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Universal Warriors: Season 1; Pilot episode.

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Hugo Fowl


Been a long time since I've used this blog. And as it stands, I figure....Why not use it for this? And so I dedicate this work to the players who make the room a wonder, the imaginations which make our adventures fun, and the epic-ness of a story that started with a simple tournament. None of the characters belong to me. All that I own now, is the claim that I was there since the beginning.....


-Hugo Fowl



It was the end of the world as they knew it. A small group, having made it to the end. The City of Ry'leh, in ruins and darkness and all about them, chaos and confusion. The eye of a storm that had swept across the multiverse. Scarring all that was in its path, as per the plan. And on the floor before the gate, the last noise anyone would expect to hear as laughter rocked the euclidean city.


His moniker was "The Master." One of the last on a long-extinct race of beings who walked in Time itself. Now finally dying as by the cold body of his opposite number, the eyes of the Doctor looked blankly up into the swirling maelstrom. He was not the only victim either...Scattered throughout the city, the beings recruited for this job laid out in various poses of death or worse. Master Chief, his body snapped in half. A tyrannosaurus rex not far from him, its lower body burned through from acid, and an bearded soldier with a Hello-Kitty assault rifle weeping manly tears as his hand rested on its snout. Further along, more evidence of the carnage could be seen as a ring of discarded keys laid where they were flung out of danger, and the noise of rampage yet continuing from the summons once locked within were heard. Avenging their summoner, with all the rage they could muster and ducking through the mess, a boy would be seen. His hair, overgrown slightly and wearing a green jacket. Just a boy really, but his eyes resembled more of a war-weary veteran, as on his watch, a strange beeping noise would be heard as he yelled again in fear for his friends.




A clatter would be heard, and spinning around, hand on the watch Ben would be wary before collapsing in relief as he spoke.


"Figured you'd yet be alive."


And with a chuckle, the other would glance over. One eye human, the other demonic in nature as it peered beneath the white bangs of his hair. His normally red jacket, now ripped and torn to shreds. A greenish ichor upon them as he shrugged and spoke.


"Like I'd leave a party like this so soon? You've seen the others?"


Ben shook his head solemnly as he rested with his hands on his knees.


"Last I saw of Adam's and Vin's group, he pulled the "All-your-powers-combined" thing and summoned his zords to attack that....That thing. Then I got lost from my group when the Shoggoth attacked. Where's Raziel?"


Dante chuckled as he leaned against Rebellion.


"If I know him, most likely having a lot of fun."


And almost on cue, an explosion would occur some ways off in the city and looking in its direction, Dante flashed a grin.


"I rest my case...."


And zooming out from the two friends position, the view of the risen city would have been carnage. Confusions. The flashes of light below on certain places heralding gunfire or magic, as the combined resources of almost a multitude of worlds fought against the chaos that was known as simply "The Cult." A vague name, and not one to inspire much terror either, but what they represented was terror. Confusion on a grand scale, and chaos to feed the Powers that Be. Great Yog-Shogoth the Wise, Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos and Dread Cthulhu. Herald of Woe, who once released when the Stars were right would usher in an age of such destruction, as well as Chaos. A world twisted into their own image, and after? So many dimensions, so little time.


Raziel would not tolerate it and with a cold fury, he would bite into yet another of the crawling filth that sought to fight he and his partner. Despite past events which locked him into this particular sword, Raziel retained his mind still yet, and much of his pleasure in dealing death as grasped by the hilt, his voice would be an amused whisper in the mind of his wielder.


"Your getting slow, Galen."


At that, Galen would scowl. His Sith cloak, long since ripped up for bandages. One over his right eye, and another wrapped around a stump that was his left hand though his demeanor remained unchanged as he snarked.


"Alright then, you can fight the next waves then. And I'll be the sword, how does that sound?"


Despite his words however, Raziel was right. Galen was getting slower. His reaction time, lowering ever so slightly the more blood he lost though he managed to cauterize the wounds to stop it. But he couldn't stop now....Not now, so close to the center of this city and he would run for it.


Making it to the square to see the Master stagger into the Doctors Tardis, Galen would snarl as he ran to get inside, watching the Master work before Ben and Dante likewise ran in. The latter, narrowing his eyes as he casually, withdrew Yamanato which he retrieved from the body of his fallen brother. Pointing it directly at the Master before he spoke.


"What are you doing?"


And still working on the Tardis controls, the Master would chuckle as he spoke.


"Giving the Cult...A little parting gift. I am dying and I have run out of regenerations...And having been used by them up to this point, I have no wish to see their victory arise. I cannot stop the summoning now, nothing can. But I can do this."


And tapping the last control, the Master would gesture towards a lever.


"P-pull it....And respawn. Hehehehehe...."


And with that, he would expire. Leaving the four to make a choice as on the comm, Adam and Vin asked on the situation....

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