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DAMMIT JASON! and Chucky comes over.

Jason Voorhees fan


Last night Jason went out on another killing spree which is fine but he left his weapons on the floor.




"Dammit Jason!"




"I tripped on your damn chain."


"Oh calm down."


"I can't calm down I have Chucky coming over."


"NOOOOO I hate that guy"


"I don't care he is bringing Leatherface."


"Oh really Okay lets clean up this house."




Three hours later Chucky and Leatherface show up.




Chucky= Blue

Leatherface= Green

Jason= Red

Me= Normal


I hear the door ring and open it to see Chucky and Leatherface.


"Oh hey guys how are you?"


"Good man I was just lucky that I was in Texas so I could bring Leatherface."


"Letherface Dude how are you?"


"Great Jason how about you dude?"




"So Jared what have you been up to?"


"Nothing but where is the family?"


"He was to afraid to bring them, he thought that Glen would hate Jason, and we all know what happens to people who hate Jason."


"Well that and Tiffany still hates Jared for what he did to Glen."


"What is that?"


"Oh well Glen and I got in a fight and I stabbed him 4 times."


"Jared that is why I gave you this room you're so awesome."


"Well lets eat and you two can head back."


"Okay, I'm hungry any ways."


"What are we having?"


"Any thing we want mofo"


"Lets go."


More tomorrow.


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