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    Nah, it clearly establishes that it's during a full moon during that episode. I misremembered it that way too though. As for the fight, Katara would probably win a straight-up fight. Sub-Zero's ice attacks are all very slow, and Katara is a master martial artist with magical powers. I think she's got a good chance. However, in this scenario, Sub-Zero probably comes out on top. Not giving Katara any warning is kind of a guaranteed win for someone who trained as an assassin
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    Urdnot Wrex is the Undertaker, Ezio is Mankind, and this tournament is the cage of Hell in a Cell
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    This works perfect! I love the bio too, as I don't really think I'll be a super duper, Debbie downer DM.
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    Hey there everyone! It seems that we've come quite a long way in life in the last seven years since ElectricFerret was more or less rendered inactive by 2013 and I hope that a lot of you are doing a lot better than I am in life. Some of you might know me as that Predator guy who wrote up all of those Predator storylines over at the CBUB while also possessing a near encyclopedic knowledge of the Predator lore. For those of you who don't know me, well... I am an old head from the CBUB back from 2008 to 2013 and often wrote up matches involving Alien vs Predator characters to give them good records and build them up to take on the more popular heroes of Marvel and DC, but I feel like now... it was moot, despite the fun which I had in doing it. However, in the last ten years I've seen my beloved franchise more or less go on the decline, go through a massive retconning in the EU material , and then being sold off to Disney and then release an abysmal movie in 2018... However, in the last... nine of so years, I've rediscovered my passion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the recent on-going IDW series, and I've developed something of a mild respect for Marvel and DC heroes, especially since TMNT has crossed over with Batman in the form of comics and most recently an animated movie. As for doing Predator matches, I don't think I will be continuing any of those anymore as I want to distance myself from the franchise due to the 2010 and 2018 films, as well as the fact that the franchise is now in the hands of the Disney corporation and 30 years of story telling in the form of the EU is going to be or has been undone, now with Marvel taking the licenses from Dark Horse. I am not sure who is here, or who is still around but... I am glad to see that this site is SOMEWHAT active again. I also plan on adding more characters in the meantime. -Rakai'Thwei
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    Excuse me? Don't blame me if you slip in the bath....
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    This is a great match with two characters that I am surprised were un-used. It is the kind of match I was hoping folks would find combing through the Character DB. The set-up is well presented with clear motivations and amusing characters. Nice job.
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    Disclaimer: NSFW Language: ConfessionFPT looked at the blank Microsoft Word Document before him, the vertical black line blinked at him, mockingly. This used to be so easy in 6th grade. He’d jus write down “Hey, I was hanging out with my friend Crash Bandicoot the other day, we went on a walk and got in a fight with the T-1000 Terminator, pls vote, comment, and rate, k thnx, bye!” And then he would make 5 sequels to it somehow. He kept making matches on electricferret.com through high school, adding obscure manga characters to the database that were never used by anyone. Not even him. Again, the match set-ups and fights flowed freely out of him. He mimicked the Play-by-Play format that was originally presented by the Website, placing himself as a commentator alongside the BBEG from the end of Kingdom Hearts. Why would a final boss be a fictitious fight commentator? It would be so out of character for him. Even more out of character was that Android 18 the field-side interviewer. The entire premise made no sense, but still, the young man wrenched much enjoyment out the format. Even when the Official CBUB went away, in college he went on a hot streak writing a continuous story arc, written over a year and featuring 20+ installments about his version of the Suicide Squad, which featured Killer Croc, Rick and Morty, Waluigi and the Monopoly Guy for some reason. What was different between the middle school, high school, and college versions of CFPT and him today? Was it the fact that he was in school and avoiding doing homework, so he wrote mock fights instead? Does the monotony of married life come with too much reasonability, that he doesn’t even have the time to ask the question “Who would win in a fight?” Was his fan-fiction writing days over forever? OR could he squeeze out one more story? But who would the story be about? Someone he added to the database like that Perry The Platyborg or Oscar the Grouch? Or someone more mainstream like Black Widow or the Teen Titans. All this weighed on his mind as the empty Word Doc stared back at him. What did he use to do? Well he almost always wrote in first person back then, maybe he should start with that: So here I am, sitting at the computer trying to write my first CBUB story in years…maybe I can try adding a character to the database? Someone to spice up the roster and someone I can get excited about…like …Mokujin from Tekken. Man, I miss that bitch. They didn’t even put him in their latest installment of that series. I mean, like, he’s