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  2. oh, yeah. My bad. I guess I'll need to request @Confession FPT change that out.
  3. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  4. Juri would be a little worn from her fight, but I don't think it's a big concern. She is a dangerous opponent all the same and I don't think Kim really knows what he's in for. Juri wins this for me.
  5. It may be too late to change this, but I noticed Confession FPT picked Hades from Disney's Hercules for Slot 1 of his team. The rules state that only the original deities can be chosen in that slot and not alternate versions of said deities, right?
  6. Athena was forced to duck and lean away from the incoming slashes from the red masked Turtle. Never had she seen such a level of technique so refined and so precise, and yet— never had she been more afraid to actually experience the sting of being cut by the weapons of her opponent. One thing which she could definitely say about him was that he was extremely aggressive but there was something of a patient approach from him. Whoever this person was, whoever this person that she believed was a cosplayer in some elaborate outfit most certainly was someone not to underestimate. And when Leonardo had turned and swung his blades down vertically, Athena quickly turned in a spin as she managed to barely evade the strikes. Leonardo turned to meet the battling idol, and he quickly snapped his right leg out down to her knees and immediately followed up by swinging his leg across diagonally up over to the left—intending on slamming his foot down onto the side of her head. However, Athena had responded with her own as she swung her left leg to meet with Leonardo’s for the kick at the knees, and then she hunched underneath the incoming roundhouse for her head. She mentally focused her own energy within, now directing it to flow through her body and into her right arm and hand. As soon as she felt this energy coursing through her palm, Athena manifested it outward. She turned her body and pushed herself up with her legs, and then raised her hand upward as an arc of reddish pink light emanated from her hand as she intended to strike at Leonardo with one of her signature attacks. “PSYCHO SWORD!” However, Leonardo tensed his own legs up and he pushed himself upwards while throwing his body weight back, executing a well-timed and well performed somersault as he evaded Athena’s strike. The red masked ninja swiftly rushed right in for his opponent, going in for the offense. Leonardo spun his twin ninjaken in hand, and gripped the handles firmly now as he stopped the blades from spinning and now held them downward and in reverse. Quickly, Leonardo firmly moved his arms out as he took aim for Athena’s mid-section with the intent on striking her firmly with the handle of one of his swords. Athena instinctively slapped the incoming strike down, however Leonardo swung his left arm across with the intent to strike Athena firmly across the head. The pop idol positioned her hands for guarding posture, deflecting the strike to her head but Leonardo took a firm step forward, firmly planting his right foot down onto her left. Taking advantage of this, Leo moved his hands down and firmly slammed them down onto the top of Athena’s head. “GAAAH!” The pop idol yelped. A brief disorientation overcame Athena’s coordination and her other senses. Without hesitation, Leonardo snapped his left leg upward with his knee bent, firmly slamming it up into Athena’s mid-section and this caused the girl to lose her wind for a moment as she widened her eyes as a tremendous pressure threatened to force her to regurgitate. The red masked ninja then turned to a spin and swung his left leg back across for her ankles, and this caused Athena to be swept off from her feet. Gravity pulled her down and she harshly landed onto her side, and winced upon impact. Opening her eyes, Athena widened them to see Leonardo now swinging his blades inward for her. “AAAAH!” She yelped again. Quickly drawing upon her psychic abilities, Athena focused on stopping the attack. As a purple aura formed around her, she looked to the very blades coming for her from both sides—and then as soon as that aura had formed… Leonardo found himself unable to proceed on with the attack. Directing the psychic energy which she was drawing upon to throw Leonardo upwards, Athena would catapult the red masked ninja into the air with her Super Psychic Throw. The Turtle was dropped onto his shell with a mighty grunt, and Leonardo had no idea what had just happened. Michelangelo dropped his jaw in surprise, and Donatello was quite perplexed as to what had just transpired—trying to find some scientific reasoning as to how that had