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Fear of 666.


Which, of course, has nothing to actually do with today's rambling. I just like that word.


Today's Rambling: The Internet, Video Games, and 'Tards (You're a Tardis)


Video Games and the Internet and You! (Part 1 of 10)


Ever since the Dreamcast was released, Video Gamers on Consoles were able to play online.


Hot-Tube Time Machine in a Tardis on the back of a DeLorean to the Future!

It is now 2012, and Online Gaming is firmly entrenched in Society. Unfortunately, this brings with it the 'tards. Put whatever word you want in front of 'Tard, but they exists. And they can troll us thanks to voice messages and txt messaging online too.


Enough is Enough, though. Has Society really devolved to this point, that we're antagonizing people we don't even know, and acting more immature than we should? I don't even need to post a link to any "Video Game related" violence or anything, you've probably heard about it. The weirdest one happened last year.


The most important rule when dealing with these 'Tards is this: don't acknowledge them. Mute them, or block them, and go back to enjoying yourself.


Peace out

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