there. His image is present in Tekken 7, but you can’t BE him. And I’ll never NOT be mad about it. So…Mokujin from Tekken is walking through the woods. Lady Mokujin had jus kicked him out of their house, again, because Dude Mokujin keeps sneaking out to the forest arcade to play the arcade version of Tekken 3 that is visible in his Tekken 3 Arcade ending. Shit. Imma gonna stop that plot thread for now, because that jus got waaaaay too meta for its own good. I said the words “arcade” and “Tekken 3” way too many times, in a very short amount of time. But I really like where I’m going with this, maybe I can give this fight a real PS1 vibe, with Mokujin as the principal character. But, uh, he’s gonna need an antagonist. A “heel”, if you will. You know, I have this running idea about making a new Pac-Man fever game, and I would put Mokujin in it. So…why don’t we jus do that? Mokujin vs another Namco character to see who would win at Pac Man Fever? No, that’s not quite it, but I’m close… Wait a tick, is PACMAN NOT IN THE DATABASE?! Never mind, I found him. Remember in Street Fighter Crosses Tekken when Pac-Man and Mokujin were playable characters, but only, together? That was weird right? Like, where did Pac-Man get a big Mokujin Mech? But at the same time, wasn’t Moku-Pac-Man the purest embodiment of what Capcom and Namco were trying to accomplish? The perfect combination of two things that don’t gel? An example of true misguided synergy? An attempt to serve the fans but ending up making something that everyone hated instead? This works on so many levels. (So I decide Mokujin and Pac-Man are going to fight, but realize that the most well-known incarnations of the characters don’t depict them using comprehendible language. But then again, when has the Tekken franchise let a little thing like language barriers derail their story.) So what I have so far is, Mokujin is kicked out by wife for being a lazy POS, he’s walking in the woods looking for the Tekken 3 arcade machine in the forest. And when he gets there…Pac-Man is also there! He’s marking the cabinet with graffiti! Much like how his creators feared the American youth would mark his machines if they had named him “Puck-Man”, the big yellow dot was writing a word on the vintage machine, and that word, began with a big red “F”. Mokujin shook his fist in anger, him speaking sounded like someone was beating two wooden blocks together offscreen. Reading his subtitles, you can see that he said “I told you I never wanted to see your round face again!” Pac-Man smirked and laughed into his hand. “You were the beginning of the end for me,” Mokujin continued, “If you hadn’t come along, I still may be a player character in my own franchise! Collaborating with you was the worst decision I ever made!” If you were listening to Pac-Man, it would have sounded like he said “Wakawakawakawkaka.” But if you were reading his subtitles, it would have said “Don’t blame me for your lack of popularity; you’re not in video games anymore because nobody likes you. Your wife doesn’t even like you, or you wouldn’t be here. And, your wife is ugly, unlike my wife who is the most beautiful creature to ever chomp a cherry. I bet your wife even likes me more than you, and why wouldn’t she? I’m the most enduring video game icon of all time, and you’re the least popular fighter in everyone’s least favorite fighting game. I try to convince the suits on the board to trade you for a property that matters like Street Fighter, or Mortal Komabt all the time. The only reason I agreed to appear with your worthless ass in that cross over game, is because it gave me a chance to meet Ryu, who is now my best friend and we hang out all the time after fighting in Super Smash Bros. Another game that you, nor anyone else from your franchise will ever be in. Because no one likes you, no one knows what Tekken is, and you’re the worst of all of them all. In fact, I killed Tiger Jackson. He is the first of many from the Tekken series that I’m going to murder, I’m coming for all you Iron Fool Tournament jabronis. I’m tired of you ruining the good name of the company I built with my mouth. I will slaughter you all.” He dragged the lifeless body of the Disco Dancer out from behind the machine, revealing that he was defacing the arcade cabinet with the dead fighter’s blood. Mokujin clip-clopped in shock, “No! Tiger!” his subtitles read as he knelt down to cradle the cold body, “You, much like the genre of disco, were taken much too soon.” His glowing red eyes intensified as he focused on Pac-Man’s smug face. “You… I may no longer be valuable to my franchise or this company, but what I am, is a true friend! I will not let you hurt a hair on any of my fellow fighters ever again. And when you’re gone, I’ll invite the ghosts to feed on your rotting corpse!” ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Holy God I wrote Pac-Man to be an evil bastard here. So that’s what this series is now. Pac-Man Kills the Tekken Universe. Thanks for bearing with my stream of consciousness there, I really wanted to contribute but was feeling inane amount of writer’s block. Hopefully now that I’ve burst through the ice, I can get more matches up here. So, yeh, Mokujin has access to the entire move set of every Tekken character of every game he’s ever been in. Pac-Man has his abilities from Smash Bros, Pac-Man World, and of course the ability to eat a Power Pellet if he gets his mitts on one. I’m extremely happy that we’re all back and able to do this again. Thank you for reading. Confession FPT Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
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    Rogue, Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, and Ranger. Hopefully nobody needs a lot of healing.
