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Everyone feels good the first mile




So my history here at EF has always been very singular. I started out in the CBUB. I stayed there, with no mind to any other part. Then I went to the FPL and only really cared about that. Then, for the past 5 years, I only really cared about the forums. My oh my, how the forums have changed. The EF was completely redone, with a new beta and everything. Nostalgia has rarely hit me as hard as it has here on the EF. Even with Pokemon and whatever else nostalgia is supposed to work with, EF is up top. Now, with the most recent change to the forum, Off-Topic being destroyed and Soberguy leaving, I see my time in the forums are now up. It has nothing for me there anymore except a place to put shallow movie opinions and read bigballerju's even shallower opinion. So I've decided to start a blog. Obviously enough, they have running related names. Not entirely undeserved, however, as these blogs will be trials. I'll actually have to post in them and whatnot. That brings me to the name of this one. Everyone feels good the first mile. The first blog is the easiest. All I have to do is hit publish and I'm already done with my first one. The second one will be alright too probably. It'll get tougher and tougher after that, establish a schedule for them or something. Who knows? But I'm posting this one, enjoy it.



I'm sad with the new changes. Serge is right in everything he has said. F it, I'm too lazy to retype all my thoughts so I'm going to copy and paste what I sent Serge in a PM.


"You asked that question in your recent crackdown on the Off Topic boards. You say some of us are too old for this site. I agree, some of us are too old for the site that you envisioned. It's your site, you do what you want with it, I respect that completely. However, this is why I'm still here, despite not reading a new comic book in a good 3 or 4 years probably.


I'm here because I grew up here. I've learned a lot here and it isn't from the debating of comics. It's from the political, social, cultural debates. Between having Ivan come in here and talk his educated talk to Rhekarid beating understanding and acceptance into me to having Soberguy smear his bleeding heart liberalness over the site, I've learned a lot. From who I am, my views, how to express them, and so on and so forth. I have outgrown the point, or rather, your point of this site. But I don't think I can ever really outgrow something that has influenced me as much as this site.


This message is not some farewell letter for me to get banned. I respect and agree with what you are doing with the Off Topic board. It's your site, do what you want with it. That is not to say that I like it. That said, I'm not defending the thread that started it. LoneWolf is a bit of an idiot who has envisioned a perfect person and demands everyone to be that way. I am, however, attempting to defend the right to continue these adult topics. Your target audience, I'm afraid to say, is completely different than your actual audience. This is of no concern to you as membership does not affect you in any sort of way.


However, I just don't think that you can ban everyone who does want a bit more adult topics here. I don't know you and you don't know me, so maybe this is the humanist in me, but I don't think you can be that, well, bad of a person. I don't think you can banish people from a community that means something to them. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm not. You haven't banned Soberguy yet, and it seems like he's making posts that are similar to sirmethos, darkender, and Mr. Green, all of who were banned, so something is going on in that brain of yours that shows that you aren't banning everyone who speaks up.


Again, this isn't me asking to be banned or defending racist statements. This is me saying it is your site, do what you like with it, but know that it has changed and evolved from what you wanted it to be, better or worse. It evolved from a desired 13-16 year old comic haven to a community of people ranging from 12 years old to Soberguy's 40. They've found a place here and they've been here for years, decades even. Don't take it from them now."


Now, Serge said it's time for some of us to grow up and move on. Soberguy has done that. i fear that M Bison will do it very soon (if I know him at all) and I think Nova will do so as well. When they leave, who else do I come here for? Treach doesn't troll non-FPL topics enough and I'm too lazy to get back into the FPL to see all those people post. So this is me growing up and moving on. When I stop posting these blogs, that'll probably be the last I post here on the EF. After 6 years here, which doesn't even compare to some other people's tenure here, it's been a great time. As said in my PM to Serge, the EF has had a huge impact on my life. I won't forget it and I'll always remember some of the people I met here. Until Alzheimer's kicks my ass, of course.

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Now that is deep. Have to say you've said what was probably on a lot of our minds. However, it took a lot for you to say amidst the innumerable dangers you were faced with. You deserve a good deal of honor in that. And from me, I'll admit I'm sorry for any discrepancies we've had in the past, right now you've demonstrated a nature that I thought was long dead.

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