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Battle Pope



You know what!! Forget Skaar, lets talk about....



If you have read other Robert Kirkman stuff, this is his first series. Done with the art of Tony Moore and various other artists, the book is unique.


Battle Pope mainly consists of the Pope(We don't know his actual name) beating on all matter of Hell-spawn, getting hot chicks and having to put up with Jesus being his roommate. God has assigned him to defeat the demons from hell who have invaded earth(and live peacefuly enough) who want to kill him.


Some of the demons include:Belaam, a demon who has confronted Pope many times and lost many limbs from fighting him.


Lucifer, the ex-lord of hell.


Mephistopheles, the brother of Lucifer.


And Many more.


Also, here is the first issue of Battle Pope:










Lets make my blog the top blog :angry:

And I will post some Skaar eventually.

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