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    We have a pretty good distribution of classes thus far.
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    Congrats on the 5 star, mate. I guess I was the only one who rated lol
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    Ehhhh...gimme a sec here. Probably should've posted this after I get off work. Try to balance things out, if you get a +2 in intelligence, give yourself a -1 in strength. If you give yourself a +2 in endurance, give yourself a -1 in agility. We're playing pretty loose here, the abilities will only come up in dire circumstances.
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    Good god almighty! They killed him! As God as my witness, his is broken in half!
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    Oh I imagine he'd hate to work under Bowser. Shrek just out here doin what he got to do to get back to his swamp. We are all Shrek.
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    DON'T MOCK THE SHOCKER! Does he have the Shocker-Mobile? Cause, how could Gambit stop the Shocker in the Shocker-Mobile?
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    I like this match-up. Very fair. I think it'd be cool to have Shrek run a gauntlet of Bowser minions then have to face the boss. I want to see a Shy Guy fight Shrek in addition to this. I think Bowser wins. Would be interesting to see Shrek have to report to a Goomba.
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    This is just basically a bigger, stronger, Rocky who has grappling on his side. Keybabe and what not shouldn't matter Hulk Hogan the fictional character is facing Ivan Drago the fictional character. Hulk Hogan is wrestling Rocky if Rocky was less of a younger dog and more of a powerhouse. Hulk Hogan has defeated many huge powerful monster of men. Especially in the 80s and no way Hulk is going down to a 'Threat' to America lol 😂. Drago lost to Rocky in Russia with a Russian crowd. Hulk Hogan has a American crowd he can feed off of. Hulk Hogan wins via grabbling, much stronger punches than Rocky, and with the engery from the crowd.
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    That is a really good point, and something I didn't know. However, it's undercut by the set-up itself, which should take precedent over the real-world rules of Wrestlemania because it's the scenario we're basing this fight on. Per the wording here, Drago demonishes an opponent with his fists and the match isn't called, he isn't dq'd, etc. The set-up makes it clear punches are allowed
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    First, point of order, I assume by in RL you're saying it happened in real life, as in not Kayfabe? It's gets kind of sketchy attributing things to wrestlers that didn't happen inside of the wrestling ring. Even so, while flipping a car is impressive, and something that I could never do, it's not unheard of. Here's a dude flipping two of them. A very strong dude, to be sure, but still just a powerlifter. In contrast, Ivan Drago is said to punch with 2,150 psi, and according to this article, that's somewhere between 70% to 250% stronger than an Olympic-level boxer. Also, Drago is a hell of a lot faster than Andre the Giant, and would be using that immense strength to punch Hulk to a bloody pulp. I sincerely feel like everyone is underestimating Drago severely here. He beat a world-class boxer to death in the ring with his bare hands, and he had gloves on at that time. Again, booking aside, Drago would hit harder and faster than any opponent Hulk has fought, and would keep doing it for longer. Unlike Creed, who trained his entire life to take punches on a world-class level, Hulk probably has had very little training in dodging or absorbing punches, if he's had any at all. Drago also wouldn't be wearing his gloves, which would make his punches even more vicious. No round stop means Hulk is going to have no time to rest, unlike Rocky. Drago doesn't have to do any real wrestling here. He can just beat Hulk until he's unconscious or dead and get a referee decision. I know Hulk is going to win because of Hulkamania, brother! but I sincerely don't see any real way he would win other than if the story was written for him to win
