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  2. I’d bet on my girl Raya too! She had much greater fight scenes that better showed off her skills and abilities in comparison to Mulan.
  3. I mean Black Cat survived those too. Don't know how Lupin would fare with something like Infinity Stones though. Understandable. Though Dan Sloth is no longer writing if you're curious. But he's moved onto Fantastic Four.
  4. Now if Felicia has infinity stones it falls to Lupin to comically swap them with cheap replacements and a comedic note. Lupin benefits from a small degree of toon force. He does take on ancient super weapons and magical cosmic forces from time to time, but that would probably be a loss. Based on what they both normally do and carry, this kind of massive heist is more like Lupin than Felicia.
  5. I read on again off again after One More Day, I actually really enjoyed Superior Spider-Man. The long term effects of Superior Spider Man on Peter Parker I found less interesting and just kind of dropped the book.
  6. If it's over One More Day, the next issue may finally undo it. But back to Black Cat, it happened in her ongoing and various one shots but yeah, she's getting the Infinity Stones. The final part of that arc starts in the fall.
  7. You stop reading Spider-Man for a few years and all hell breaks lose.
  8. Thought it'd be a fair number. Nothing too overboard.
  9. Maybe if she knows about them Amy might be able to avoid Grimm but if she runs into one, she's done. She could be in on one of the cities too so that would be an easy win. Guess it depends on your take. I assume the worst and she's in the wilderness. So can she find Atlas or Beacon or something or some Huntsmen to protect her before the day is out?
  10. Now the Cyberman get some legitimate losses. You sure like throwing 20 Cybermen at people. I think her best strategy is to stick and move. Have Splinter hide somewhere and do her thing.
  11. I never watched Pokémon but the little bit that I saw of Meowth gave me the impression that he wasn't stupid. I think he could survive a day in Jumanji.
  12. Herbert West was made for this challenge. If nothing else, he's better than his opponent.
  13. I'm leaning towards Anna. She decked Hans at the end of the first movie.
  14. I get that Iroh is a great teacher as well as great philosophizer, but to motivate an entire sports team? I think Johnny has it in the bag here. Like look, I'm not saying Iroh doesn't have lessons to teach and advice worth taking, or even speeches that don't motivate. Iroh just feels like his kind of motivation wouldn't belong in team sports. Sports like golf, maybe martial arts depending on the style I think he can go through people. Sports teams on the other hand wouldn't know half of the stuff Iroh is talking about unless they were actually taught philosophy or were nerds and compared him to Mr. Miyagi or Master Roshi, wich many sports teams are not. Johnny while not the smartest is the most charismatic and down to earth kind of guy compared to Iroh, making him make comparisons and sermons that can make sense even to the biggest lunk head in sports. Keep in mind, he motivates his own karate students constantly in and out of the dojo, even doing so before a karate tournament Iroh on the other hand while smart, wise and knowledgeable has little no nobody he can teach outside of Zuko that we know of on screen.
  15. I think Pocahontas wins. She could probably do Moana's movie and do a better job.
  16. Yes, I'm sure we all wish this was a fight... Mulan by default.
  17. Something Lupin hasn't done is acquire stones of infinite power. Not kidding. As of recently, Black Cat has three of the infinity stones. Not an easy feat but she accomplished it.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I like it. And I say Gert and the gang can do it. GI Joe is a tough opponent but she really is innocent so even though they're mad at her as soon as she can show them the real bad guys they'll gudgingly get off her case.
  20. A fair point, but I suspect Moana who was blazing a lot more uncharted water (pun intended) than Poocahantas will be able to handle the dress and trashing it better.
  21. Benefits of having six younger sisters and three younger brothers.
  22. Lupin goes solo all the time. His crew tends to show up when the fighting starts. Thieving abilities all come from Lupin. Jingen and Goeman are the heavy hitters for a fight. Lupin is comically adept at picking locks. (I couldn't find the scene from the most recent movie where he does a whole wall in under 30 seconds), but here he pulls off a complex lock, fakes setting off the trap, and makes a convincing disguise change in no time at all (Edit: This episode is NSFW to a greater degree than most Lupin.) Lupin has more than a few acrobatic feats on par with Felicia's and more in line with Spider-Man's abilities. Lupin's reaction and planning is enough to get through a laser maze after seeing it once.
  23. ...Tangled Series? Man, I'm really out of the loop on my modern Disney Princess lore
  24. In fairness, it worked as a solid adventure piece so, a musical number wasn't that needed.
  25. Sorry Rebecca, but Hush is too much of a sociopath to feel guilty about really anything.
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