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My first match in two weeks!!!



Listen up guys, I just created my first match in two weeks!!Whooooo


Check it out, it is Daken vs Lady Deathstrike and it may be one of my best matches so far, I spent ages on the set-up(I type quite slowly) and even though it is a one-shot match, if it goes well, I may just create my best ever arc so far in the CBUB, so check it out and vote and post your comments on who should win.


Clash Of Heroes


Also, can you all try and contribute to the Clash Of Heroes CBUB Rumbles thread. I really want it to work, mainly because I think it is a good idea and it should be used. The main reason though that I created it in the first place is in honor of Marvel Ultimate Alliance which is based on Civil War as well, and you all know I am going to keep on updating you on new info on Ultimate Alliance when I can.


Everyone, keep your eyes peeled for the New Marvel vs Capcom game coming out sometime this year or next year. I will start a new thread on this new game soon.


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