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    - Inside the 8 bit world of NES - "R-Rick? Where are we Rick?" Morty asked, looking around. "For God's sake, M-Morty did you not ask me to build you a damn machine to let you into your video games?" *Burp* Taking a swig from his flask, Rick gestures to the tranquil landscape. "Y'know I gotta say, I thought you kids were into some messed up shit, this...this is pretty boring Morty, pretty fucking boring. Wh-where are the strippers an-and the booze you were wouldn't stop drooling over?" "Uh...thi-this isn't what I had in mind Rick, who even plays 8-bit games anymore?" Morty explained, looking around at the empty wilderness that engulfed them. "Morty you ungrateful son of a bitch, I do what you pressure me into a-and this is the thanks I get!?" "Geez Rick calm down, I'm, I'm sorry ok? Geez, it's just that this isn't the game I had in mind. I don't even think we're inside the right console!" Head hung in shame, Morty looked around for clues as to where they were, and what game they could have possibly been in. Suddenly, words began to manifest before their very eyes, drifting slowly into the sky. "DUCK HUNT" "Aww, son of a bi-" - Meanwhile, in Morty's living room - "Uh Dad, aren't you a little old to be playing video games?" "Of course not Summer! Your old man used to be quite the crackshot at the ole Duck Hunt when he was younger" Jerry explained, gesturing to the gaming console in front of him. He scratched his chin in thought, "Although I'm not sure what Nintendo this is that Morty hooked up the the TV, but my old cartridges jammed in... eventually hehe" "Ugh, whatever Dad, have fun playing games you virgin" Summer sighed, rolling her eyes and walking away. "..if I'm such a virgin why do I have two kids?" Jerry, an obvious beta male, whispered, getting back to his game. Upon closer inspection however, he noticed a button, on the side of Rick's video game console invention. It read; *Push to activate AI intelligence in video game inhabitants* "AI intelligence huh….I mean, I always had the best score growing up... What's a little challenge?" Without a second thought, Jerry pushes the button. - Back inside Duck Hunt - "I-I swear to God Morty, if your good nothing dad jammed a stup-stupid game into the machine...he messed it up...he messed it up real bad!" Rick moaned, pulling his flask put again. "It..it *burp* it's gonna take a little while to fix. I-I just need some electropulse energy particles, we should be able to salvage some from surrounding microwaves from the system" Rick explained, poking at his teleportation gun with a screwdriver. "Uh...Rick I'm not sure that's how that works" Morty explained, looking at the ground. "Morty I-I didn't know you were the genius scientist, w-what do you think we should do, of you're so fucking smart?" "Oh geez Rick, wh-what are we gonna do now?" Fidgeting with his hands, Morty glanced around nervously… "At least it can't get any worse... right?" And so they went on their journey, locating electric whatever it was I wrote earlier, to power the teleportation device to get home. - Some time later - "Jesus Morty! Just shoot them, they're just ducks!" Rick roared, diving for cover behind a pile of smoldering duck carcasses. Taking precise shots at the incoming duck bomber, hell-bent on the death of Rick and Morty. "A-and what was that shit you pulled before the cut-away anyways? 'it can't get worse', it always gets worse!" He said taunting Morty. "B-but Rick, I don't want to kill them! What if they have families!?" Morty cried out, taking cover behind the ruined statue of the God Emperor Dog from Duck Hunt, making sure to only shoot to cripple, not kill. "They don't have families! They're 8-bit ducks, your good for nothing Dad must've turned on the AI machine!" Rick yelled over, shooting more ducks out the air. One duck, wearing a comically large beret plunged to the ground after being clipped by an energy round. He knew his time was coming, his partner flew down by him, ready to escort the injured duck back to one of the few buildings left intact in New Duck City. "Listen...Quackers..I don't think I'm gonna make it" The injured duck quacked out, clutching at his still bleeding wing. "Tell my wife, I love her." He begged, pulling Quackers in close. "Huh, look at that I guess they do have