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The Will and Lying Cat


The Will

Wreath's primary pursuer of the two fugitives, The Will is one of the freelance bounty hunters hired by the Wreath High Command through the Brio Talent Agency to kill Marko and Alana, not only for Marko's betrayal, but also so that news of the coupling does not spread and threaten troop morale. Vez, the woman who hires him, also instructs him to bring back Hazel alive and unharmed to receive his full fee. The Will is accompanied by a Lying Cat, a large talking female feline that can detect lies. Vez says she hired The Will because he shares Marko's moral relativism. The Will's moral outlook is such that after telling a pimp on the sexually permissive planet Sextillion that the activity he has seen on Sextillion seems rather tame, and being presented by the pimp with a six-year-old sexual slave girl, The Will kills the pimp. He renames the slave girl Sophie, and she becomes his companion. The Will was once the lover of The Stalk, a female spider-like bounty hunter who is also assigned to Alana and Marko, until she is killed by Prince Robot IV, for which The Will vows revenge. After Marko's ex-fiancée Gwendolyn joins his hunt, The Will develops an attraction to her, even as he mourns The Stalk. His sister Sophie, who addresses him "Billy", and who introduced him to The Stalk, is another Freelancer who works under the name The Brand. In Volume Three, he decides to abandon his Freelancer life, but suffers a near fatal stab wound to his throat. Although he is brought to a hospital in time to save him, it is said that he will likely never fully recover from the trauma. After Gwendolyn, Sophie, and the Brand go on a quest to procure an elixir to heal his injuries, The Will recovers, but when he hears that his sister was killed during their quest, the grief-stricken Freelancer is so outraged that he excoriates his two benefactors and banishes them from his bedside.

Lying Cat

Lying Cat is a large, female talking feline companion to The Will who aids him in his work. Green in color with yellow stripes, she has the ability to detect when a verbal statement is a lie, which she indicates by saying, "Lying". Her power is limited to the state of the mind of the person speaking: She can detect deliberate deception, but cannot detect a falsehood if a given statement is believed to be true by the speaker. According to Izabel, Lying Cats always play by the rules, an allusion to the fact that a Lying Cat must also admit ethical truths as well as factual ones. When Gwendolyn, who becomes Lying Cat's ally, accidentally kills a man, Izabel says that they had no right to execute that man in his home, which Lying Cat could not deny. Lying Cat was the runt of her seven-kitten litter, a truth that has caused her distress.

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