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Playing that stupid game may now be beneficial...




Heya, folks. According to a small newsletter sold in coffee shops and other such establishments, playing the MMO, World of Warcraft may have finally benefited someone's life.


Moose trick:A 12-year old boy in Leksvik, in central Norway, saved his sister's life - thanks to something he learned from playing a video game called World of Warcraft. Hans Jorgen Olsen and his sister were walking in the woods in Leksvik when they encountered an angry moose. Olsen knew what to do. He taunted the moose to get it to move away from his sister, and when the beast started to come toward him instead, Olsen played dead. In the video game, players use the same trick to get monsters away from their team members. Olsen says when he played dead, the moose lost interest and wandered away. "It went really well," he says.


So this Norwegian kid saved his sister by imitating WoW. Great, just great. Whatever works I guess.


It does beg the question: how threatening can a moose actually be?


"Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!"


quotes taken from 'The Coffee News' August 22, 2011 edition (Great Lakes area A) used without permission. If at any time a representative of said publication wishes for usage of this article to be removed, all he or she must do is make the request, and I will comply.



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Anyone who has ever driven at night in an area frequented by moose know just how scary these big dumb beasts are. Hit a bear with your car and you wreck your front end and the bear limps off and dies. Hit a moose with your car and their long legs snap, hurling the gigantic moose body directly into your windshield and crushing you to death.Did I mention they often run towards headlights and wander onto roads to lick the anti-icing salt? Yeah, so F*CK moose.

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Hmm... apparently I have greatly underestimated the diabolic tendencies of moose. I don't really live in an area where they're common (at least not to my knowledge), so I wouldn't know.

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