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Chitti is described by Vaseegaran as an advanced "andro-humanoid" robot. Over his metallic body, he sports synthetic inorganic skin molded after Vaseegaran himself. He is designed with a speed capacity of 1 Terahertz (THz) and a memory capacity of 1 Zettabyte. Initially, Chitti has been programmed with almost all the existing world knowledge managed to put in computable terms in his CPU, thus he is knowledgeable and proficient in all forms of academia, martial arts, communication, creative outlets, athletic skills, and scientific ingenuity. Underneath his synthetic skin, he is fire, water, and acid-resistant. In his original form, he is partially resistant to severe damage such as gunshots, though he can still be damaged or destroyed by properly aimed and adequately forceful attacks such as being chopped with an axe in the joints. Severe electrocution can also overload short-circuit him. As long as his CPU head is still functioning, Chitti is able to repair or fix back his minor parts such as eyes. However, for large damage such as limbs being chopped off, he can only put them back in place and function at a much slower speed. Chitti's eyes are able to not only see and scan his surroundings to extremely acute detail, including X-ray vision, but they can also serve as high-definition projectors. His eyes also allow him to pick up additional skills and literature within seconds. He can also perform virtual phone calls, with displaying his caller or receiver through his eyes as a hologram. However, on downside, the eyes get bleached when exposed to flash light. Aside from Chitti's strength and durability, his most powerful weapon is his build in electromagnetic body, which can attract any metallic object and weaponize it. This and his connection to electronic devices give him enhanced technopathy and telekinesis. Chitti's only known weaknesses are flashing lights from photography or direct sunlight, which causes a "vision bleach" and temporarily distort his sight, and his susceptibility to battery drainage. However, in the case of the latter, he just needs to absorb a bare minimum amount of electric power to recharge himself in a matter of seconds.

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