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It is finally time to end the cycle.

He who fights monsters



A few days ago marked the retirement of FoxFingers. This means it is the beginning of the end. I remember on the site various cycles, good and bad. Now it is time to say my goodbyes.


Goodbye and good luck to whatever friends I have on this site. Goodbye and good riddance to those who hate me. I will not join the next Electric Ferret cycle. The internet is very big. I will not be missed.


It has been decided that I'm leaving the place and related entries for good. Why am I leaving? History repeated for me. I get a few moments of popularity, then I fall from grace. I'll choose to be free from this repetition.


As a matter of fact, I choose to be free. To be free from mindless "me too" sentiments. To be free from the indoctrinating influence. To be free from cliques and herd mentality.



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