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Skaar and Hulk!!!



Hulk and Skaar Teasers!!!

Alright today I'm going to treat you all to some kick-ass Hulk and Skaar teaser pics which are promoting the relaunch of The Incredible Hulk series written by Greg Pak and drawn by Ariel Olivetti.


Hulk 601 starts right after Skaar 12 where Savage Hulk confronted Skaar, who said "I'll fight you when there is someone worth fighting", which essentially meant he wanted to confront the 'Green Scar'.


The first teasers back up my idea that Green Scar will fight or at least confront Skaar in Hulk 601, just see for yourself:


And the cover for the comic:Hulk_601.jpg


Then, in issue 602, the father and son fight none other than the unstoppable Juggernaut:52_INCREDIBLE_HULK_602.jpg


Now remember my blog SHOULD be the top viewed so lets make that a reality.

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