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  2. He was the first character I added to the database here, I love him.
  3. Interesting match and a blast from the past. I watched more Mighty Ducks than I did Darkwing Duck as a kid but this feels like a real crossover. You got the characters right and the humor down. If this were an episode of the Mighty Ducks, which it seems it is, then I think they get the victory here. Both have toon force and you can make an argument for either but that's just my opinion.
  4. I don't even know that he does have superior reflexes. That has never been proven. His only demonstrably advantage is his "maneuverability," which comes at the cost of him being just over half as big as his opponent. In literally any wrestling match, I'm not better against the guy with a 190 pound advantage
  5. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  6. In my case, there just seems to be no way to add the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel.
  7. Wow! This was awesome! It was creative and original! This is a tough one... hmm... I've seen more stuff about the kraken in more forms of media. I feel like this would definitely be a close one. I think the leviathan would be ther underdog and so I may vote for him for that reason. But their battle will definitely lend to the popularity of the park. Merchandising will sky rocket with t shirts, toys, games, food,drink, and whatever else goes into merchandise..
  8. Wow! Awesome set up! This is a tough one as I dont know much about Wish master. I grew up watching Genie from Aladin and maybe I've seen Wishmaster once. To be completely transparent, I'd vote for Genie just as I know him more and he is animated. I feel like he has that animation power behind him, thatll give him an edge.
  9. SLOT X: The Team’s Thief Characters that are thieves, robbers, and criminals. What character can steal artwork from a museum, and who can break into S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters to steal a weapon. Base Line Examples: -Catwoman -Black Cat -Neo Politan
  10. I'm still not convinced. King wins with his superior reflexes and maneuverability.
  11. zangief has the weight strength and is the better grapplier and king won't have room to mover around and use his skill set
  12. I’m the one who reject them. Because I feel that there should be only one Godzilla and one King Kong in the database. I mean you know how many versions of them are out there? It would be best to keep all versions of them under one character. Beside I have already added the images of Legendary Kong and Godzilla to the ones we already have. King Kong: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=578 Godzilla: https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/show?cid=123 If people what to use Legendary Kong and Godzilla in matches, they can use the ones we already have, say that’s the versions of them in the set-up, and use those battle images of them.
  13. THE REMY LEBEAU CARD THROWING INVITATIONAL: Live From the Bayou In an all out battle royal between fighters who use cards as their primary weapon, three finalists have emerged ACE: OSWALD: Zuo Ci
  14. It's funny because I was going to post that the fighting bear has been getting a lot of love on here between this match, your match against Shocker, and his recent Draft Season run. I didn't realize that you were the one that drafted him as well lol. Regardless, I am happy to add to the Kuma spotlight.
  15. This is great. I always felt these two were destined to fight in the CBUB and I am glad someone made the match. I personally don't know enough about Wishmaster to ever attempt it myself. Your setup was very engrossing and I would give it high marks if I wasn't also making tournament matches lol. The thing about Genie is he is a massive goofball that has always gotten away with it because he so much more powerful than everyone else. That goes away here, so I think it puts him at a massive disadvantage.
  16. We know Genie has been stuck in that lamp for at least 10,000 years. The Wishmaster movie states that the Djinn have been around since creation which is about 6,000 years going by the bible. So the genie is probably more powerful. The problem is that he can't directly kill anyone while the Djinn doesn't seem to be limited by that. Thankfully, this isn't one to the death, so it's only a matter of capturing the other.
  17. I wanted and still want to add the Legendary/Monsterverse King Kong and Godzilla... And I got a rejection notice saying the characters were inappropriate... Ummm... WHY? Also, I still plan on adding them when I get home access to internet and my PC, if I can.
  18. Another interesting match. Both are very strong and familiar with grappling. I'll have to think this one through.
  19. I would say that Angel pretty much has this one in the bag, especially considering that she is genetically altered by NEST to possess some degree of superhuman strength, speed, durability and threshold to where she is able to even compete against an Orochi awakened Leona Heidern in the canonical manga KOF: A New Beginning. So the moment Angel pretty much unleashes that side of her... Julia is going to be really feeling the pain in the next morning.
