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  2. "Not a threat at all, rather a pact among pacts." If it was meant as a threat I'd have simply killed you without an making such an offer. Also as I said you are the only one here of any use to me, so why would I threaten you? Sorry you must understand my aggressive nature after what you just heard. I was merely offering you the dagger should you accept my request a way to keep you safe even when I can't see you. You see.
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  4. As Clara leans in to hear of Elbine's secret, and seeing Elbine thrusting an elven dagger into the table, Clara quickly jumps back with shock as her heart races. "I...I don't know what you mean by me being a threat to you. I'm just a simple bookkeeper who wants to explore the world with others. If you wanted me to keep a secret, you could have simply asked. There is no need for brash threats towards fellow teammates." Clara then sweeps back some of her slightly frayed hair back over her head after her sudden shock.
  5. I don't know how he did it, but yes he did it lol I'd like to see a sequel but that's no surprise.
  6. Mokujin wins!? That’s unexpected and boss AF. I do have a sequel to this written. Not sure if that’s something that anyone would want to see?
  7. Muggy was oblivious to the potential confrontation occurring in the corner. “Well jeeze, thanks for the offer, frann!” He takes the water pouch and drinks it in a careful, way, as to not have any of it touch the sides of his mouth. “I apologize for my irresistible thirst, I have to take advantage of the free flowing water while I have the chance. If I go too long without it, I become a less agreeable guy.”
  8. "I see... You seem to be mistaken." I'm not intending to take this adventure seriously at all, to be frank, the only reason I've targeted you so early on is because..." Ooc: The Boob Tube and OMFG I am going to send you both the message I am going to say so you may tell me if this breaks any of the rules. "It is for that reason that as of this moment, you are the only one I find to be a threat to what I wish to achieve." Elbine stabs an elven dagger into the table, "so I ask now, are you able to keep my secret or must I make the games begin earlier than expected? As long as you can keep your word to keep my secret I will not harm you in any way, as of now you are the only one of use to me now anyway."
  9. The more I look into it, the harder it becomes for Sub-Zero to get a win. He's got to put up with someone who can tag a speedster who regularly breaks the sound barrier, and can run as fast as light, although I don't think even Snart could tag him if he were actually moving that fast. His Absolute Zero field gives him a huge advantage. The first time Sub-Zero goes in for a punch or a kick, his primary methods of fighting, he's going to lose at least a limb to that field. He's got cold resistance, but there's no reason to assume it's anywhere close to absolute zero levels of cold. At that point, it's only a matter of time until Snart lands a hit with his freeze gun and gets a win. If Sub-Zero has awareness, he can teleport and jump around and go for pot shots, but without that knowledge I don't see his win condition
  10. Ooc: My bad, already forgot who was who. LoL For some reason, Clara's curiosity seems to be immediately drawn to Elbine's mysteriousness. As she adjusts her glasses and pulls out of her chair, the young woman excuses herself and heads towards Elbine's table. At first, Clara was a little frightened by his appearance, but takes a deep breath and sits across from him as she places her spell books onto the table. "Hello there, my name is Clara. I hope y-you don't mind me sitting here. It just seems like out of everyone here, you seem to the only person that is taking this Adventure's Guild thing seriously. Which is a good thing, if you ask me. The serious ones, like us, get to live longer than anyone else in here."
  11. Yeah, that was the conclusion I came too as well. Seras' physical superiority means that she can just rip and tear until Lust dies, even if she can't drink Lust's blood. If she did, would she get all of Lust's souls as familiars? That would be pretty baller. Anyway, I think Lust has a chance honestly, just because of her resilience and her wit, but Seras is so much stronger and more ferocious, I think she can just slice her way to victory.
