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Funny Man 2(Fan Fiction)




"Who is Reginald Chance?"

"Callum, old chum do you realize the implications of what you're saying?", the jester shouted. "I know what I'm doing," Callum replied sternly. "But...but, I mean no more sorting, and... I'll be stuck forever in Sod's Law forever." "You're too much of a danger Funny Man," Callum retorted. "I can't keep using your presence to destroy my enemies."

Packing the lease documents into his briefcase, Callum flung on his feathered fedora and headed towards the front door. "It's time people get a sense of peace for once." In a furious rush, Funny Man raced to the door, his bells ringing in his wake. "D...d...don't," he pleaded desperately. "I can't, I can't live in Sod's Law by myself it's so boring."

"I thought you had those two lawn gnomes," Callum bashed. "Dirk and Daralee?," Funny Man answered. "They're nothing more than imaginary friends, all they do is mock and criticize me." "Not my problem," Callum declared. Engulfing himself in his shadow, Funny Man soon faded deeply into the rising levels of shade.

Now transformed into a much more shadowed version of himself with beady red eyes, Funny Man pointed a dark finger at Callum. "I will not let you leave me Callum Chance!," Funny Man bellowed. Cold, shrill sweat flourished through the creases on Callum's forehead. Slowly reaching for the spade shaped keys, Callum could not however, pry his eyes away from Funny Man.

Deeply inhaling oxygen, Callum uttered in fear. "I won't let you intimidate me." Attempting to finally leave the mansion doors, Callum used his false courage to begin walking. In response, Funny Man, deeply enraged by the prospect of an eternity in Sod's Law, transformed his body into a dark spear, and sent himself flying through the air like a bullet.

Speeding after Callum, Funny Man's pointed form managed to crush Callum's lungs, just as he made it onto the first step leading out of the mansion. Hitting every stone step on the way down, Callum's neck snapped and his back curled up on the ground. "I will not be abandoned like that," Funny Man muttered. "Good bye Callum old chap, but I'm afraid the nightmare must continue."

Drifting into the back of the room, Funny Man started to look at an old family tree portrait on the wall. "So who is it now," Funny Man inquired as he read the family line. "Terry...no, George...no, Theodore Roosevelt, perfect." Reading the dates of birth and dates of death, Funny Man quickly realized his mistake.

"Damn it all," Funny Man exclaimed. "Well then, which of these pansies is it." "Ah...," he chimed. "Reggie Chance."



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