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One Piece Vs Bleach Vs Naruto Round 2




After the introductions of the supporting casts of each show, we have to go to the introduction of the next advancement of each character. I’m trying to be fair here, but at this point it’s impossible for one of the characters on this list as he doesn’t really get any new attacks or powers. So to be fair, I’m focusing on their first real growth of each character.



Mostly this is about the time after the Zabuza arch where Naruto learned to better control his powers. Around this time is also the Chuninn Exams where he starts drawing more and more of his powers from the Nine-Tailed Fox (yes I know the name no comments about that). And around this time Naruto learns how to summon giant frogs. Around this time also we have seen him grown more as a person, but overall it’s just the power and summoning toads.



Ichigo has lost his powers to Rukia’s brother and Renji. After getting rescued by Hat and Clogs, he is put through the ringer to regain his powers. Now, at this point we discover that Ichigo actually had his powers from his bloodline and his family. After some intensive training, he also learned his own sword’s name and abilities close to skyrocket in increasing.


One Piece:

Luffy doesn’t change. At all. He stays the same goof nut, the one time we see growth we see how truly terrifying Luffy can be when you attack his friends. It’s terrifying to see him when he is truly angry. But overall he doesn’t get faster or stronger, he just stays the same.


So, who wins?

After this point, it’s a lot closer now. Ichigo has abilities under his control at this point, and actually summon his powers at will, now actually putting him above Naruto. While Naruto’s powers and abilities allow him to survive somewhat, at this point summoning a giant toad isn’t going to do much. It’s useful as a shield, and even as something more but when people like Luffy who can attack multiple targets at once, it’s not going to do much.

So Naruto this time is the first to fall, Ichigo can stand and fight against him nearly on equal ground, but Luffy’s ability to attack multiple targets at once probably puts him above them, but he’d have to watch out for the energy attacks from Ichigo.

A lucky shot from Ichigo is all that it would take for him to win this round, but even if not, he could probably beat Luffy fairly one on one.


So as for now, it’s :

Bleach 1

One Piece 1

Naruto 0



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