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New Matches Coming soon!!



My New Matches!!!


Hey everyone, you probably noticed I haven't posted any matches for about two weeks. That is due to there being a Google Chrome bug, I know because I'm not the only one with the same problem. Well, thats all about to change, apparently Mozilla Firefox works when creating matches, and I am downloading it write now.

So everyone look out for new, additions to my current arc which is tournament incorparating all characters who are fighting for a supreme member of the Marvel or DC character to win any one wish for the person(or team)who wins, and the supreme being wins the infinity Gauntlet or another object of power

The first two matches have already been posted, Hulk vs Champion of the Universe and JLA v The Avengers and new matches will be coming soon!!! :ph34r::angry:


Also post what you thought on my set ups and how I can improve, for my next fight will not be on the Tournament but it will be a one-off match featuring Daken and Lady Deathstrike. Cool huh!!


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