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Purpose. Noun and/or verb. Meaning: The reason.


Only two syllables but so much to learn. The purpose of life, existence, if there is one. But thats whats people have been asking since he decided to stop being a fish, or made out of clay... Whatever the hell started us. Is there a purpose to the lives we lead? Is everyone important? Is every life pointless? Why the hell am I asking all these answerless questions? Because I ****ing feel like it. Thats why!


This word is so big it leaks into my last thoughts. The wonderful world of love. Does love have purpose? Can we choose our purpose. A wise man once said that when a person tries to decide their purpose the whole world is gonna say "You can't. Give up." But when you find the one you love they'll say "Of course you can.". Hell just thinking about it makes me tear up.


I think I'll end it there. I could go longer but... We should think about this on our own. Find the answers.



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In my view, there is no "higher purpose". Your "purpose" is what you say it is, and that's that.So for Nova that's Skyrim (loser!) and for MM that's the ladies (Nova should take take lessons from him).

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Yes, Nova. There's no need to keep saying it. I already know that you have Skyrim. That is what you meant by "I already have one," right? Because I mean, there's just no way you could possibly have any useful purpose. :3

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