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Tournament Mini-arc




Well, this is my first attempt at a blog, let alone for this site.


To start off; I'm starting a new mini tournament arc. However, while I want to add a few comic book characters, the hard part is actually adding some who are strong but not outrageous. When adding characters like Cars (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures) and pitting him against Starfire, the results can be endless but difficult to make.


The tourny itself is more based from JohnnyChany's story series and a fan-made Death Battle series in the work. As such, I'm trying to make sure the characters aren't too different in the power scaling but the matches work out where the fights can have a decent discussion.

So far the characters included are:

Rose Wilson

B.B Hood (or Bulleta)



Sasuke Uchiha

Kugo Ginjo


Urdnot Wrex


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I'll admit to a lack of knowledge on most of those, but I think putting sasuke in the same tournament as Urdnot Wrex is a mismatch.

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