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Salinity Prologue




Deep within my mind the chambers of mysteries howl far beyond anyone's comprehension.

I wish it were simple, or easier to explain to people, but let's face it, my mind has enough configurations, that a mouse couldn't understand it, much less anything far more sapient.

Yeah in truth, you'd expect me to say I'm a detective, a killer, or a fool, but really Idon't know what I am.

The stars though, they are the only true friend I've had, in particular the salt star, the one that hovers above the deserts of rural Piama.

There is always a question about that star, but I happened to know for a fact, it isn't just a flechet of light.

Just as I know I'm worth much more than that myself, people don't seem to understand however, that within this world, others are gifted.


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