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    ....Who made Wendy Thomas in Soul Calibur?! And WHY is she hot?!
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    Bergy: *doesn't vote for Xania*
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    Okay... maybe this? Well, I tried. Have to let the team running the Bunny do the heavy lifting on this one.
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    Draft should be open, now.
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    Fantastic job with this set-up. I was totally entertained. Great writing. Man, we need a Netflix series where these tournament entries get turned into episodes. I Would normally have to go with the Michelin Man on this one. He's made of rubber so Christine really can't hurt him. And, I have to assume he's got a power feat of pulling tires off cars. But, it being Halloween, the only outcome can be that Christine and Bidendum find true love after a quick scuffle, dispose of the two meddlesome humans, and keep the Monkey's Paw for themselves. And that leads to the world of...
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    How about Buffy knocks him out in two minutes and has to beat some information out of the announcer who looks suspiciously like the star of Evil Dead.
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    Thanks once again for bring back this awesome site dude! You rock.
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    What have they done to the Tin Man?
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    That was surprisingly close.
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    Well rounded...heh heh heh... Seriously, though, Ash tends to shoot first and ask questions later, so Sonja might have an advantage there if anything.
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    Heh, I think even Mister Fantastic would have a hard time making that stretch. 😛
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    It's a fine story, thank you for the entertainment. This actually runs over 1000 words longer than the previous Tournament entry. (Just the story itself, not including the intro and outro). That said, I did read all 3,692 words of this over it's 109 line length. I had to come back to it a couple times and keep chugging away, but I did it. I recognize the effort that went into it. It was a well done, descriptive story. It is really long, though. I'll take Kevin for the win on this one. I enjoy his occasional appearances on Red Letter Media and would hate to see anything happen to him. Starting next month we'll need to start playing by "Flash-Fiction" tournament rules with a strict upper limit on the word count. Honestly, I should have been using Flash-Fiction tournament caps all along. Thanks!
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    A lot of leg men voting, I see.
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    Also, in my experience, someone being a jerk and actively trying to break someone up usually only brings two people closer together. In order to break someone up, there needs to be actual motivation to leave your partner --be it for another partner or some other ambition. I don't think Homer has it in him to woo either Eric or Donna. And I don't think he'd be able to inspire anything in them... But I think Dorothy would be more than capable of convincing Eric or Donna to go after their own personal dreams and set their relationship to the side. "Follow your own yellow brick road..."
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    Don't you know anything? Women can't be leaders. It's not in their DNA. Too emotional.
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    Kite Man is a friendly as hell himbo who managed to get the misanthrope Poison Ivy to fall in love with him. Guy's got a big heart and a lot of endearing confidence despite being treated as a loser by many. I figure he could appeal to a lot of goons at the very least.
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    Bergy's head coach be like
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    Clearly, Krypto wandered away and Paris was left pet-less again.
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    I'm just really surprised how appropriate the random Scenario that came-up is for both these contenders. Man, I love Fantasy Draft matches. Just really takes you off the beaten track.
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    It’s no big deal. There’s nothing to be sorry about. I was just letting you know in case you wanted to fix it. Also, welcome back.
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    Added the Fugitive Doctor from Doctor Who. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=10091
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    Right on. Yeah, seems like the Slot is causing some to sit out the season as is, like @DSkillz so, you know, we may have to see how we can work a little Anime in here and there in a way that makes sense for players in general.
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    I picked Shanghai Joe! A character from a Spaghetti Western!
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    Some of those were bs wins though. : P Still, well done.
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    Sir Lancelot more like bad for my slot
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    I totally understand. I think just a couple months ago the topic of wrestlers as real people vs their fictional persona caused some concern in whether they should be added to the database. If it weren't for this very specific draft slot I would think that UFC fighters don't belong in the database too. And thanks.
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    Of course! I’m not casting a value judgement. As requested simply the definitions on terms. An academic exercise.
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    I see one of my ideas made it this season.
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    I can 100% get behind this line of thinking. It is why I chose John Creasy when I know it will be hard for him to get wins. It's also why I didn't go after some of the more obvious choices once Kazuya was off the board. Not that I blame anyone who does, winning is the name of the game.
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    With a very strict normal human requirement. I like this one.