families." Rick said, shrugging as he popped Quackers in the dome, and put down the injured James Pond. "M-Morry, I'm not sure how we did it, but we managed to get into a long, drawn out battle with these Ducks that would take too long to explain." Rick tossed Morty his portal gun. "I'm gonna go out there, a-and kill them all. You run the other way, we just need to collect a few more particles to ge-get out of here. Should take about...20 minutes, GO!" Rick ordered Morty, pointing towards the exit of New Duck City, past the demolished remains of the Puddles' School for Orphaned Ducklings. "Man I really gotta stop giving everything super intelligence…" Rick whispered to himself, as he covered Morty's tactical retreat. Out of the skies, clad in an awe inspiring Mech Suit, the God Emperor Dog from Duck Hunt descended onto the battle field. He points at Rick, "You! Human! You have destroyed what has taken us decades to build! The Pinnacle of Dog and Duck society shook to its core by your carelessness! What say you?!" He bellowed, pointing his scepter at Rick. "Fuck off you mutt" Rick snarled, shooting blasts at his foe. He just needs to survive for 20 minutes, giving Morty enough time to collect the whatevers to escape the Duck Hunt world. Can he hold off an army of evil ducks, and the God Emperor Dog from Duck Hunt?
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    lol awesome fight predictable but awesome if this was thunderlips fighting ivan sure ivan could win. but in the 80's no one is beating hogan at wrestlemania it's not happening ivan hits him so hard it almost kills him hogan is down the ref is counting to 9 then the familiar hogan is stiring the ref stops his count ivan comes to finish him but his punches are doing nothing. ivan can't believe he tries one more time but was blocked boot and leg drop and finish
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    Kayfabe means nothing for the Hulkster brother! This WrestleMania a billion Hulkamaniacs are gonna pack in the the Thunderdome, where Hulkamania is gonna run wild on this commie bastard! Hogan's fought bigger opponents before and he's gonna slam that Dragon like he slammed the monster Andre the Giant is front of 20 billions screaming Hulkamaniacs brother jack! Ivan Dragon can't stand up the the Hulkster's 24 inch pythons! The Hulkster's got 40 pounds and 2 inches of pure vitamins and prayers on the Rooskie. Watcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?!
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    No way is Hogan losing to a communist at Wrestlemania. Leg drop into pinfall for Hulk Hogan.
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    No. Bowser is a lot stronger and more durable, and depending on the version, he's a lot bigger too. His size tends to change a lot. Just by running into massive brick blocks, he shatters them, and he doesn't even slow down, He regularly breaks bricks and stone with his bear hands, not to mention his claws would give him a lot of extra striking power. His shell means that Shrek can only approach him from the front really, severely limiting his options. Bowser is also surprisingly athletic for a big turtle. He can jump probably dozens of feet in the air with ease. He can easily support not only his own weight, but the weight of the seven Koopalings as well. He catches and tosses away a giant metal yoshi egg, which was previously shown to easily shatter large several large stone pillars in a row. None of this is even mentioning his fire or his magic. The most impressive strength feats for Shrek that I can find aren't nearly as strong. He's moved around large boulders with relative easy, held off a bunch of knights for a little while, and breaks through a wall. This last feat is especially telling to me. Not only would Bowser be able to easily do that with one claw swipe, he could probably do it just be running into the wall and it wouldn't even slow down his stride. Bowser's just way out of Shrek's league.
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    Memes aside, Bowser would completely body Shrek.
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    Well, in that case...if what SSJ states is true about them being equal in hand to hand, I honestly think Canary's screech would give her an advantage.
