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Marvel Ulltimate Alliance





Of all the games that Marvel has put out about the comics and movies, this is ultimately the best of the bunch. In this blog entry, I will provide a detailed review on all of its elements and all the information you need to know.

Plus I will provide a little teaser on Ultimate Alliance 2.


First the Gameplay.

The game is an easy enough one to play though the control system is a bit confusing to start off with. You control four heroes throughout the game and you are able to switch between any of them when you want. In the game, you always need to switch between the heroes to complete a type of puzzle of a sort. Also when playing against the bosses, you usually need to do a button mashing sequence or a button combo to defeat them. The level of gameplay can be altered from easy to hard, and on every one of them except easy you unlock the hard difficulty and Nick Fury.


The Heroes

The heroes you start off with are the main ones you think off when you think of Marvel, though about half of them have to be unlocked throughout the game by finding a certain amount of action figures of the hero or by interacting with a few in the game. Each hero has set moves and special moves, and a finishing move unique to each character. Each hero will have weaknesses and strengths, for instance the Human Torch is fire proof and Wolverine heals slowly over time. You could also get more heroes on Xbox Live like Hulk and Villains, like Venom, though all of them were included in the Gold Edition of the game.




The games extras are good enough. There is the mini games you can unlock by finding a disc in parts of the levels which unlock a mini game for most of the characters which mainly involve fighting the arch enemy of the character in the game in a certain amount of time.

There is also videos for behind the scenes and the like which show the making of the game and things like that.


I did say I would include a teaser for the next game and here it is.




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