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I'm back!!!



This is my first blog entry in about two weeks due to the fact I'm in my holiday home which has no internet but I brought along my broadband cable so I'll be on CBUB for a few days at least.






I am a bit annoyed(and I'm guessing everyone else is too) that Serge hasn't been paying attention to the CBUB. I have about six matches that have been on the boards for about two weeks and they haven't finished yet, and Serge is the only one who can finish matches isn't he?


New Blog Entries

I'm going to create a new run of Blogs about various comic runs from my collection that I love and respect, and all of you probably noticed that I have been posting entries on video games, well I will get info on them also :angry:


And lastly, my Blog WAS the most viewed blog but it has been overtaken by Marvel's Corner. Blog fans, view my blog, make it the most loved and respected again(though I do like the other blogs) and make the most viewed.


Clash Of Heroes


The Clash of Heroes has eight pages *sniff* my dreams have come true, I have created a successful thread that is loved and respected. It has outrun King of the Hill in just a few months, though it would be cool if more participants could have a go at the Clash Of Heroes, just to vary it a bit more.


Anyway, my next entry will be up tomorrow with all of the above(Hopefully).


Recommended Comments

Muhahaha!!!You were #1! But I quickly took advantage! You know what they say, you snooze, you lose.8D
NOOOOO *Holds head with hands* I'll be #1 soon, just you wait and see.
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