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    I admittedly don't know much about Ezio, so someone more knowledgeable can fill in that part of the argument, but from what I do know, unless he's way more powerful than I thought, Wrex takes this handily. To start, he's like a big Rhino man, he's physically incredibly strong, he has a 240 degree range of vision, making sneaking up on him a lot harder, and Krogans are incredibly durable. According to the Codex, Krogans are nigh-impenetrable to melee weapons, so as far as I know, that basically ends the fight right there. Wrex is pretty much immune to any weapon that I know of that Ezio has. His armor is immune to sniper fire, and doesn't seem to have any structural weakness that can be exploited by Ezio, other than the lack of a head, which again, Krogan hide is very durable. On top of that, he's a Biotic, and this would give him many win conditions in and of itself. With his Barrier, he could further boost his already almost-impenetrable defenses, making him losing basically an impossibility here. On top of that, Warp causes immense damage to any target incredibly quickly, Throw tosses its target like a ragdoll, and Stasis stops its target dead in their tracks. One good Throw and Wrex could get an easy ring-out win, although I doubt he would go for that. Knowing Wrex, he would let it get to an actual fight, and just start blasting with his shotgun (which has so much kickback that it would break a humans arms if they tried to use it). Overall, I see Wrex as a clear winner here. Dammit, now I wanna go replay Mass Effect lol
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    SCORE REPORT: IKA - Two Matches Complete - 64 / 20 = 3.2 Boob Tube - Two Matches Complete - 72 / 20 = 3.6 Bergy_berg - Two Matches Complete - 40 / 10 = 4.0 OMFG - Two Matches Complete - 59 / 13 = 4.53 SSJRuss - Two Matches Complete - 48 / 10 = 4.8 First Place Winner: SSJRuss Second Place Winner: OMFG Congrats! I will message you about your gift cards.
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    Thanks everyone for participating this month. We are just waiting for the last matches to end so the Winner(s) can be calculated. Looking forward to seeing you in the long, hot month of August for a new Prize competition. Rules are up, now. Thanks!
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    Sure. That seems fine.
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    Good turn out considering how the site is just getting off the ground again.
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    Hey, guys! Any ideas on how we get new people? I can only flirt with @SSJRuss for so long before it gets boring!
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    i have been an x-box guy since for the last 2 consoles but iam thinking i will go back to playstation i also want a nintindo i would love to see them drop a less gimmicky system the gamecube was the weakest of the 3 but was still alot of fun i think it would be cool if they released something that was like 200 dollars cheaper than the other consoles but in exchanged no online play and just focused on fun game play
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    Aww man, excellent match! And stop giving points to Callisto, she doesn't belong in the leaderboard! Can baseball bats harm the Count? Big Bird is a pretty big fella too, I'm not sure if just one Tubby can take him. It was smart to take out the toughest one, Oscar, out first it really hurt the morale of the SS crew. I think I'm gonna give it to the Tubbies, they're blood lusted and have bats! 5 Stars!! Serious notes, I would love to see more fun stuff like this, good introduction to the characters, and awesome match!
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    Yep. Superman would be Christopher Reeve, I imagine. I think Superman II came out in the 80's. Well, I'm going to go with that. Here's hoping for a MANIMAL vs. AUTOMAN match. OK, nevermind... that might just be too much 80's.
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    That sounds awful, let's do it.
