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  2. Wow, Olivia Benson gets a CBUB match already? Another great match and match-up, Boratz. While I don't think Annie is likely any more cunning and resourceful as, say, William Lewis, she still would give Olivia a tough time under the right circumstances. Since Benson made it to Sheldon's ex-wife and kid first, though, Wilkes won't really have time to prepare. I think Olivia saves the family, and since Annie's not the negotiating type, Olivia will likely have to gun her down.
  3. Animal for the win. He puts on a great show.
  4. Yeah, if this were up against someone else, I don't know if the Doctor would win.
  5. Considering he is a worm, I think Mister Mind has the advantage in zoology. It's the only advantage I can think of
  6. Don't know enough about Vulcan to really say who'd win. Need some research
  7. Yesterday
  8. This is the answer. Before 2008, the general public thought Iron Man was a robot, and they had no idea who Tony Stark was. By 2020, they were crying over the fate of this character.
  9. While I do not disagree in principal, I am unaware of any feats Arcade has in genetics or botany, specifically. I'm not very up to date on the character, though. Are there any?
  10. That's what I'm saying. If he can create a carnevil of death for the X-MEn, he can easily fuck around with a plant to make it formidable against Android 21
  11. I'd say Ironman, pre 2008 those outside comics didn't really know him that well, now.... well.
  12. This is a pretty good topic. Honestly, it's hard to judge in some ways, but I'd probably say Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are pretty closely tied in that aspect. Before the MCU movies, only Avengers fans knew or likely cared about Ant-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, with some exceptions, barely got any recognition at all. Post MCU, Guardians characters have now appeared in Marvel vs Capcom games, Avengers games, have their own TV Series, etc., while Ant-Man, once regarded as a C List hero, has drawn in a box office of $622.7 million from his most recent movie, making his obscurity fade rapidly as a result.
  13. With plants solely though, right? Cause that's the condition here.
  14. Put your image here for your character submission. Images 300 pixels X 300 pixels square. You can use an online image cropper tool to crop your image to 300 x 300 before uploading.
  15. The Pro Wrestler I know a similar sot has been done but hey could be done for wrestling themed challenges Challenges Street Fight Hell In A Cell Submission Match Iron Man Match Examples Hulk Hogan Randy Savage Ric Flair
  16. And now I'm picturing Joxer and Macho trying to dance their way down the Soul Train Line. 😆 You have thus earned you 25th like, UMPIRE. If you could do urban music (r&b, rap, funk, etc.), you had a decent shot of getting on Soul Train. Believe or not, Macho Man did in fact drop some bars at some point.
  17. Arcade was able to confuse and imprison the entire X-Men team, Giant Sized era, in his death trap of a carnival, and these were guys like Colossus, Storm and Wolverine. I think He can think of a creative way to subdue Android 21 if it meant amusing himself for a while.
  18. The simple fact that Dex became a Red Lantern means that he didn't withstand with the Corps' anger and insanity; it actually shows that he became immersed in it and became part of it. In other words, like the other Red Lanterns, he's a poster child for rage. That's not really ideal for keeping your cool in of Paris's world.
  19. It is all we can use, but it still doesn't really equate to Porunga. Yes, Shenron and Porunga are very similar but we have no reason to believe they have the same durability. What happens to one doesn't necessarily mean the same would happen to the other, especially when we are told that Porunga is stronger, even if that is only in terms of magic/wish-granting. I can see how you see it as speculative, but to me at least, it would make no sense to me if King Piccolo could just one shot both of them. Would we consider the same would happen to Super Shenron, who is bigger than most planets? That doesn't make logical sense. I have nothing to offer. We don't see the eternal dragons fight. I'm judging his capabilities based on his appearance and magical power in terms of granting wishes. It would be the same for any genie or wish-granter that has no other feats. Like, I assume Genie from Aladdin is pretty strong even though we don't really get physical feats. (I could be wrong on that, but I don't remember from top of my head). Anyway, we have to assume something, otherwise you imply that any average joe could just waltz up to Porunga and kill him, which isn't accurate in my mind. I see your point. Though I find it hard to believe, I guess Starkiller could destroy a planet with the Force. I would think the effort would kill him though. The better question here is, do you think Starkiller can beat King Piccolo? If you don't, then by the logic I've stated earlier, Starkiller couldn't beat Porunga either.
  20. My point was that you said it was unreasonable for me to use King Piccolo as a frame of reference for Porunga's durability, but it's literally the only thing we could possibly use. Otherwise it is 100% speculative nonsense. You have no feats of durability for Porunga at all, and even as you refuse to accept the King Piccolo scaling, you offer absolutely no other way of determining any of Porunga's physicals while still insisting he would win, which is ridiculous to me. Also, the fact that Starkiller is in this tier means he absolutely has attacks that can kill Porunga, even if you consider him to be orders of magnitude stronger than Shenron. The Vs. Battle Wiki lists him as a planet-level being in terms of both striking power and attack potency, and you have literally no feats to imply that Porunga would survive hits that are that strong. I'm really not trying to dredge this debate out any longer because the votes are already in, but I think it's ridiculous that you continue to argue against my scaling for this dragon dude without offering any other way to scale him while also arguing he would beat people who actually do have defined feats
  21. You're right. That's my bad I forgot Shenron did revive everyone. Still though, doesn't change the fact that he could grant wishes that Shenron couldn't, which was my point. Yes, we don't have any physical feats. I'm only using what we know is inferred from their creation/wish granting abilities and judging Porunga by what I could expect he could do, if given the chance. Whether or not Porunga is a good pick for this slot isn't really debatable because he's here already and to be fair I'm judging what he could do in a fight because he's expected to fight for this to even be a match. Now with all that said, I don't think Starkiller could even beat a creature like Porunga due to his massive size. I know he's fought big creatures before, but something on this scale is a stretch to me.
  22. This is just Tommy though, he's not big enough to fit on a snow tube.
  23. While I'm disappointed Captain Marvel lost but I'm happy Space Godzilla landed me a win.
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