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Welcome to Crystal Lake

Jason Voorhees fan




Crystal Lake the home of two things Jason and bodies of dead teens.


I JVF have finally found a place that is way to awesome to let down but my roommate is the one and only Jason he needs the money so he isn't going to kill me but I still don't trust him. Last week I woke up to see him looking over me. This guy is insane. Well this is day one of my life with my new room mate/Land lord, Jason


Here I shall set up my computer and blog about Jason's killings and things that my room mate leaves around the house like last night I found a head of what he says is his mom. Here is how the conversation went.




"Dude who's head is this?"


"Oh that's my mom's head."


"Bull crap dude you went on a killing spree last night."


"Dude that is my mom's head I swear to myself."


"Oh so just because you get a church that is all about you use that for being a god."


"And I killed Freddy."


"Yeah that guy got annoying any ways 4 more teens need to be killed so go ahead and end them all."




"Oh by the way Jason your machete is back from the hard ware store you're lucky that they allow me to take it in and get it fixed."


Any ways I'll tell more stories tomorrow.

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