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Top 5 Under-Used Comics Characters




There are always the big names and their extended family. Then there are characters who ooze with potential and character who get put on the back burner for another series or twelve for Wolverine.

5. Power Pack


Given powers by a dying pony alien the powers decided to become costumed super heroes. (Lightspeed was Rainbow Dash before it was cool) Often times relegated to being a crossover once in a while (usually with the FF Wolverine or Spider Man) They have more potential.

How to Fix it: Either have them reunite as a team or run with Julie not wanting to be a super hero anymore. Return to the Powerhouse option (where one member takes all the powers) and play on distrust and disunity within the family.

4. Rocket Red/The Rocket Reds


DC's answer to the Crimson Dynamo Rocket Red has swung between sterotypical communist villian and member of the JLI. Nowadays he actually hopes to achieve Communist Revolution, while Russia has built a whole squad of Rocket Reds. Conflict between the old and the new occurs.

How to Fix: Honestly I like what they are doing, but perhaps a Rocket Red Mini-Series would do it. I would be open to reading it.

3. Banshee


A rare instance of a mutant who I want to see brought back to life. He was always a favorite X-Man of mine. He had a cool power, and he was by far one of the most experienced members of the group. Early in the Chris Claremont run he was basically Cyclop's second in command. Even with the loss of his powers he remained awesome

How to Fix: Why did they not leave him alive after the chaos war? It was as good a time as any and it would have made sense. As it stands returning him to life is prioty one.

2. Quicksilver


That's right an almost constant member of the Avengers makes this list. He's been there a long time, but he's never had his character explored. His relationship with the inhumans including his ex wife crystal and daughter Luna is not adequtely explored. He had some potential in the mighty avengers, but he was simplified to finding Wanda (who gets too much attention if you ask me)

How to Fix: Give him his own monthly or bi monthly series. He has enough name recognition that fans will give it a shot. Have him fight some of the other marvel speedsters like speed demon, and deal with mutant supremicists.

1. Booster Gold


JLA member, almost entirely for comedic effect. Booster Gold has a lot of potential, he comes from the future, meaning he has knowledge of things that havn't happened yet. He also probably broke some laws of the universe by going to the past. Lets face it there should be more to him than being a gag.

How to Fix: DC has been working on it. Jury is still out on how there doing it though. I do look forward to seeing more Booster Gold in the future though


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Booster Gold has already saved the entire DC multiverse. That isn't a joke/gag.Quicksilver has already fought with every speedster in the MU short of cosmic ones like the Runner. He's also already dealt with his father, that about covers mutant supremicists.

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