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  2. New story is up. https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/30/rainbow-connection/
  3. Oh God. So many new characters to choose from. This... this may take a while.
  4. Added Shizuka from the Queen's Blade series.
  5. SSJRuss

    Video Games

    So I caved and bought Power Rangers Battle for the Grid. I ended up getting it for the Switch though because I didn't want those ridiculous trophies haunting my PS.
  6. I think he would quickly figure out he has to neutralize those gauntlets. Once he does that Shocker isn't much of a factor.
  7. Spidey is use to foes like Bane and even Catwoman to an extent. He will have trouble, but he is faster than them and will outlast them.
  8. I bet the OTHERS are not sinister at all. That when we finally encounter them, they'll just be a bunch of old NERDS. Also, the Voice is obviously voiced by Jessica Walter.
  9. Apparently, I wrote this on November 5th, 2019. Something which I forgot about until I was going through my files just now. It seems I was doing some sorta reboot thing, fiction-wise. Re: FPL Caxan was dying... and there wasn't a damn thing that could be done about it. For endless eternities, it had been the Nexus of All Realities. A place where the impossible was merely improbable. And the probable was definitely a reality. But now, the unthinkable was happening. The end of the long and winding road. Perhaps most vexing of all was that the Apocalypse wasn't even triggered by anything or anyone. It wasn't the Void finally breaking through to existence in all its magnificent nothingness. It wasn't the machination of some uber villain. It wasn't even some cosmic accident. It was simply a matter of fact. Things die and so does, apparently, a "place" like Caxan. And with the end of Caxan, so too, does everything end with it. For despite the efforts of the heroic Sentinels of Liberty & Justice and their vigilante counterparts, the Reavers or even the "bad guys", from the Fallen to the Marauders; from gods in heaven to demons in hell, to those purveyors of Fate known as the Powers That Be or the Admin, who run the Arena and maintain the Core of Caxan; all the way to plain ol' Joe Average who happened to know what was happening... and inspite of those few who would actually welcome and work toward the death of Caxan... At the end of it all, their efforts were for nought. Caxan has died. In that instant, reality and the nature of the universe collapsed. Everything and even nothing itself, imploded into oblivion. Even the Void was not spared. All across the multiverse, it happened and by extension, unhappened. No version of any individual was not undone. There was no escaping it either. The once Nexus of All Realities was connected to everything, even so-called personal bubble dimensions. Time travel didn't work either. Every moment of time, whether past or future, disintegrated all at once with the present that was Caxan's end. In the end, it was... the end. In the beginning, there was nothing left. But then something happened and it lasted a really, REALLY long time, but fortunately, that ultimately died off as well. Don't worry about what that thing was. Trust me, you wouldn't want to have anything to do with it. The point is, after THAT, there was nothing again. Until... Let there be light.
  10. Heh, no prep? Batman almost gets stomped. Realize that Batman is dealing with foes a good deal more powerful than most of his own rogues gallery. Scorpion is stronger and quicker than Spider-Man, and aside from his shock gauntlets, Shocker's suit is built to resist strong impacts. Bats is probably not going to last too long if he isn't prepared to take these guys on.
  11. Yeah, as smart as Bane is often portrayed as being, he generally struggles when he has to go up against an opponent above his strength range. Catwoman is also really a non-factor here, so Spider-Man should take this without too much trouble.
  12. Last week
  13. I know I'm gonna bring this up whenever Punisher is against the odds. So once, Frank Castle was imprisoned in I think Rykers Island in the Ultimate Marvel universe. When he met someone that claims to be related to the criminal known as the Kangaroo, he pinned him to the wall with the lunch table and outright killed him in one hit with his food tray. If a guy can do that with just a food tray, imagine what he can do with legit weaponry.
  14. I'd like to add more characters to the CBUB, but some characters have more info from fan wikis than the Wikipedia entry. Is there any way we can use those instead of Wikipedia for certain characters because of this, or do we need to use Wikipedia regardless?
  15. I think it's a little bit of both for me. While I know I'm gonna love using the character, I know there is someone out there that's gonna make an even better match with said character.
  16. I feel like Shocker is gonna be the first to be attacked, though also being a formidable foe. Keep in mind that this is just a regular dude with gauntlets that let out shock waves, unlike most of Spider-Mans pther villains that either have super powers, years of training or something like a power suit or super drug. He's just a normal dude with a couple of gadgets and somehow he can fight someone as strong as Spider-Man, I think he can last a while against Batman. Especially with someone like Scorpian by his side.
  17. Here's a project of mine that's been long-gestating and finally came to light this week. https://theconspiracyclub.com/ This is where I'll be posting my fiction and game writing stuff. I have a few things completed, a few things nearly completed, and a few more things in the works. I posted the site's first short story tonight. It features a familiar face, albeit a bit younger than usual in this particular story. Check it out. I'll be adding links to future stories to this main post. https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/28/coolland-pizza/ https://theconspiracyclub.com/2020/05/30/rainbow-connection/
  18. Excellent. I like the cut of your jib.
  19. Hey there hi there! I'll give it a shot, if for no other reason than to make sure the winner looks better by having another person they beat.
  20. Now that Batman is taking on Spidey's bad guys, let's see how Spider-Man fares against Batman's Rogue's Gallery In this round, Spider-Man needs to defeat Bane and Catwoman as they work as a team. The fight takes place in warehouse but can spill out into the city streets. Spider-Man is Earth-616 (Peter Parker) and Bane and Catwoman are their comic book iterations. No prep time for either side. Win by KO, Submission or Fatality.
  21. Yup, no worries, I thought the same thing about some of the other new entries since the change myself.
  22. Ah okay. Thought I messed up there.
  23. That is correct. Once a day it will pull the text for all the new things that need it. So, allow up to 24 hours for the text to appear. All good.
  24. Scorpion falls first, with scorpion out of the way, shocker would be easy to deal with for Bats.
  25. I accepted the Undertaker into the database under the assumption it would auto-pull the text from Wikipedia, but looking at his profile it has no text. I thought it was suppose to pull the text after being accepted now.
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