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  2. Lighting strikes cause intense amounts of heat and have a sonic aftereffect, both being Venom's weaknesses. A strong strike from Static, which he can easily make stronger than the scan above that hurts Venom, is going to have an effect That looks more like him not expecting the blitz, but the shield still protecting him. It proves he has knowledge of the Spidey-sense, which implies knowledge of Spider-Man. Unless spiders in milestone/DC universes have a 6th sense. Right, so Static has a great understanding of the science surrounding his powers. Which he's shown to be able to use creatively to create advantages for himself. Is unobtanium a metal? That may be even one additional piece that Static can take advantage of, since he can sense metal and rip it out of the ground. It gives him an additional tool. I don't think Static needs that to win, but it's an option.
  3. The problem encountered is that after a certain number of rounds it becomes more difficult for the system to find a match-up it hasn't already run. This, unfortunately, arose in Round 10 of Season 8 where the automation could not match two teams with new opponents and they were shorted a match. Benching is cool and all, but it exasperates the problem of giving the system the ability to make matches. That's why I used to end the season at 8 rounds.
  4. I like the concept of having a slot of Detectives vs. a slot of Master Criminals. Problem I have with it, though, is that the 'bad guy' slot may be at a disadvantage as, in fiction, these bad guys tend to loose. So it presents an unfair advantage. Now, another example is a Sci-Fi character slot vs. a Fantasy character slot. Something like that seems more fair because there's no inherent bias where one has a track history of losing. Anyways, unless you throw out some quality ideas, you are gonna get whatever I come-up with. Thanks!
  5. "Go with the Flo" is the perfect marketing slogan for this product. People will also trust Flo, who sells a reliable product already, more than the bird who sells sugar for breakfast.
  6. You're supposed to pretend your guy can win, and lose all credibility arguing for them. Do you even draft, bro?
  7. Nightcrawler is able to teleport out of the way of a bullet after the shot is fired, and teleports quickly enough to clown the likes of X-23. He should be able to take out the Punisher before he gets tagged. Hell, NC could just teleport Frank a few miles out in the Ocean and call that game.
  8. We could combine this with like Redshirt allies. Like a heroic factions common foot soldiers/disposable characters. Just a thought.
  9. Definitely like the no benching idea. That will change the game in how people build their teams. The slot vs slot is also cool and presents a lot of opportunities. Marvel vs DC, Monster vs Monster hunter, Detective vs Criminal, etc. Just got to have them mirror each other. Although, if there is seven slots I don't know how you would even that out. You'd have one slot on its own, possibly could just make that a Vs Battle Tier or something.
  10. Yeah, I asked about taking someone from a lower tier for this draft, because Professor X is freaking tier 10. Decided against doing that because, I mean, come on. Ridiculous.
  11. Both members from the Turtles and Team Fatal Fury watched in dread and anticipation as the battle between Donatello and Andy Bogard went ahead. For the most part, it seemed as if the two were completely neck and neck. Leonardo watched on with an unrelenting gaze, wanting to figure out how just skilled and powerful the opposing team really happened to be. Already one of them had defeated Michelangelo, and Raphael defeated the kickboxer. And now the outcome of this match entire was on Donatello or Andy Bogard. Terry watched on with interest, never having expected that these four Turtles were this good— and the competition just left him quite eager for whenever it was going to be his turn. The scores were even… too even. And he couldn’t help but smile at that. Donatello just turned with his hips, and he brought the ends of the staff horizontally as he took aim for Andy’s head, but the blonde haired fighter ducked and weaved from the incoming attack. The red masked genius Turtle compensated as he twirled his staff in his hands and brought the back end down, intending to strike away at Andy on the top of his head, but the younger Bogard sibling had raised his left forearm, blocking the strike head on. Andy retaliated by thrusting his arms out, palms positioned for an open handed strike as he aimed for Donatello’s head. In defense, Donatello rolled his arms, and he brought the ends of his staff down to swat away at the blonde fighter’s forearms, forcing his wrist down and making his hands miss their mark. The intellectual Turtle then had slammed his staff down onto the ground, and he would push himself up with his legs only to then throw his weight forward and across as he took aim for Andy’s mid-section. Impact had been made as Donatello slammed his feet into Andy Bogard’s chest, causing the blonde fighter to gasp out as