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    Tough call. Really like this one though. Time Force meeting MMPR is always a fun little interaction. You nailed that part well. I'm thinking these zombies overwhelm Ransik's forces. I don't see them infecting him so maybe he escapes. That part is a toss up but I do see the MMPR winning here.
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    SLOT X: THE TEAM'S STAGE PERFORMER A Stage Performer to rank in the dough for the team, at a nightclub, at a stadium, at a kid's birthday party Base Line Examples: - Dazzler - Josie and the Pussycats - Harry Houdini - Jessica Rabbit
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    As for the fight in general, yeah I'm not so sure Martian Manhunter would win quite so easily. Doom's armor is insane. It gives him enough strength to grapple with the Hulk and punch him hard enough to draw blood, he can teleport in combat, his armor's shields are strong enough to let him survive an attack from Thanos blasting him with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet and get right back up in seconds, undeterred. One of Doom's main rivals in the Fantastic Four is the Invisible Woman so I mean obviously Doom would have sensors in his armor for that, negating that advantage. His forcefields kept Nightcrawler from being able to teleport into close proximity but I don't know how that would do with phasing. He has a time machine literally built into his armor so he could go back as many times as he needs to learn how to best MM. Or he could just use the magic spell that he used on Morgan Le Fay that sent her back in time to like...a million years BC and dump MM there. Maybe if MM blitzed him before he could do anything...yeah, maybe. But it would take a lot to crack his shields and get through.
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    Bad ass gooffery is an awesome term. Also, a slot for characters like Chuck Norris would be interesting. Just like legendary characters with no real feats but instead just a massive amount of ridiculous statements. It would be total anarchy
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    Another good entry, ND. I haven't seen the Return of the Living Dead series, but you just about have Kevin and the Wet/Sticky Bandits down pat. If what I've looked up and seen in this match and thread are true, I don't think Kevin has the tools to take these Trioxin Zombies down or even stall them for long. I'm not sure the police could do much here, either.
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    I think both these two are just regular average humans with no powers to speak of in a street fight One has a kite. One has a pocket watch. I guess I'm going with Kite Man on this one. At least it seems like he lifts. "Bro... do you even lift?"
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    I am just thrilled you used Kevin McCallister. He was one of the first characters I thought of using when this month's theme was announced. I was really close to doing a Kevin vs. the Strangers match before going in a different direction so I'm glad someone else was on that same wavelength. Oh, and he dies horribly at the end of all of this lol
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    The Dorothy needed here is not the young innocent who went to Oz the first time. We need to look at the whole Dorothy package on this one. Let's talk about Dorothy in the 1985 film "Return to Oz". It is a dark movie - amazingly made of children (?!) - about Dorothy confined to a psychiatric hospital where all manner of experiments and electro-shock therapy are performed on her to make her stop believing in Oz. This dark, desperate and gothic Dorothy, fresh from the Asylumn, has what it takes to drive a stake right through Eric and Donna's relationship.
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    Something else to add here: Paris likes her pets small enough to carry: And Lockheed definitely likes to cuddle: The winner here should be obvious.
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    Well, after only a little bit of skimming, that doesn't seem to be true. There's several versions of Krypto --most of which keep pretty busy while Superman is away. Romping through space, posing as a pet for the Kents or with Lois, or hanging around Superboy. That being said, I don't know if y'all have watched the new Paris Hilton documentary or not, but if you had, you'd know she's not a dumb influencer like her branding has always been. She's actually misunderstood. And I think that Krypto would 1) Know and understand that and 2) be compassionate enough, much like Superman, to help her overcome her personal challenges. Plus, Paris is into dogs, not cats, and she'd probably send Battle Cat to the SPCA.
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    Let's have a more civilized rivalry than Bergy and SSJRuss. *bows* Anyway, I think it's less about what they're currently wearing and more about what they would dress up as to win a costume contest. I mean, the tongue is definitely a plus for Toad but so is his overall vibe. He's probably already in a dozen fandoms and knows what's trending in the con world. Who generally fits in better at a convention, an outcast weirdo frog guy or a jock?
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    No DBZ cast would beast the Chaos King. He killed many Hell lords,Galactus, he invaded and destroyed the heavens and killed many people higher and above Galactus. I'm just pointing that out.
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