happened. Raphael had clenched his hands firmly into fists, shouting angrily at Leonardo. “YO, GET THE HELL UP AND IN THE FIGHT!” Leonardo threw his weight back, rolling onto his feet in a reversal roll and now stood in a hunched position. He released his ninjaken from his hands, briefly dropping them and reached back to his utility belt only to pull out a set of shurikens. He took aim for Athena’s shoulders and legs, and the red masked ninja immediately then threw his hands out, multiple times as he released a set of six. Athena again drew upon the psychic and Ki energy with herself and directed it to flow through her body, moving it to her arms and into her hands. As the reddish pink energy formed, she held her palms out and formed a barrier to keep herself protected from the flying metal objects. And to Leonardo’s surprise, the shurikens were now somehow reflected back at him. “What the hell?!” Leonardo shouted, swiftly turning around and using his carapace to block and deflect the shurikens away from himself. As his shell was strong enough to stop and deflect the thrown objects, this left Athena quite surprised at this sudden defensive tactic. Leonardo reached for his blades, and he somersaulted his way towards the fighting pop idol only to then attempt to thrust both his legs down and use her as a landing pad with the intent to stomp down onto her shoulders. Still focused on the energy which she was drawing upon, Athena then channeled it through her entire form once more and her body produced that glow again. This time she had commanded this energy to allow her to move faster and be displaced from one spot to another. Turning in a blindingly fast pirouette, Athena produced a burst of energy and then reddish pink streaks moved forward. She moved and appeared before Leonardo, and as she still maintained that flow of energy, Athena swing her arms inward and projected a powerful sphere of energy. “PSYCHO BALL!” Leonardo was impacted by the sphere of energy as it had collided with his plastron, and he winced in immediate discomfort and stumbled away from the purple haired pop idol. Athena dashed right in for the red masked Turtle, and she adjusted her stance as she shifted her weight forward and thrust her palms outward for a strike at his head. However, Leonardo leaned out of the way, and Athena thrust her other palm out and the Turtle leaned to the other direction. Shifting with a step forward, Athena thrust both arms out to product a double palm strike onto her opponent. Leonardo weaved and stepped inward, only to swing his left arm’s elbow across. Impact was made on Athena’s forehead, stunning the girl for a moment. Seizing the moment, Leonardo snapped his left leg across in a low roundhouse for Athena’s knees once more and he managed to strike her firmly, causing her to stumble and lean in discomfort. He then recoiled his leg, pumping it out in a side kick and struck Athena firmly in the mid-section, and again recoiled as he prepared for another kick from that leg but then turned on his standing leg, and then thrust his back leg outward as he lowered the other— performing a fake out back thrust kick. Athena firmly was struck in the center of her chest, and she was sent flying back a good ten feet but she threw her weight upward to perform a recovery reverse somersault. While still soaring across, she again focused that flow of energy and directed it to flow through her form. Curling herself into a ball, she threw her weight down and came down like a blazing comet of energy and kicked her legs out for Leonardo’s knees. “PHOENIX ARROW!” Leonardo tensed up his leg muscles and he quickly pushed himself forward and up, leaping over Athena the second she came down in towards him. Landing onto the ground, Leonardo had something of a plan. He reached his left arm up and slipped the blade in hand back into the scabbard slung over his shoulder. Moving his hand down he took hold of one of the smoke bombs which he had on himself, and tossed it to Athena’s feet. Preparing her energy to produce another Psycho Reflector, Athena moved her hands out but was immediately surprised when the object hit the ground instead. A waft of smoke now spread out across the area and obscured her vision while also interfering with her breathing. Athena frantically coughed and she looked all around for any sign of her opponent. She stepped back… until she felt a metallic point press against the back of her neck. “Game set and match…” Leonardo coldly stated. “If that is the case, then I concede.” Athena replied. “I’ve never fought anyone much like yourself.” Kensou frowned at the second loss which his team had to endure. It was bad enough that he had lost to Raphael, but to see Athena putting on her best and still suffering