his breath had literally been knocked from him as he staggered and dropped back. “ANDY!” Mai shouted in concern. Donatello didn’t even so much as give his opponent the time to recover, and so he rushed right ahead but as soon as there was a minimum of three feet between himself and Andy—Donatello came to an immediate stop. He leaned forward and moved his arms outward multiple times, unleashing a volley of thrust with the intent to impact the blunt end of his staff for Andy’s mid-section and face. “SHIT!” Andy widened his eyes, gasping as he realized how relentless his opponent could be. Quickly, the blonde fighter had weaved to evade the weapon of his opponent. He had never come across an opponent like this since… Billy Kane. Andy knew what to do at this point as he then grinned. Quickly, he dashed away from his opponent, and then mentally attuned himself to the energy within himself. Registering it in the form of a powerful jolt, he directed it to flow down to his legs and feet. Quickly pushing himself forward, Andy somersaulted in mid-air and kicked both legs out as he came in at Donatello like a comet as energy burst around his feet. “KUUHA DAN!” Donatello rushed on ahead now as he zeroed right in on his opponent, and he leaned forward and threw his weight down and curled himself into a ball, rolling ahead underneath Andy. As soon as Donatello rolled to his feet, he quickly rose up and then swung his right leg across to the left as he brought it diagonally up while performing a roundhouse kick. Andy turned, and he positioned his forearms in a guarding posture to fully block the kick. In response, Andy immediately then snapped his left leg out and kicked at Donatello’s standing leg, causing the red masked genius Turtle to fall forward. Quickly taking advantage of this, Andy dropped forward and snapped both his legs out, impacting Donatello firmly in the face with both feet. Pain washed over Donatello’s senses, but he quickly shook it off only to find himself flat on his plastron protected chest. Quickly grabbing his staff firmly within his hands, Donatello threw his weight to the right and scrambled to his feet. He swung the back end of the bo-staff upwards, intending on striking it firmly up alongside Andy’s chin. A stinging pain moved up Andy’s chin and a strain on his neck was forced upon him, and his vision went white briefly for a moment. He stumbled, turning to the side as he worked to regain his footing. “Just… who taught these guys to fight so relentlessly?!” Mai inquired, looking to Terry with a look of disbelief on her face. “I don’t know… But they’re definitely not new to this.” Terry responded. Donatello rushed on ahead now, and the red masked ninja tucked his staff underneath his right arm as he moved on ahead. Shaking back to his sensing, Andy now widened his eyes to see his reptilian opponent coming right in towards him. He also rushed in ahead as well, and met Donatello head on. The genius Turtle turned, and he swung his staff horizontally across to the right in a reverse swing as he took aim for Andy’s head but the younger Bogard sibling hunched down and once more attuned himself to his energy. Quickly taking to the air as he pushed himself up, Andy turned and swung his arms upwards, chopping and slapping Donatello firmly across the face while taking him airborne with him. “SHOURYUU DAN!” “Donnie’s having some trouble here, Leo! Too much science, not enough training!” Raphael angrily muttered. “He’s being pressed out there Raph… This might be what he needs.” Leonardo responded. Donatello had hit the ground on his plastron, and he quickly curled himself back and threw his legs out to flip back onto his feet. The red masked brainy Turtle took in a deep breath of air through his nostrils and released a deep sigh from within as he worked to regain his composure. If he was going to win this fight, then he would need to recall the lessons which Master Splinter imparted onto him and keep calm. Again, Andy gathered up the energy within himself and channeled it through his arms and into his hands. Quickly, he pushed his right arm out, and focused on projecting that energy outward. A blue burst of energy now erupted, releasing a sphere of Ki right in towards Donatello. “HISHOU-KEN!” The Turtle was ready for this, as he had recalled his fight prior with King. It seemed as if many of these fighters possessed some kind of supernatural ability to manifest energy, likely bio-electricity and somehow utilize it in an offensive manner. He was ready for it. And as soon as the energy came closer, Donatello then twirled his staff within his hands and then gripped the weapon like a bat—and swung it across, impacting his weapon into the sphere of energy, causing it to disperse. Andy widened his eyes at this, and immediately focused himself to his energy once more, and now dashed in towards Donatello at a high speed as he pushed his right elbow out. “ZANEI-KEN!” Quickly reeling his staff back, and positioning it horizontally—Donatello managed to block the elbow but the impact was enough to make his wooden staff crack and break. Now, he was without his weapon… But