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Political Corner




An interesting game I find myself playing, is too look at the situation the great country of America is in, and try to come up with solutions that ironically, politicians are fully aware of, but as of yet, too uncoordinated to pass. Amendments to the Constitution shouldn't be taken lightly, but these are not light times. One problem everyone is looking towards is the party system. Funding of a major third party, in my opinion, would heavily depolarize the descision method Congress is mired in, a "tiebreaker" if you will, to cut through some bureaucracy in the system. Political parties need money, but what they need even more, is people. And the way you can feel the tension, the anger, in the populace of America today, the frustration at the current political system, I think it could work. I think a major third party could be established, combining the best of the idealogies of both worlds. Cut spending AND raise taxes, but most important, the parties intrests would be around making policies to perserve the American dream. The policies enacted 60 years ago that make america great TODAY. Investment in infrastructure, in education, in research. Cutting back on defense, ending wars, yet not remaining oblivious to the condition of the world around us. A party that does not accept lobbyist dollars, only the will of the people. A party steadfast in belief, but willing to acknowledge the wisdom of others. This is the party of tommorow, the party that will save America, not by overruling the other two, but by working WITH them, in perfect unison, and always keeping in mind what got them to where they are. The American people.


People think we don't have the money for investment, that we should leave it to China, a country that actually has money to spend. They are wrong. You cannot solve a problem by stating that the solution is too far out of reach. Speaking of China however, it is perfectly fine that they are growing. Disgruntled patriots, and indeed everyone around the world, should feel joy on the rise of developing nations. Nations, who for the first time, can afford to take care of their people, nations who can finally get a good percentage of their people over the poverty line. Indeed, we should encourage the growth of these countries, but we should also be growing at the same rate. This might be some heavy blogging, but it was just something that was floating around in my mind. Thanks for reading, see ya next time.





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