a defeat at the hands of their opponent—well, it was quite discouraging for him. He couldn’t help but release a sigh from within as he shook his head. Momoko looked over to Kensou and placed a consoling hand down onto his shoulders. “So far, you have given my students much to reflect on what they need to improve. You seem to have been trained quite well.” Chin spoke, addressing to Leonardo. “Thank you, it’s been… a difficult journey in achieving the level of skill and technique I’ve developed. But I owe that all to Master Splinter. Without him, I don’t think I would even be here… And your student Athena… Definitely powerful, she even kept me on my toes.” Leonardo spoke, giving his thoughts on his fight with the pop idol. Athena couldn’t help but smile at the comments regarding their own battle. “Well, that’s two losses out of four! We still might have a chance here to win!” Kensou chimed in. “Yes, this is indeed true… And all that is left of our team to participate are I and Momoko.” Chin added. Momoko had blinked as she had heard her name being mentioned, and she looked over to Chin as if he were suggesting that she actually step up to the plate. She had only participated in one KOF tournament with the Psycho Soldiers team and this would be her second one. She had spent some considerable time in developing her abilities as a fighter, reviewing what she had learned from her time studying Capoeira and learning under Chin to develop herself even further. The young fighter stepped forth and she smiled brightly to the four brothers as she waved a hand to them. “Konnichawa kawaii kame!” “Tch.. Heh heh heh… I ain’t ever getting tired when a girl says that!” Mikey chuckled with a grin. “Alright… I guess I’m up! Don’t wanna make the same mistake like I did with King in being the last!” Donatello said as he now also stepped forward and moved to approach Momoko. Donatello and Momoko moved closer to one another, leaving each other six feet of space. “Remember Don, don’t screw this up!” Raphael chided. “Shut up, Raphael…” Donatello muttered in response. Momoko quickly threw herself upwards into the air and threw her weight back, landing feet first down onto the ground and she hunched as she now set herself in the Capoeira fighting posture. To Donatello, it looked something like a dance but there was an unusual method of fighting to the style— at least from what he knew of it. Quickly, he reached for his bo-staff and gripped it firmly in his right hand and now drew the weapon out, only to then quickly spin it within his grasp as he shifted the weapon from right to left, and tucked it underneath his right arm as he shifted back to his own fighting stance. Both the Turtles and the Psycho Soldier teams looked on ahead as the brainy Turtle and the Capoeira girl sized each other up, and time seemed to have stretched on forever until both inched a step forward and rushed in to one another. The third match between the Turtles and the Psycho Soldiers commenced… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next match up in the TMNT storyline which I am still currently writing but it's also going to be the last one for maybe this week because of the fact that now I am needing to focus on some real life issues which need to be addressed in regards to a life changing move which I will have to do again, and finances which also need to be rebuilt if I am going to improve on this situation. Anyway in regards to the match, I felt that this would be something of a direction to go with Donatello and Momoko, and writing up the recap fight between Athena and Leonardo was something of an interesting and easy thing to come up with. I also wanted to do something different than Donatello against King, in that the last time, Donatello was the last to go but in this case, he isn't and he is going up against a Capoeira fighter in Momoko. So with this being the last match before I finish up with this move and have to get a totally different ISP... I hope you enjoy this match! For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of. Donatello is low tier superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation and physical conditioning. Donatello possesses his Bo Staff, Metsubushi Egg filled with Polymer Slime and Kubotan. Momoko is Athletic Human in terms of physicals due to training and age. Momoko possesses her move set from the KOF series.
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  8. Man it feels good to do this again! The perfect match up as we near Halloween! Not sure if I'll be a regular again, these days I devote most my writing to my original characters and settings. But it sure was fun to whip up a CBUB fight for all of you! I do apologize for any grammar errors was spur of the moment.