Donatello was far from useless. Swiftly, he utilized his skill in sleight of hand, and moved his right hand down to his utility belt and drew out a smoke pellet. Tossing it to the ground, Donatello broke the pellet and allowed a waft of smoke to spread out. Andy coughed as he waved his hands, aiming to move the smog away from himself. But then Andy heard something moving through the air, and he turned as he widened his eyes in shock as he spotted four shining and spinning metallic objects coming right in towards him. Utilizing his training in Shiranui-ryu ninjutsu, Andy moved his hands out, grabbing a hold of the incoming objects and looked to them. Shurikens. Throwing stars… But he was perplexed to see that there was a blue blinking light on them. “What the— ARRRGH!!” A current of electricity coursed through himself now, and Andy’s nerves were screaming in pain now. He quickly shook his hands and dropped the shurikens. “Gotta love it when Don’s gadgets work, huh?” Michelangelo grinned. “HEY! FOUL! FOOOOUL! I CALL FOUL!” Mai shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth. “Ain’t nothing in the rules about using weapons in the tourney, girlie! You got some folks with blades in this shindig in some teams, you know!” Raphael retorted. Donatello burst from the smoke as he rushed in from the side, and he immediately moved his arms out—now taking ahold of Andy by the head. Without hesitation, Donatello thrust his head forward and slammed it directly right in the middle of Andy’s face. A wash of pain entered into the younger Bogard sibling’s nose, and he felt a sharp pain moving into his head. Fighting through the pain, Andy swung his arms upward and used his hands to break away at Donatello’s grip. The blonde haired fighter then thrust his left hand forward and out, striking at Donatello’s throat. The Turtle gagged as he placed his hands onto his neck, and Andy saw an opening as he took aim for the reptile’s face as he turned with his hips and thrust his right arm out with his palm open. The Turtle had moved his right arm across to the right as he flattened his hand to ridge, chopping away at Andy’s incoming fist and with a flick of his wrist, Donatello took hold of his opponent’s forearm, turned and gripped the limb with both his hands only to lean forward and utilize Andy’s momentum against him. Most of Andy’s weight would do the work, and the Southtown fighter hit the ground flat on his back and wheezed out in extreme discomfort. Following with this, Donatello dropped down onto Andy with his shell slamming down onto his opponent’s mid-section, and the Turtle rolled off from him. Andy gasped out as he felt his chest compressing and more of the air being squeezed out from him. “I’ve never seen Andy fight hard like this before.” Terry spoke out. The older Bogard sibling now had watched on as Andy placed his hands down onto the ground and pushed himself to his feet. Donatello then snapped his left leg forward and out in a rising front kick but Andy slapped the Turtle’s foot down and retaliated by turning with his hips and he thrust his arms out for a triple palm strike volley. The red masked mutant Red Ear Slider turned with his hips, and he swung his forearms horizontally inward while positioning them vertically, diverting the strikes away from him for the time being. Summoning the reserves of energy within himself, Andy now directed it to move through his arms and continued to focus more into it. At point blank range, Andy pushed his left arm out—firing off a burst of blue colored energy for the Turtle’s plastron. Donatello lurched forward as he felt something striking into him, and watched as Andy moved his other hand out, causing the blue sphere to explode outward. “ZETSU HISHOU KEN!” Donatello flew back, striking the edge of the fountain and causing the stone to break against his shell. But he had suffered worse than this, a lot worse. Firmly placing his hands down onto the water covered ground, he then pushed himself up onto his feet, and took in several deep breaths of air—and the red masked Turtle clenched his hands firmly into fists, only to bring them up. “YOU GOT THIS DONNIE!” Michelangelo shouted. Andy just widened his eyes at this— he couldn’t even comprehend just how his opponent was able to withstand something like that. Shaking his head, he couldn’t help but wonder. “What… are you?” “A turtle… of the teenage mutant ninja variety!” Donatello shouted. Donatello and Andy now rushed in towards one another, ready to finish this off. And collision occurred, as the two now unleashed punches and kicks, intercepting and blocking one another as they were fighting on a whole new level which only they broke through as they pushed each other to do so. This would go on for a full on minute, and then… Donatello and Andy Bogard threw fist and palm outward… Contact was made. Don’s fist impacted Andy’s chin, Andy’s palm impacted Don’s cheek. And both staggered back and dropped to their knees. They looked to one another and placed their hands to the ground, working to push themselves up but were unable. Exhaustion overwhelmed them. Leonardo and Raphael rushed