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New World What?




What do you think? Is this crazy mumbo jumbo, or a warning?



My thoughts:

What I find disturbing is that some of this makes sense to me. Am I forcing pieces together? Connecting dots that don't belong? Or maybe my imagination is simply taking over...


I know I do believe that the government is not out for what's best for regular people. I believe they have plans and do things that lead to an undisclosed agenda. I believe that they know things that they feel we don't deserve to know.


But all of this is speculation, and I don't really want to get into right now.


What I want to know is; what did you think?



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It's not safe to talk here Dark. They're watching...MARVANOTE: But I totally agree. Well, maybe not totally, but I see the what you're saying. The Man's got his own things going on. Our tax dollars are out there doing crazy stuff...

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No. It isn't some conspiracy. They are talking about the new direction of our foreign policy. There's no way there could be a conspiracy in the U.S government. They employ millions of people. Someone would write a book about it, some big expose, and get rich.

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