  12. "Heheheee so think about what just happened, A scientists working Umbrella who "doesn't know what is happening, A random resident who just finds his neighbors bible no context needed and decided to keep it and a ... Cool headed soldier who seems to lash out more than anyone. Oh and do quickly figure out your squabbling or this game may just become to much fun to handle!!" Oh and Soldier Boy, who exactly gave you those orders I wonder hmmm? Heheheheee. Bye for now." The voice fades out as if its laughter is getting distant from the mic.
  13. ooc: Elbine hasn't said anything yet. Elbine takes a quick look at Cliff, "I am not her shadow, and your thoughts are none of my concern." Elbine turns back to looking at Clara when you are looking to have a conversation with someone more on your level, I'm sure you'll know how to find me. Elbine turns his back to everyone else and moves to a dark corner of the pub. Anyone who approaches Elbine will get an uneasy feeling the Elbine is up to no good.
  14. I think Katara hits him with a wave of water that could take down a normal opponent, and gets surprised when sub-zero pops back up.
  15. Sgt. Fisher runs his temples as he takes a deep breath to collect himself. "Look, I'm not in the mood to play 20 Questions or play some weirdo's game tonight. My men and I have a mission tonight and I plan to see it through to the end. If the three of us stick together, push through, and watch each other's back we can make it through. Do we understand each other?"
  16. "It's, uhh... nice to meet you as well, Muggy. I see you're quite thirsty today. I have to say tha-- Oh my!" Clara is suddenly startled by Elbine's quiet presence.
  17. "Well C-clara, thank you for engaging in conversation. Tell me, does your shadow also have a mouth?" Cliff takes out his water skin, dumping it onto his new fishy companion. "Anything besides thirst going on with you?"
  18. Muggy surveys the room, keeping an eye out for the some available ladies.
  19. OOC: Roleplay amongst yourselves, I'll update once I feel you've guys talked enough.
  20. Elbine simply walks behind Clara, making no interactions at all. Making it obvious that Clara is the only person that seems to interest this shadowy figure.
  21. Thanks frann. I got the idea while rummaging through my old posts on here. I found this thread from 10 years ago where I made this match a rumble. I thought, that match would rule, I should do this now, so I wrote it at 1:30AM last night. Evidence below:
  22. THE SUITE FIGHT OF WIL AND HACHI Heihachi Mishima was done with Wilson Fisk’s bullshit. He thought the “crime boss” known as “The Kingpin” was an absolute coward. The Devil himself had tried to chase Heihachi out of town, and he never fled. Men of honor don’t flee when they are threatened, they stand and fight. This was not the case with Kingpin. Threats from some “spider” and he leaves his home in shame? Even more, Fisk moved into his backyard and started mucking with the Mishima Zaibatzu? Unacceptable. Last night, one of Kingpin’s associates, the Shocker, had taken out a squad of Tekken Force Guards. The price of such a move, on Heihachi’s turf, was his enemy’s blood on his fist. Heihachi stormed into the lobby of the fancy hotel the Kingpin was staying at, flanked by his pet bodyguard Kuma. He was dressed to the 9’s, wearing fine silk business wear under a tiger-print pea coat, white scarf billowing in the air as he power walked into the building. It was the middle of the night, and only one young woman was working at the front desk. She recognized his distinct hair first, his overwhelming presence second as he brushed past her. She was so over taken with emotion at meeting this larger than life figure and his bear sidekick that she didn’t even try to stop them. A few security guards did tho, only to get headbutted by the old man and bear-hugged by the hulking omnivore. These actions did not go unnoticed, from high in his penthouse suite; Wilson Fisk stirred his tea with an ornate spoon and watched. He gave the security monitor a sly smile. If there was one business man in the world who could match himself in, not only his business acumen, but also physical prowess, it was this man. Yes Wilson did have to take a temporary vacation from his beloved New York, wait for the heat to die down and for the judge’s checks to clear, but showing up in the immediate vicinity of Heihachi Mishima was no accident. He had to keep himself entertained in some way while on sabbatical, and pushing this madman’s buttons sounded amusing. The Tekken Force were attempting to move some stolen art