over towards Donatello, as did Mai and Terry moved to Andy. Both lifted their respective team members to their feet, and pulled them away from one another. The Turtles moved over to their side as did Team Fatal Fury over to theirs. The scores were relatively even. Both sides had secured a victory, with Mai Shiranui having defeated Michelangelo, and Raphael having defeated Joe Higashi—who still had yet to awaken from the beating the hot-headed Turtle delivered upon him. But both sides had a chance to walk away from this the victor. Leonardo had looked over to Donatello, placing his hands down onto the brainy Turtle’s shoulders and nodded to him quite proudly. “You did good out there, better than I thought you could do!” “But I didn’t win.” “Neither did they.” Raphael looked over to Michelangelo, recalling the bitterness which he felt when he saw how he had been beaten in the first round. The red masked ninja then had moved his hands down to his utility belt, and then took hold of the red cloth braided handles of his steel twin sai. He took a step forward. Leonardo moved an arm out— blocking Raphael from taking another step. “No. This time… I’ve got to try. I need you to rest up a little more. Mikey’s out, and Donatello’s pretty much burned out for now. So I need you to be the backup in case this goes entirely south.” Raphael stammered but nodded as he realized what Leonardo had planned. “Leo, wait… You might want some of these.” Donatello spoke out as he reached to his utility belt. Upon feeling what he was searching for, Donatello took out what seemed to be a set of ten electro-shurikens. Leonardo looked down and then moved his right hand out and gathered them within his grasp, only to then slip them into his own belt, and then gave a solemn nod to his intellectual brother. “Guess it’s down to us two, Mai.” Terry said as he had looked over to her, tipping his hat as he formed a soft smile. Leonardo now took a step forward, making his way over to the middle of the area now and Terry moved ahead as well, and the Southtown fighter paused as soon as there was about eight feet between himself and the red masked Turtle. Both team leaders looked to one another, sizing each other up. “This ain’t your first rodeo, is it?” Terry asked. “You ever compete in the Triceraton tournaments?” Leonardo responded with a question of his own. The question posed as an answer just made Terry blink as he shook his head from side to side, and he had no idea what his would be opponent seemed to be talking about. Just what in the world was a Triceraton anyway? Terry Bogard shrugged his shoulders, and he formed something of an amused smile on his face. “I can’t say that I have… But it’s down to us now. Should we get started?” The Lone Wolf raised his hands, balling them to fist as he now positioned himself into fighting posture. Leonardo moved his arms back, now taking hold of the red cloth braided handles of his twin steel ninjaken—drawing the weapons out for the time being and the mutant Red Ear Slider nodded his head. He looked all around the area, now surveying the environment all around himself as he already worked to think of a plan. “Let’s…” Terry Bogard now focused on the energy within, and he channeled it through his arms and moved the energy to flow through his right arm and hand. Quickly, he leaned down and thrust his arm down as he impacted his fist to the ground and allowed the energy to explode outward in a yellow colored burst. “POWER WAVE!” Leonardo dashed forward and he immediately pushed himself up, taking to the air at a height of ten feet and soared right in towards Terry. Throwing his weight forward and down, Leonardo somersaulted through the air and he swung both his arms downward, slashing his twin blades down for his opponent. Now the battle between the two team leaders commenced. This one was an absolute challenge to write. In all the eleven years in which I have been writing for the CBUB, I have never had a match which resulted in the draw like the match between Donatello and Andy Bogard, so I had to go out of my way to write a lengthy recap to really capture on how grueling and difficult that fight would've had to been on both sides. So I had hoped that I managed to have written something down which absolutely came down to how that fight would be described and even felt. And now where we are, the match between the two team leaders-- Leonardo and Terry Bogard. I think this would be an exceptionally interesting one as both are considered to be quite skilled in many ways. Just to confirm, the Fatal Fury OVAs are not being considered for this match up as they are non-canon to the Fatal Fury or KOF continuities are far as the game canon is concerned. For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of. Leonardo is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation. Leonardo possesses Twin Ninjaken, Shurikens, Electro-Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, Metsubushi Eggs filled with Sand and Kunai. Terry Bogard is in Peak Human Conditioning due to his Training. Terry Bogard possess all of this move set from the Fatal Fury and KOF series.
