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NASA: The future of space




Many people are frusturated by the fact that NASA recently cancelled its space shuttle program. Just yesterday, I came across a political cartoon in the paper, an astronaut representing US scientific superiority, cut off from the Earth by a pair of scissors wielded by Obama. Personally, I see no gain to the space shuttle program. Space has gleaned to us a vast wealth of information. Whether its the discovery that not all moons are the same, or a map of Mars' geological terrain, space is always giving us wonderful insights to the Universe. But there is one thing in common with the Hubble Space telescope, the Voyager probe, and all the others: they are unmanned probes. Robots. At this point, noone needs a man to go out into space, except NASA, who keep insisting for no reason to endager astronauts' lives when a robot would be more than sufficient to tackle the task at hand. At this point, most of the Hubble's function is to provide a lame excuse for NASA to keep sending astronauts into space. Plus, space shuttles are outdated an overrated anyway. 96% of a shuttle's power is wasted (imagine yourself with a gun, shooting bullets into the ground to try and get into space from the force of the recoil, thats basically a shuttle's main design). The new airplane/shuttle hybrid is vastly more efficient.


Thats pretty much my rant, and my views, on the topic. Another one comin your guys' way in a few.



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Agreed. NASA likes the space program because it looks awesome. It gives them a figure that people appreciate (Astronauts). It motivates kids to become involved in science. Heck, no one dreams of becoming the guy who pilots the robot. Having said that, the whole thing is a big waste of money. Money that could be going to much better science projects.

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