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What is love?




What is love? Is it art? Is it hidden in the poems of Shakespeare? Can it be put into words? Is it when your only happy moments are with a person? Is it disgusting like when a man is stalking a woman and takes her to a back alley to take advantage because he could say nothing of his thoughts? Is it beautiful like sitting in the moonlight and looking into each others eyes? Is it sensual and lusty like sex?


Is it an angel that watches us and wishes us happiness? Is it a demon waiting for us to get close so it can take our hearts and souls to eternal torture? What pain it brings when unrequited. Are people capable of love? Do we deserve love? Why does it hurt? Can it be forced? How much is it worth? Does it even matter in the end? What must we do to attain it? Is it happening right now? If it is how do we know? Is it lost among us? Is it dead? Did it die with chivalry? For that matter is chivalry really dead? Should we even give a Flying f*ck?


Should I just end it all now so I don't have to be sad? Why can't we just reach out and grab it? Are these tears real? Are they needed or deserved? Is it pointless? Is love pure like the heart of a young child? Is it evil like a dictator? Should we forget about the hardships and chase it? Should we run after it like we did as children with our hearts pounding and without the slightest fear of falling? I stand here now at the top of a building. My heart does not beat with a fury as I expected.


I want to take the step. With every fiber of my being I want to take the final step. I begin to lift my foot but then I hear a voice. A voice as if that of a young girls. It says

one word but in that word is more meaning then I will ever truly know. "Love!" Says the young girl. I put my foot down and tears stream down my face. These are not tears of anger or anguish. They are tears of joy. I cry like a newborn baby. I do not force it back or hide them. I embrace my tears and this word "Love". I step back off the edge and look at the stars. They seem to sparkle in a way I had never noticed before. I open the door to walk down the stairs and think to myself "I will take my chances and try to know something of love. I wonder how she's doing? I'll talk with her tomorrow." I will search for love. As I now know we all should.



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