into the country. The art was crafted by a high profile painter that Fisk was a moderate fan of, so he sent a friend to pick it up for him. The venture gained him a new valuable display piece for his den, helped expand his criminal territory, AND the opportunity to trade blows with a world renowned martial arts expert? Sounded like a jolly good time. After Mishima got done brutalizing the poor security guards, he entered the elevator. Kuma lowered his head and attempted to squeeze in too. Without looking at the bear, Heihachi pointed at a sign within the elevator. The maximum weight limit for this lift was much lower than what their combined mass would be. Kuma frowned but understood. “Keep guard,” Heihachi growled in Japanese as the elevator doors shut, “No one goes up. Up in the penthouse, the Shocker nervously shook, pointing both of his shock-gauntlets at the closed door, “I don’t know if this was such a good idea boss…do we really want to be on this guy’s bad side?” “Herman, lad, you worry much too much,” he reassured his retainer, “Mr. Mishima and I are just going to have a friendly chat.” The familiar sound of an elevator DING rung out as their guest arrived. Heihachi, in all his millionaire swagger waltzed out of the doors as they were opening, stopped about a foot away from the Shocker and crossed his arms. “What is the meaning of your transgression, ‘Kingpin’?” he asked. “Welcome, Mr. Mishima, welcome. Welcome to my temporary home, do you like the Van Veilt?” he gestured to his recently acquired painting hanging over the fire place. “I wondered how long it would take for a response,” he chuckled, “I did expect retaliation for this little mishap, but you? Showing up in the flesh was your first move in this game of chess? I must say, sir, bravo. Bold move. Moving your queen this early, I admire your gusto.” “When you disrupt the dealing of my Tekken Force, you disrupt the Mishima Zaibatsu. I am the Mishima Zaibatsu, I built it with my blood we are inseparable. I will not allow your foolishness to meddle in my business.” “I’m quite sorry, sir, my Japanese is a tad rusty, did you say something about incontinence? I know that can be a difficult to control at your advanced age, but they do make pull-ups in your size for that sort of thing.” Heihachi, moving faster than Shocker could register, spun around, bringing his fist up with a fierce uppercut that lifted the quilt-draped man off his feet, up through the air, and directly through the nearest window. As the two powerful businessman locked eyes, time seemed to slow down a little, extending the amount of time shattered glass was flying in the space between them. “I was really hoping it wouldn’t come to this, Mishima,” Fisk sighed as he unbuttoned his cufflinks, “But now you’re throwing a tantrum because I messed with your toys?” He slipped off his blazer. “Quite unprofessional. I expected more from our little game. But this is a pretty severe overreaction.” He began neatly rolling up his sleeves. “It looks we’ll have to settle this matter now.” Confession FPT Enter your Set-Up for the match here. This is your post - it belongs to you - and you may use the EDIT function at any time in the future to update this post.
  23. While the introductions are being made, the big catfish man at their table, Muggy, was downing him 12th glass of water. The bar-maiden passed by their table and he got her attention, “Could I get some more water, please? Maybe in a bucket?” She gave the fish man an odd look. Water was running down his shiny face, down to his chest clad in leather armor. He noticed the look of mild disgust on her face and decided to give her a wink. He then noticed everyone else in the party looking at him. He had been too distracted to notice it was him turn to introduce himself. “Oh, hey, I’m Muggy...and, uh, I’m thirsty.” At that moment the barmaid came back with the mop bucket and Muggy happily took it, dumping the entirety of liquid into his giant mouth. He was satisfied for a mere moment, but then put the bucket back in the wench’s arms, “More please?”
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  25. Clara is a little reserved and when she speaks it is quite soft spoken as she is clearly quite nervous and surrounded by so many strangers. "H-Hi there, Cliff. My name is C-Clara from Glenfell. I am here because I heard magic was returning back to the land and wanted to see how much of it is out there." Clara notices the large pint in front of her, but decides to push it away while holding her spell books close to her chest.
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