  12. Thanks for the reply, RakaiThwei. 🙂 So how does everyone like the arc so far?
  13. This could be partnered with a "Criminal mastermind" slot. Not like "evil geniuses" like before, but someone like Kingpin from Marvel or The Penguin from DC, or we could do just regular old criminals John Doe from Se7en
  14. Yesterday
  15. I actually think this would be a very cool idea.
  16. The Team Detective: Sherlock Holmes, Batman, and L are not allowed. Basically the teams detective that has to solve famous fictional and real life cases. Would be a great way to get more of the investigator characters in the database some love. Case examples The Maltese Falcon Zodiac Killer The Speckled Band
  17. In Season 9 I'll be looking to mix it up a bit. Here's what I am thinking. First off, there will be no Bench. The whole team will be played. Second, matches will not occur with contenders in the same slot. There will be two opposing slots that are put into matches - these opposing slots have totally different things in them. Example: Slot 1 is for Fantasy Characters - e.g. Conan the Barbarian. Slot 2 is for Fantasy Monsters - e.g. Smaug the Dragon. An example Slot 1 vs. Slot 2 match would be Conan vs. Smaug. Totally an example, but you get the idea.
  18. SLOT X: The Team’s Monster It’s like The Team's Dark Secret, but with monsters from the Sci-fi category. Monsters have to be around human size. No giant monsters. Base Line Examples: -The Alien -Indoraptor -Mansquito
  19. No matter how hot something is, I feel like ABSOLUTE ZERO would instantly crumble it.
  20. Is there any argument that Winston can close in enough? The hot terrain works against ice?
  21. I think leadership is a strong characteristic in this fight. If the sailors are getting into a group as much as possible, then they aren’t getting picked off by the sharks and causing more to come in. I favor Rick a lot more than Michonne,. I just think a loner might get picked off, a leader helps the group.
  22. the writers making an offhand remark to Spider-Man doesn’t prove anything. It’s not like he’s reading a spidey comic or something, it’s a really big stretch to assume he knows anything about Venom when they are in separate universes. There are a lot of tongue-in-cheek references that don’t mean anything. Venom also fights noisy things all the time without an issue, it’s concentrated sonic that is an issue with him. The second attack is still lighting-based right? Which Venom still has resistance to. Again, I feel like Venom has a lot of ways to close the fight in this scenario and should be able to knock around Static once the fight is in close.
  23. Sure, but an advertisement would want to exaggerate how durable the disposable underwear could be. Again, I just feel a cartoon gives you some more advertising options than Flo, who’s schtick is “slightly deadpan insurance.”
  24. Im Most of Dutch’s traps don’t work and he is losing to the Predator in a fist fight, badly, before the Predator happens to unintentionally stand in front of a log trap into a log trap. I cannot emphasize enough that Ash constructs a prosthetic hand, crafts shotgun ammunition and fixes up a car in Medieval Europe. He has borderline toonish craftsmanship skills.
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