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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2



God, I am so annoyed, 3 more matches and I'll be grade 3 but I can't create any matches.

Any way..



This is the second game in the Ultimate Alliance series. It will feature all the main story lines in the marvel universe, like Secret Wars and Civil War as well as numerous other ones. The characters line up you can choose from is also much bigger as it features all the heroes from the first game and about twelve new heroes like Hulk, and I think that as well a playing as heroes you can play as a few villains, like Venom and Magneto.


In the story lines, which most of are two sided, you can choose which side to be on, like in Civil War, The Registration or Anti-Registration side.


Player can utilize all four of the heroes or less in a special combination attack instead of just attacking at the same time.For example, you can create a bomb by creating a force field with the Invisible Woman and filling it with fire by using the Human Torch shoot it with flame.


Apart from that I don't know any more about the game then that but I will keep trying to get more info on it for all of you.


And to top this off I am pleased to announce, my Blog is the second most viewed blog while Marvel Mans is first. I have 49 views but he has more, so come on, LETS MAKE MY BLOG THE MOST VIEWED. :angry:


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NNNOOOO!!!!!My blog must remain #1!Note: Altough, I must admit I like this blog.
Your blogs cool, though the chances are this won't last for ever, someone could beat both of us.
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