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writing a comic book.




O.k., so I've been thinking about doing this for a while now, and haven't had very much time to work on it. But I am now officially working on a super hero comic book series. I don't have a name for the books yet, and I don't completely have a back-story for the main character yet, but I have the hero, and the starting villain sketched out and have their abilities written out as well. I mean, it's a start, right?

If anyone would like to read it as I write it, I might upload it onto deviantart.com.

-thank you for your time. Please comment.



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cool. I'm working on a comic too. If you ever start drawing it, it's better to draw on really big paper to get in the good details, then you could shrink it. It's working form me, hope you finish:D

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my comic is about a duo. one has ice powers and the other has fire powers. they started a league called W.A.R.M. stands for warriors against rival mutants. It's just something small for my friends to read

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sweet. My main superhero character is named Fallout, and his first super villain enemy is named Bio-Hazard. I've gotten a lot of Fallout's backstory now, and I'm now drawing out the story pages. Your advice helped me out a TON. thank you so much. Is it cool if I friend you on my CBUB control panel?

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sweet, thanx. Yesterday, I started putting Fallout into a comic book format and drawing it all out. It starts with Fallout throwing someone through a wall, walking through the newly made hole, pulling out 2 SMGs from the holsters attached to his leg, and taking down everyone in the room. Then he walks out into the rain, and it flashes back 5 years to when he was first made into a hero.

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hopefully. I'm hoping to be a comic book creator working for Marvel when I grow up. Have you gotten any farther in WARM?

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I have a whole list of what i want to be but the top two are an author and comic illustrator. I find it more fun to draw the comics

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I've only got two things I want to do for a career really, a rock musician or a comic book creator/illustrator.

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sweet, you're a lefty too? I play right-handed because my guitar is a 2-in-1 acoustic-electric spectrum. but i do everything else left handed. i also just kinda think its a bit easier to play right handed. do you write songs? i do. it sort of helps me release bottled up emotion, y'know?

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