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Overlooked Xbox Games




So I'm looking at my harddrive, and I've got quite a few XBLA games that most people haven't ever played.


"Carconasse" is one of them, and "Undertow" is another. Both were gotten for free, during a time when XBL had strange outages that went for days at a time, and to make up for it, Microsoft set an arcade game to be free for a limited amount of time.


The first time this happened, "Carconasse" was made free for a short time. I downloaded it mainly because it was free, and kept it ever since. It's a digital version of a tile game with the same name, and I will confess I suck at it, but as my IRL friends will admit, I can somehow beat the computer while using literally no strategy at all.


The second time it happened, "Undertow" was made free for a short time, and naturally, I downloaded it. Oddly, despite me still playing Carconasse from time to time, Undertow has not actually enjoyed this, until yesterday. The game itself is not that bad, I just think at the time I had gotten it, I had no idea what the hell I was really doing at all. Now, years later, I actually have a good idea of what I'm doing. The game revolves around a story that I'm not entirely sure of, as I've yet to beat the game, but the gameplay is simple. Both sides start at 200 points, and there are 5 Capture points on the field. Basically, the goal is to have all 5 or at least three of them, to give you a majority and to drain away your opponents points, much like Battlefield 2 (PC) and the Star Wars: Battlefront series. You have 4 different classes on each side: A Destroyer Submarine, a Corsair Submarine, a Marine Scubadiver, and a Heavy Marine Scubadiver. Each class can level up to level 3, giving them more damage and health. Health regenerates when you're not taking damage.


Both games have multiplayer, but only "Undertow" has Co-op Campaign and Versus (which allows for co-op against bots).


On a side note, I've noticed nobody has commented on my previous blogs. I figure either A) People didn't feel like it, or B) Blog was tl;dr


Who knows?



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A lot of times I will read something, take note of it's info and not feel that I have to comment on it, necessarily.

You know, but that's just me out traveling the internets and reading lots of stuff.


You can share your blog posts via Facebook and stuff, I believe, using the widgets on the page there. Also, blog posts are linked from the front CBUB page. And they'll get picked up by search engines eventually.


I imagine your stuff is being read, it's just nobody has anything to say is all.

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Yeah... I just read all of your blogs this morning, and the only one I'd probably have a comment on would be the Pokedex entries to this point. Those were entertaining.


Used to be, the Blogs would be shown on CBUB's front page. Now, unless you go out of your way to view the Blog section, you don't even know there have been new blogs made.

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