  9. Alfred Pennyworth stepped out of the lift into the familiar dim lighting of the batcave, he carried the evening's meal in his hands within a silver serving dish. The chitter of bats and drip of water could be heard in symphony with the hum of the batcomputer. Bruce Wayne, or Batman really sat hunched forward in his chair as his eyes took in a multitude of information before him. Alfred was all too familiar with the engrossed pose of his master on a case. Coming to Batman's side Alfred cleared his throat. “Dinner, sir. Chicken Cordon Bleu, side of potatoes and carrots.” “Thanks Alfred.” Batman growled mechanically. Alfred looked to the screen, a familiar ghoulish figure glowered from the monitor. “Scarecrow, again?” Batman nodded, “He broke out of Arkham. I’ve already looked into some of his old hideouts; no luck.” Alfred raised an eyebrow, “Perhaps, Professor Crane intends to take an extended absence?” Batman shook his head, “Three nights from Halloween? No, Alfred. He’s planning something. I just wish I knew what.” ** In the outskirts between Gotham and New York was a pumpkin patch, among the orange fruits and haybales were festive Halloween decorations. Plastic skeletons dressed as farmers, cobwebs, and scarecrows. To add to the ghoulish atmosphere a green mist drifted across the pumpkin patch. The mist swirled along before it coalesced into the shape of a man. The figure that stood among the pumpkins and Halloween decor looked vaguely like an astronaut. A round glass helmet obscured the face of the figure, the suit he wore was green with an attached blue cape. The figure strode forward a bit before he spoke in a distorted voice. “Where are you? I’m in no mood for hide and seek.” A voice from the dark night answered him. “I believe I told you to come in person, not a hologram. I’m not stupid.” Mysterio glanced around, “Nor am I. If I get a mysterious summons to a pumpkin patch this far out by someone I don’t know.” A laugh came from all around. “Indeed you aren’t stupid. Which is why we shall do great things together.” “Who’s we?” Mysterio asked. “Lose the hologram, and I’ll come from my hiding spot.” “Have it your way.” Mysterio replied. The hologram vanished and a short time later a similar man in the same getup strode into the pumpkin patch. “Let me guess, Jonathan Crane? Alias the Scarecrow.” One of the prop Scarecrows turned to regard Mysterio. “Good guess,” Mysterio folded his arms, “What do you want?” “Surely I’ve made it clear, we join forces. The master of fear, and the master of illusions. My fear toxin with your trickery. The Batman will be a quivering wreck before us.” “No, if we’re doing this we’re taking down the webslinger.” Mysterio grunted. “Why not both?” Scarecrow replied. Mysterio chuckled beneath his helmet, “Start talking professor.” ** Two nights later and Spiderman was swinging from building to building as the sun began to set. “Ahh, Halloween night and this spiderman is spending it as usual.” Landing atop a mall spiderman watched several children walk below dressed as their favorite superheroes, a few had chosen him. “Ahh, worth it if it keeps the Spidey fanclub safe.” Just then there was the all too familiar sound of a miniature jet engine. Looking up Spiderman groaned as a cackling filled the air. “Oh, great, Hobgoblin is out trick or treating.” Spiderman let fly a web and swung in pursuit of his foe. “Hey! Aren’t you a bit old to be out trick or treating?” Spiderman quipped. “Ha-haha! Tiss the season little spider, and I’m bringing it in with a bang!” Hobgoblin replied as he suddenly banked his glider and shot off towards the warehouse districts. Spiderman kept up his pursuit as he saw his foe fly into one of the massive buildings. Landing atop the roof Spiderman took a crouched stance as he readied himself to fight, but the goblin never came out. “He wants me to follow him? Alright Goblin…” Just then a shadow rose to the superhero’s right. “Woah! Batman? Aren’t you in Gotham?” “I’m following a lead, the Scarecrow intends to detonate a fear toxin bomb in the city.” Spiderman paused, “Oh, no, bombs… Hobgblin just flew in there, you know, pumpkin bombs, fear toxin. Halloween.” “Let’s move!” Batman shouted as he crashed through the skylight into the dar warehouse, Spiderman right by his side. “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” Hobgoblin cried out as pumpkin bombs flew towards them. Both heroes nimbly dodged the explosives, and Batman retaliated with a baterang. The weapon flew straight and true and lodged in the wing of the glider. Hobgoblin fell to the concrete hard, his head separating from his body. There was no blood, just sparks of electricity from severed circuits. “A rabot?” Batman pondered. Spiderman groaned, “Oh, no. Mysterio….Bats! My spider sense!” Just then the robot released a gas from the hidden canister that had been triggered. “Fear gas!” Batman warned as he tried to fit a gasmask, but it was too late as he felt the foul stuff in his lungs. “The bat and the spider, perfect, now this Halloween can really begin!” A voice from the intercom. “Crane!” Batman groaned. “Welcome to your own personal fright night heroes!” A second voice called. “Mysterio!” Spiderman groaned. It was set then, exposed to fear toxin in a building full of Mysterious trickery, an All Hallows eve unlike any other. Could even Batman and Spiderman survive?