  20. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART LXXXIII In an underground fight club in London, Steve Fox tried desperately to get close to Ryuji Yamazaki with his attacks so that he could land his most devastating blows. (REF: STEVE FOX VS. RYUJI YAMAZAKI) However, Ryuji had other ideas and utilized his long expanding limbs to expertly keep Steve at a safe distance in between his own offensive combos. “Stop fooling around, and fight me like a man,” said an exasperated Steve. “If you wanted the fun portion to be done with, all you had to do was say so,” Ryuji retorted. Ryuj grabbed Steve’s head and dragged it across the ground. He then lifted Steve into the air and juggled him with a pair of kicks before finally taking him down with a devastating punch from his right hand, which was engulfed in a red tornado of energy. Ryuji placed his right hand back in his pocket. “The game is over. You lose.” Steve groaned in pain. “Good. You’re still conscious. That will make it easier for me and my associate here to ask our questions,” stated Ryuji. “No longer necessary,” said Christie. “Our objective has changed. We don’t need him for anything anymore. Do what you want with him. according to his file, his own mother doesn’t even want anything to do with him. He won’t be missed.” Ryuji pulled out his knife. “Tough break pal.” Ryuji then proceeded to complete his kill. A few minutes later, Christie and Ryuji exited the fight club as Ryuji cleaned the blood off his blade. “So what’s the job now?” he asked. “Tracking down ancient warriors,” Christie answered. “Ancient warriors? You mean like knights and samurais? I’m going to need a bigger knife,” Ryuji joked. “Where do we start?” Christie shrugged. “Apparently with Kazuya’s bodyguard, Anna Williams. Victor is of the opinion that she can help us track them down, or at the very least help us get to her sister who has already tracked one down.” (REF: SETSUKA VS. NINA WILLIAMS) “Where do we find Anna?” “Mexico. She was there investigating a G Corporation facility when she ran into trouble. We will need to get her out of it,” Christie explained. (REF: BLUE MARY VS. ANNA WILLIAMS) “Why do you sound so bummed?” Ryuji wondered. “I just can’t believe that Kazuya Mishima isn’t grateful that I took out some of his competition free of charge,” Christie complained “I took down his adopted brother.” (REF: LEE CHAOLAN VS. CHRISTIE) “Did he tell you that or is that coming from Victor?” Ryuji inquired. “Victor might be just trying to save his own ass in Kazuya’s eyes and will take credit for any and all things to ensure that happens.” “He better not be or I will eliminate him, myself,” said Christie. She then chuckled to herself. “I bet G-Corporation pays better anyway.” “Maybe. On the other hand, we are on a mission to save his bodyguard. I’m pretty sure Kazuya has the money and resources to spring her out himself if he really wanted to. Doesn’t exactly project as a man who cares about his employees,” stated Ryuji. “I don’t need someone worried about me. I just want to know that their checks will clear,” said Christie. Ryuji smiled. “Well, aren’t we a pair?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Violet Systems headquarters, Julia Chang could not stop rewinding the video from her friend Lee Chaolan’s secret office camera. Although it gave her the answer she was looking for, it was still a bitter pill to swallow. Julia watched the footage over and over again of Lee being murdered by a woman with short silver hair and a skin tight jumpsuit. (REF: GEN VS. WANG JINREI) The footage made her sick, but she continued to replay it in disbelief that it was real. Lee’s murderer was clearly a skilled fighter. Julia wondered if she had been hired by Kazuya or possibly even Heihachi. Julia was still not sure on how to feel about the acting head of Violet Systems, Yoshi, and whether or not he had involvement as well. Julia felt guilty that the last time she had tried to talk to Lee it was after she was attacked on the wrestling circuit. (REF: LISA HAMILTON VS. JULIA CHANG) Julia decided she was going to confront Yoshi about the woman from the footage. Julia figured his reaction would go a long way in telling her what side he was on. She also had faith, that if things went sour, she and her new friend, Rainbow Mika, (REF: ZANGIEF VS. CHANG KOEHAN) could take out Violet Systems security, She left Lee’s office to return to Yoshi’s office downstairs. In Yoshi’s office, Angel grabbed R. Mika by the neck, twirled in the air, and smashed the blonde Japanese wrestler through a table with her own variation of the Rock Bottom, the Blue Sunday Parade. (REF: ANGEL VS. R. MIKA) Rainbow Mika remained motionless at Angel’s feet after the move. Just for good measure, Angel decided to assault R. Mika with her own version of the People’s Elbow, the Survivor’s Banquet, as well. “Hmmm. You tried pretty hard I guess. But, you are nowhere near as good me,” said Angel. Angel then turned her attention back to Yoshi. “That really got me energized. Would you like to go a couple rounds too, old man,” she offered. Yoshi shook his head. “Oh please no!” “Well then, if we aren’t going to tussle, then it is back to the original plan. You are coming with me. I am taking you to Kazuya Mishima and you are going to sign over ownership of Violet Systems to him, willingly or otherwise,” said Angel. Angel grabbed Yoshi’s arm. “Leave him alone.” Angel spun on her heel to witness Julia Chang enter Yoshi’s office. Julia’s eyes immediately went over to her friend’s broken body. “Oh no. Mika!” Angel snickered. “Friend of yours?” “Yes, she is. You did this to her?” Angel smiled. “Yeah. Maybe I went a little too hard on her.” Anger swelled up inside Julia. “Were you involved in Lee’s murder as well?” Angel wiggled her finger in denial. “No. No. No. Lee was already dead when I was picked for this job. I am just here for him.” She pointed at Yoshi, Julia realized someone was trying to put the squeeze on Yoshi, and she had a good idea who. This also meant Yoshi probably wasn’t involved in Lee’s death. “Kazuya wants control of Violet Systems,” Julia guessed. ‘Angel beamed. “How refreshing, you’re cute and smart. Not as cute as me, but still.” “I won’t let you take Yoshi,” Julia declared. “If you want him, you’ll have to go through me.” Angel frowned. “Maybe you’re not that smart after all.” Angel then flipped her frown upside down. “Oh well, better for me. I will get to show off more of my moves. Didn’t really get a chance to before against that ox woman.” “Don’t disrespect Mika,” Julia warned. Angel made a “just bring it” gesture with her hand. “Are you ready?”
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  22. SLOT X: Doppelganger Villains that are counterparts of Heroes. Base Line Examples: -Bizarro -NegaDuck -Nemesis Prime
  23. So this would be Pro-Wrestling vs Lucha Libre... I'm gonna give this to Zangief because of the fact that we're talking about a man who has wrestled bears for his life to achieve the level of strength which he has acquired, not to mention survived being absorbed into the vortex of a tornado and being thrown from within it, landing on his back and laughing the ordeal off, not to mention the fact that he can flex and tighten his muscles so intensely to where he can tank a katana and not even be cut from it, as seen when he flexed his pectoral muscles to break Satsuki's blade in the story mode of SFV. I gotta hand it to Zangief.
  24. I actually like Colin MacLeod more than Kirito... And I put in my reasons why he might win. I see this as a win anyway, as I added both characters to the database and I figured it would be nice to see Colin taking someone out who already was making their rounds. So, in my mind, Colin taking out Kirito is something of an upset and I see it as a win/win as I put both characters here on the CBUB and the character I like more has a small series of consecutive wins.
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