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Irritation Thu- er, Friday.




Yeah, yeah. So, I was busy yesterday and couldn't update. Big freaking deal. It's not like anybody reads this crap.




Meh, well people should read this crap.


If I didn't know I was a genius, I wouldn't listen to the trash I write.



Anyway, down to the business at hand. What's been irritating me?



I remember the days when the Disney Channel was a semi-respectable TV station. It was never great, but it had its moments. I remember the days when they actually aired genuinely creative shows. The days of Toon Disney and its lineup of shows whose themes drilled themselves into your head for the rest of your life. The days when they were their own thing and didn't have to imitate what was popular.


Those days are long gone. Disney sold its soul to Miley Cyrus and the days of respectable children's programming are over.


That having been said, I recently walked in on my younger sister watching an episode of the recent Disney show, 'Shake It Up'. This show is dumb enough as it is, but they made a remark that irks me.


The wholesome, seemingly child-oriented show made a joke about puberty.


Don't get me wrong, I like the dirty, edgy jokes as much as the next guy. And throwing mature humor into a children's show is usually pretty funny, heck it helped make shows like Animaniacs legendary. But this is just sad. First off, Disney's target demographic tends to lean towards six to thirteen-year-olds, and for this show, primarily girls. Come on, Disney. I've come to expect this out of a channel like Nickelodeon, but this is just sad. I thought you were better than this.






On a side note, as I write this, 'Conquest of the Planet of the Apes' is on the TV. It really isn't very good.


Feel free to leave comments with your own irritations and irks. It's Irritation Whatever-Day-It-Is!



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Totally agree. Disney has given up on doing anything original. If I wanted to watch a tired, cliche comedy sitcom, I'd watch two and a half men. These days it seems like they just throw young teenagers out in front of cameras.Anyways, I'm glad this blog's back, but I'm still having an irritation Friday. You see, I'm temporarily staying at an apartment, and like most apartments, the manager likes to play a sort of Bingo. She gives out bingo cards, then sticks a letter/number on her window for the residents to mark on their bingo card. She updates the bingo randomly, sometimes even skipping days and other times dropping a large number of bingo numbers on one day. Well, she did one of those "multiple numbers" thing today, and to my surprise, I had won! Well, almost won. Someone totally beat me to the punch and entered their card first. Angered, cause I probably would've beaten my fellow resident if she updated the bingo one number at a time (like a normal person!), I stomped off to my apartment. There goes my free five dollars...AAAHHHH!!! IRRITATION FRIDAY!!

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My hawt German friend just changed her Facebook from "single" to "in a relationship"!IRRITATION TUESDAY!!!

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Heh. You & your blog amuse me too Canis. MARVANOTE: How can you not like "Conquest of the planet of the Apes"? ... Actually, I don't dig it that much either.

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I haven't actually seen it yet. Considering the original was a piece of flaming chimp dung (tasteless pun intended), I'm not thrilled about seeing this one.

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