see Legolas being quicker with a bow
  50. 1 point
    Does it count if the Grinch steals toys, then donates them?
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