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    No, it's definitely better to be good than lucky. More consistent results. I looked into it, and in the original anime, Kaiba dueled Joey directly 6 times (two of them were four way duels), and Kaiba never lost to him once. No matter what you feel about the outcome of this match, Kaiba is quantifiably better than Joey. While you can argue Marik is the strongest individual here, I don't think he would do that well in a team duel. His style is great for draining a single target, but as demonstrated by Marik getting last in the four way duel with Kaiba, Joey, and Yugi, I don't think it would hold up well here. That's ignoring the growth in skill Kaiba had throughout the series. I would argue that by the end, Kaiba was probably stronger than Marik, and he routinely beat people like Zigfried, who Joey lost to decisively. My argument wasn't "Joey would hold a grudge" or "Kaiba and Pegasus are best buddies." My argument was that Marik would make a really bad partner in a duel because his style is too high risk and, against two opponents, would leave him as basically a sitting duck if he tries to execute it normally. Ra, in my opinion, isn't as strong on his own as Obelisk, and while not having the eye would hurt Pegasus, his deck is great at stalling. His toon monsters can avoid being killed, and he has a lot of control cards, which would stall his opponent's development while letting Kaiba set up Obelisk for the OHKO on either of their opponents. I just don't see much going for Joey and Marik
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    Really depends on when in the series this game takes place. The only time Pegasus would be a severe threat is if it's at the beginning of the series, but the dialogue makes it clear that it's probably after the series. Marik still seems to be evil, so I would assume it's before the conclusion of that arc? Does Marik get God cards? There's a lot of variables here. Assuming a composite, end of series build for each character, Joey has always trailed behind Kaiba, and Pegasus is easily the weakest link. Duelist Kingdom had very few spell, trap, and effect cards relative to the rest of the series, and things like the God cards would slap anything Pegasus has. So, I see the rankings as Kaiba>Joey>Marik>>>Pegasus. Depending on when in the series, Marik could go just about anywhere, but Joey never really catches up to Kaiba as far as I remember. Kaiba seems to be the strong link here, but I think Marik and Joey have the skill combined to beat the other two. The problem, however, is that Marik's strategy is 1. Very risky and selfish (I seem to remember him sacrificing all of his lifepoints but 1 to buff an attack?), and 2. Not conductive to team-play. Marik in general is much more sadistic than Anime Pegasus, who eventually helps the heroes out a lot in the later arcs. I don't really remember if Marik becomes a good guy, but Pegasus certainly helps the gang out a lot in season 4(?), and has been a pseudo-ally since like season 1. Also, did he get his eye ripped out? Am I remembering that right? So Kaiba carries his team, I think. Marik makes dumb, frustrating, risky plays that hurt Joey just as much as they hurt his opponents, Pegasus' cartoon guys keep him alive and supporting Kaiba, and Joey tries and barely fails to mount a successful assault against the other two. I haven't seen the show in ages, so some of these assumptions might be wrong, but that's how I see it right now
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    Kaiba's got nothing to worry about here. Joey's a third rate duelist using a fourth rate deck. Having Marik there won't help against blue eyes and toon cards.
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    I think Charlotte Flair should win another belt, it feels like she has barely any in her time at WWE. 🙄
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    I mean again, I don't know Starkiller super well, but as my best buddy OMFG said, what's stopping her from just speedblitzing him? She scales so much higher than he does, so if she just rushes in and goes for the throat, he has literally no chance, as far as I can tell. Precog doesn't really help you when your opponent regularly tags with people who rival the speed of light, push planets around, and have insane hax of their own. I also don't know the limits of the force, admittedly, but doesn't he struggle immersely to take down a star destroyer? Don't get me wrong, star destroyers are massive and it's a very impressive show of force (best joke ever), but against someone who can reasonably be scaled to sub-planetary strength at the very least, it doesn't really hold a candle. I'm not saying it's necessarily a stomp or that he has no chance, but from what I understand of the two, Wonder Woman has the advantage fairly decisively
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    Nope. Mini-Me had just never been used before your match. In fact, there's a fairly easy way to tell whether or not a profile's new. Look at the numbers at the end of the Mini-Me's profile's URL (not sure if one can see URL's through mobile phones?). There have been over 9,800 profiles added to CBUB'S database, and the number at the end of Mini-Me's URL indicate that he was the 4,523rd.
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    A few things have changed since last time D, The picture size has changed to 300x300 now, rather than 200x200, not a huge difference. Before you submit, it helps to add your image to the Members Album Category in the "Gallery" tab under "Browse", along with a brief summary from Wikipedia if you can get one. That being said, on the other end, you simply need to provide links to both Wikipedia and the Copyright holder respectively, a few less links to deal with on that end, but the key ones nonetheless. So yeah that's that, but it is easier in a way, than it was probably before, mostly due to the links being reduced from 4 to 2, I guess.
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    From the album: CBUB Character Submission Images

    Pizza the Hutt (also known as Pizza) is a mobster who serves as a major antagonist in the 1987 science fiction film Spaceballs by MGM. He is a parody character, both of Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, and the restaurant franchise, Pizza Hut.
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    Jin Elektra Fury Boskovnich Mishima How about Blade vs. Raven?
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