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One Piece Vs Bleach Vs Naruto Round 1




At the Beginning/Pilot


At the beginning we have three very different characters who have no idea what’s going on, or at least two of them don’t. I’m going to give a brief synopsis of each pilot just to get a grounding for this. This is also just the pilot or Ep. 1 of each Anime so don’t expect too much yet I’ll cover intro arcs in another post.




Naruto who knows about his Ninja powers (yes I know Jutsus but Ninja powers sounds cooler) and he’s using them to get attention. I repeat, a 12-13 year old boy using ninja secret techniques for getting attention because he’s an orphan and no one pays attention to him in the village. Interesting story start point but…it’s been done before. The fact that it looks like he could go primal and destroy them all does raise a point in the villager’s minds…but the fact that they treat him LIKE the monster pretty much seals their fates for the day he does snap. Anyways back to the story. He learns from one teacher about some magic scroll with secret techniques that allow him to pass and become a full-fledged ninja. Ok…so what does he learn? How to raise an army of himself in one moment, that’s about it. For powers…he’s slightly faster and knows how to clone himself multiple times.




Ichigo is a high school kid who can see ghosts *cough*Yu Yu Hakusho*cough* sorry have allergies. Anyways he beats up a bunch of kids for destroying a shrine to some random spirit he found that had recently passed away. His dad’s a lunatic, one sister is cold and the other is just…oddly overly happy. He finds a giant monster and a woman in black fighting it. After that day, he finds her again in his room, and learns about the monsters and why he can see spirits…after the woman basically puts him in a magic bondage scene. After a few minutes of a battle with another giant monster that attacks his house, Ichigo breaks free, takes the girl’s power, and becomes a monster slayer himself with a giant sword. Power wise that’s about it. He just has a giant sword and knows some Kung Fu tricks when things are rough. Ok, but otherwise he’s just an average human.


One Piece:


Luffy is trapped in a barrel used for water as he’s pulled aboard a boat that is literally attacked by pirates as he gets aboard. After rolling around for a bit he breaks free from the barrel and his nap and knocks a guy out instantly with a single punch. After that, he somehow breaks two swords that guys attack him with (seriously how? We know he’s made of rubber but rubber can be cut, did he punch them or what?) After that he shows to have extremely good luck finding food, and drags a poor pink-haired boy who wants to be a Marine along. After going to the deck and beating up a full ship full of pirates, he takes a head on blow from a metal club the size of most humans without flinching, launches his arm back and sends a really fat woman flying probably a few miles away. Luffy in this state is elastic and has some decent strength.


So… in a fight at this state, who would win between these three? Well… it’s pretty obvious:


Ichigo would be the first to fall. That giant sword of his is actually a drawback in a fight against a guy who can punch you from a hundred yards away and a guy who’s main power is summoning an army that will make you tried out.


Naruto could easily take Ichigo with no problem. Like I stated before he’s capable of tiring him out from a distance and then going in for the kill, as well as most likely the faster of the two. But at the same time he’s gotta be careful of Ichigo’s actual fighting style that can beat him up-close.


Luffy however wins. In a single punch he can probably knock Ichigo off his feet and into a tree that renders him useless without even trying, then with a few other moves takes Naruto out while knocking out the clones. He’s also shown to be able to fight so he probably throw Ichigo into Naruto and take them both out.


So for the intro: Luffy wins.




One Piece 1


Naruto 0


Bleach 0


Next up, first real advancements



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Agree with the rest. Ichigo just got his powers in that first episode, though. Both Naruto and Luffy had them as soon as their respective series began.

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