  10. Nice writing and progress on the story. Vice and Mature have caused a lot of chaos so far but I think Vice meets her match. Cass is an excellent warrior and has a better combo than Vice. If Cass keeps the fight mid range, she won't have any problems. That could be unlikely but if this is a 3 round match, my money is on Cassandra.
  11. Bergy, you always been good at telling a story over 2 or 3 matches. This one is no exception. Think I might try my hand at this next time around. Anyway, this is well paced and entertaining. I know little about either of these characters, but the argument for Herbie and the Scooby gang is a strong one. They get my vote.
  12. Gah, this is too late for me. And I've just moved a good deal more mythological figures over to Fantasy. I see what initially happened, though; when deities, etc. were starting to get added to the Database, the bulk of them were added under Pop Culture, and thus started a trend (and even I got swept up in that trend at first). From now on, though, guys, if we're going to add a character originating from mythology, he/she/it belongs in the Fantasy category. More to move tomorrow ...
  13. https://www.electricferret.com/cbub/cbubcats/showfantasyteam?ftid=166 is that the Lone Ranger I see there? 😛 Besides, like my choice in that slot and cool to hear you thinking about it.
  14. Still thinking about it. In looking over some of the Draft rosters, though, I'm pretty surprised at some of the characters you guys have missed out on so far (no Lone Ranger or Geronimo for Western picks? really?).
  15. Damn, Berg, you're all busy with the character analyses. Anyways, if anyone's still looking for deities to draft, I've just moved quite a few of them to the Fantasy category where they rightfully belong (including some that have already been drafted), so they should now be a little easier to find. An another note, I almost forgot that I added the bulk of the original Greek God pantheon back in the day!
  16. I just wanted to say that i love seeing more matches being thrown up on the CBUB. Of the three, I really only know Freddy Kruger but I was entertained all the same. A cool mix of Sci Fi, Comics, and Horror. Since normal teenagers can eventually take down Freddy I'm assuming a superhero and Dr. Who should be up to the challenge.
  17. A battle between two characters that started around the same time as the hot gothic/mystic girl dlc for their respective games that were later shoehorned into their franchises lol. Although I must say I think they fit into this arc rather well.
  18. GAINING AN EDGE: A MASSIVE FIGHTING GAME CROSSOVER PART LXXII After a vicious battle, Rachel slammed her fellow demon hunter, Shura, on to the castle ground. Shura remained on the ground motionless. (REF: RACHEL VS. SHURA) “I don’t want to kill you,” Rachel said with sadness. A voice arose from the skull attached to Shura’s shoulder. “Do it. End her life. You are the one that I have been looking for.” “Be quiet demon!” Rachel demanded. She lifted her war hammer and brought it down on the skull, smashing it into pieces. A red spirit arose from the skull fragments and immediately entered Rachel’s body. Rachel twitched. “What do you think you are doing?” “Possessing you, obviously. Shura was just a temporary vehicle until I could find a warrior strong enough to be my rebirth. You are that warrior,” a demonic voice answered. “Your fiend blood makes you an even better match.” Rachel's eyes turned red before returning to normal. She clenched her fist. “I have been hunting fiends and demons most of my life. You think I would be dumb enough not to develop a resistance to demonic possession after all this time.Try as you might, you will not overtake me.” “Hmmm, that puts us at an impasse as we are now bound together,” said the demon. Rachel heard Kasumi’s voice in the distance. “Rachel? Are you in here? Is everything okay?” “Kasumi is coming. She will no doubt sense you within my body and might even try to attack me,” guessed Rachel. “That is an easy problem to solve. We kill her,” the demon suggested. “No. We will not,” Rachel retorted. “I just need to get out of here until I can figure out a way to expel you from me.” Rachel escaped out through the back of the castle before Kasumi could reach her. “If you are determined to be rid of me, I know of a way,” stated the demon. “Why would I trust you?” Rachel asked. “Hear me out. If you can get Soul Edge you can extract me out and cast me into another demon body. Then we could have a proper fight to the death,” the demon explained. “No. There must be another way,” Rachel insisted. Back in the castle, Kasumi stepped over the corpses of dead fiends before coming upon the unconscious body of Shura. She looked around desperately for Rachel, but there was no trace of her. “Oh Rachel. Where have you gone? What happened to you?” