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Part 4: Undead Losers




Part 4

--Inside the Grand Arena, Verse City.


The crowd cheered for Sir Daniel Fortesque the moment he stepped into the ring. Of course, how could they not? He was the Hero of Gallowmere!

But if Sir Daniel was honest with himself, his opponent standing before him looked pretty intimidating. He had evil in his eyes. An evil only a wizard could have!

Shock and gasp, Sir Daniel! Is this another one of Zarok’s minions? I suppose you need to let him have it, eh?

Sir Daniel nodded. “Vvllle illlnn!” (Vile villain!)

I can see you’re serious.

“Imm ahhmm.” (I am.)

“Who are you talking to?” The evil eyed Shang Tsung asked. "Your focus should be here, in this fight."

“Bwwng iddon!” (Bring it on!) Sir Daniel mumbled. He brought a shield to his chest and unsheathed his long sword.

“You will die again, Skeleton.” Shang stood tall, then stretched his arms into a fighting stance, ready for battle.

It seems he’s also taking this seriously. Be careful Sir--

Sir Daniel charged forward, putting his meanest face on display and raising his sword to strike.

Shang dodged the first attack. Then the second. Then a third and fourth and every single attack after. He made a show of just how easy it was, sidestepping or flipping over each swing of the blade.

Finally, he got in close and delivered a kick to Daniel’s midsection, sending him across the ring.

The Hero of Gallowmere seems to be in trouble. But never fear, see that he rises to--- Oh-

A green energy lifted Sir Daniel off his feet, strangling him. The same aura shrouded Shang Tsung’s hands. “You’re not even worth the warm-up.”

The Hero of Gallowmere seems to be in dire trouble. But he is confident and courageous and--- Oh-

Daniel’s eye began to whiten as Shang Tsung slowly tore the soul from his skeletal body. The pain was agonizing, like being ripped apart. But before Daniel lost consciousness, Shang used his power to throw him outside the ring. Claiming a swift victory.

Sir Daniel’s body crumbled, a mound of bones and armor piling outside of the ring as Ainz Ooal Gown raised Shang Tsung’s hand to the crowd. They cheered for the sorcerer.

“Well that’s that, folks. Not the slobberknocker we were hoping for,” said the black hatted announcer. “But, we have an official winner! Shang Tsung moves on to round two.”




I’m sure our hero expected those cheers would be for him. But alas, he was defeated. The arena janitorial staff had to get a mighty dustpan to sweep Daniel up and into the garbage chute.

Daniel’s lifeless bones rattled down the chute until finally landing in the alleyway outside the venue. In a dumpster, no less.

Such disrespect to our once gallant hero. From laying to rest in the Hall of Heroes, to being discarded like yesterday’s tra---

What’s this? Life came back to Sir Daniel's eye! He seems disoriented. He must be fine.

Get yourself together now, Hero of Gallowmere. I’m starting to get queasy from all of this garbage. Climb, yes, climb!

Daniel’s hand found his arm, which found his torso, then his neck and skull. He pulled himself together bone by bone and finally broke free of the dumpster.

Nice work. Now find your legs so we can get along.

One by one, he reattached his legs and put his armor and sword in place. All that was missing was his other arm. Where was it--- Ah Ha! There, in that nasty flesh puddle. Go and grab it.

He moved and the puddle formed into a skinless man. He held the detached arm between his teeth.

Shock and gasp, Sir Daniel! Is this ANOTHER one of Zarok’s minions? I suppose you need to let him have it, don't you?

No, not the arm! I meant a wallop.

“Ghvve dhaat arrck!" (Give that back!) Daniel mumbled his demand. Despite not having a bottom jaw, he looked quite serious.

The man of meat chewed on the bone, only further frustrating our unlucky hero. With one arm left, Sir Daniel lifted his sword and charged.


A Back Alley Battle of Undead Losers Begins...



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