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First Day. September 6, 2011




High School.... will this freshman survive?


That's me in the middle, next my best friend Brandon, and my girl friend Ambary.


September 4, 2011.

Well, there I was.

Lying in bed... the next four years of my life would be determined of how good of an impression I make today.

Mourning the area of which I would be attending High School. A place full of drugs, fights, whores.... New Jersey.




Living in an area like this, I have to listen to hours upon hours of retards talking about these, so called, " Rappers ".




I planned on enjoying my nice walk to school, preparing my self for what I was going to face.

Perth Amboy High:



Sure, it may seem nice. But don't judge a book by it's cover.

Taking a shower, I quickly dressed...walked outside... and it started to rain.

" God dammit! " I yelled out in frustration.

The first day at school and I was going to arrive soaking wet.

Luckily, my father offered to drive me to school, I appreciated it, but the " Think-of-something-witty-to-say " idea went down the drain.

At school I realize I had forgotten my schedule. I stood in line next to twenty other people who had , also, forgotten their schedule.

After a long while of waiting the teacher calls me over. With a smile she informs me I shall be attending the " Arts & Performance High School. "


Damn, just when I thought I found my friends I selfishly think to myself.


Boarding the bus, I notice that it was full of Honors kids.

The weird thing is, I have never, ever, ever, gotten any awards.


I look across the bus isles, and see my ex-girlfriend, Destiny, sitting in the back.

I move next to her. She informs me that she, two, had not gotten any honors.

Slowly the bus begins to get more passengers. Among the small crowd is my girl friend Ambary.


Crap, this day only get's better and better. I sarcastically think, looking towards my ex and my current girl friend.


Ambary soon spots me, walking over she sits next to me.

" Hey there, Julio " She says, while giving me a kiss.


" Now I know there must be a mistake, why would you be here? " I ask her, jokingly.


After a traffic filled 10 minute ride towards the new school, we arrive.




Walking in, I quickly walk towards my class, E 09, 1 English.

After getting acquainted with everybody, the bell rings, sending me across the hall.

I arrive a E 04, Algebra 1. The teacher, Mr. Wieczorek, is a very cool dude.

We go on for two more periods introducing ourselves in Science Class.

We get to lunch, a small cafeteria, but the food was good none the less.

After wards, it's gym time. After choosing our floor spots we learn that we will be playing multiple sports.

Now, it's time for our electives, and the only actual reason I got to go to this awesome school.


Art, the king of all periods.

It turns out, I was selected as one of the most artistic kids in my school.


The best part of classes, 12 girls.... 3 guys..... 1 of those guys is gay....so that leaves 6 girls for me, six for my boy Alexis.


The worst part, last period, dance class.

I was randomly selected for Dance class. I do not know why.

Now I have to perform in some play...

I gotta go now, wish me luck for tomorrow.



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