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ After having her conversation with Ryu Hayabusa, Nyotengu made her way to Italy. Once there, she descended from the sky in front of an ancient cathedral. She walked through the entrance. The cathedral appeared empty, but Nyotengu knew better. “Eliza! Eliza! I know you are here. Show yourself,” Nyotengu announced. The vampire, Eliza, strolled up from the back of the cathedral. Her expression was a mix of confusion and annoyance.’ “The tengu princess? How disappointing, I was hoping you were my afternoon snack,” she stated. “Eliza, how long has it been? Four, five hundred years,” Nyotengu said with a smile. “Six hundred,” Eliza corrected as she tried to fight through her own drowsiness. “I took a nap that ended up taking a bit longer than I anticipated.”: Nyotengu smirked. “Never have been the most energetic vampire have you?” “What do you want?” Eliza asked. “I am looking for some intel,” responded Nyotengu. “I want to know what the vampires’ plan is now that Soul Edge is resurfacing. And don’t bother trying to plead ignorance. Every ancient race in this realm knows what Soul Edge is and the power it possesses. So tell...” Nyotengu stopped mid sentence when she noticed Eliza was asleep on her feet. She scolded the vampire. “Eliza! How dare you fall asleep when I am talking to you!” Eliza opened her eyes. “I am awake. I am awake.” “As I was saying with the reemergence of Soul Edge I know that..” Nyotengu stopped again as she noticed Eliza’s head nodding in front of her. “Eliza!” “What do you want from me?” whined Eliza. “I haven’t feasted in awhile and I need the blood to keep me alert. If you were going to come all this way to lecture me you could at least have had the decency to bring me a meal. Then you would have my undivided attention.” Nyotengu stepped into Eliza’s personal space. “I am not your personal chef.” Eliza scoffed. “Whatever. What do you care what the vampires want to do with Soul Edge? If we can turn this world into a neverending buffet it won’t stop the tengu from having their fun. There would be plenty of chaos to go around.” “That’s the thing, I don’t want to turn this world into a chaotic wasteland,” said Nyotengu. Eliza lifted an eyebrow. “I quite enjoy coming to this realm as a relaxing vacation from my tengu kingdom. I get a kick out of living amongst humans from time to time and I don’t want to lose that,” Nyotengu explained. Eliza was in shock. “Wow. You really are a spoiled princess aren’t you?” “I fail to see how that’s any business of yours,” Nyotengu replied. Eliza snapped. “If you are going to try to stop the opportunity of me getting easy meals then it is my business.” “Stop being lazy, drink some coffee, and hunt for your food like most self respecting predators.” Eliza was silent for a moment before responding. “You know, I am sure your kingdom would be very interested to know that its princess is a traitor and is denying them possible free reign just to keep her personal playground all to herself.” Anger seeped into Nyotengu’s voice. “You wouldn’t dare.” Eliza had a sinister smile on her face. “If I take you down I will probably be greeted as a hero. Hmmm, I was wrong before. You did bring a meal with you.” She stepped into her fighting stance. “I’ve never tasted tengu blood before. I bet it's even better than that of a human. I bet you could sustain me for days. Maybe even cure my narcolepsy.”
  19. Yes, I'm not sure if that would give her too much of an advantage, but she is also just coming off of another fight against a highly skilled Tae Kwan Do fighter.
  20. The long awaited match for Korean supremacy. Speed will be the biggest factor as both competitors are insanely fast. Are we assuming that Juri is using her most powerful Feng Shui Engine?
  21. Interesting match. I think Vice has the edge here. She's definitely stronger and has reach with her streaky arms. Vice would dominate from afar and up close. Cass's best position would be at mid-range, but I think Vice will be avoid the sword strikes to get a grab in.
  22. Battle Terrains Target: Losers Club Target: Ash Williams Target: Jurrasic Park Team Target: The Warrens Target: Gecko Brothers Target: The Mummy Team Target: Danny Torrance Target: The Ghost Busters Which group of zombies will win most of the Battle Terrains?
  23. Hey man thanks! It really is a crazy read. Some of my most creative I think. Y'all got some high opinions of these Sesame Street characters. Though you make good points, Cthulhu could win here and stretch out this conflict. He could turn a few of the muppets. Or maybe he already has control of them because of the Necronomicon? Who knows?
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