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The Ball?

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Chapter 1 Part 4: The Ball?



Kurumi was astonished that there was a magician right in front of her. She was amazed that others could use magic but she wasn't too sure on how his worked. She knew how her own worked but not his.


"So you can use magic? Can you show me?"


Her eyes were just about glued to him as he nodded his head and proceeded to close his eyes and raise his hands into the air followed by twirling them around and then releasing them into a rivet of color making a pair of swords appear in his hands. He then proceeded to cut the air in half allowing the color of the world to disappear through the slashes he made. As he showed her this he then proceeded to run his hands down the slashes he made making them disappear as well allowing the color to reappear in the world. He took a bow and looked up at her to see that her eyes were wide and sparkling almost. She clapped her hands.


"Oh wow, that was so amazing. I've never seen anything like that before, how did you do that? Wait, yeah how did you do that? That didn't seem like magic to me, more like spacial displacement."


"Ah so you found me out huh? I am not really a magician, I am in fact a manipulator of Space. I can make things appear and disappear however I want. That is all though I am sorry to disappoint you my dear."


"No not at all, I think it was amazing."


She smiled at him with a radiant laugh and as she smiled the flowers around her as well as the trees began to grow and flourish as if they too were happy. Being a Nature Giant was very becoming of her. The last of her kind was even more what made her special. She stood up and stretched before she began to head down to the lake from before. The man called out to her.


"Hey, would you like to accompany me to tonight's Ball? It will be fun I promise."


She turned and looked at him and then at herself. She signed and faked a grin.


"I'm not sure how well that will work though seeing as I am forty feet tall and you are only 5-6 feet tall. I would be looked on as being weird. I would hate to ruin your night out."


"Not at all, you are more then welcome to come. This Ball is for creatures like you and me. We aren't technically human anyway so why not come?"


Kurumi smiled at him and acknowledged his request.


"Alright I will go with you. Wait for a minute I need to get clean. I will be back in about an hour."


An hour went by and she came back wearing the nice outfit she made for herself. Jeralo Hilks just stood there and laughed as she came up to him dressed in grass and thistles.


"No no my dear girl, not dressed in that. You can't dress that way in public, well it is fine here but not where we are going."


He materialized a dress big enough for her to fit in. not only a dress but also a ribbon to put in her hair to tie it up. She then managed to put it on and found two pairs of shoes at her feet. She slipped them on as well. She tied the ribbon into her hair and spun around once and watched as the dress glittered with the light of the setting sun. It was amazing how beautiful she looked. She stooped down to Hilks and put her finger to her lips and then placed it against his cheek.


"Thank you for the present. I love it."


"I'm glad you like it so much. Now shall we go?"


Kurumi nodded and they headed off to the town. She had to be extra careful where she stepped as the dress made it hard to see what was around her feet. She didn't want to accidentally squash someone or something. As she managed to make it to the ball everyone there stared up at her and then down at Jeralo. They were astonished to see a Giant in this day and age. It was a very odd sight. Kurumi was embarrassed about having so many people stare at her all at once. She blushed but Jeralo told her to go have fun. Kurumi wasn't sure how to do that since she was so big that no one could dance with her. Jeralo Materialized a giant version of himself and allowed them to dance outside on the veranda where no one would get squished. This night started to look much better to Kurumi, she was beginning to have lots of fun. She didn't want it to end, except that it did end and in a very harsh way. Someone called the Creature Society and told them about Kurumi's existence. They waltzed right into the Ball and began to shoot at Kurumi. Jeralo protected her with a barrier. She hid behind it.


"Go! Get out of here! Now! I will defend you so go. Go back!"


Kurumi began to cry as she remembered watching her family get slaughtered by the townspeople. She didn't want to lose Jeralo either. It was just too much. So she stood her ground and pulled out a battle hammer from the ground using her manipulation of iron in the ground. She slammed it on the ground making everyone fall over at which point she scooped up Jeralo and headed back to the meadow. She broke the Giant's most sacred rule, she committed an attack against humans. But she didn't care, she was happy Jeralo was safe. They made it back to the meadow but the Creature Society was waiting for them there. They were tearing it apart. They were destroying the meadow. If they kept it up, Kurumi would lose the source of her powers and slowly begin to die. She didn't want to die, not yet. She had so many things she wanted to do still. What were they going to do. They didn't have time to think Jeralo ran into his house and dug up a tree from her Meadow and placed it in his space rift. He stored it there and told her to run.


"Kurumi, your meadow can still live as long as a source of your meadow stays intact. This tree will be planted in a new location and give new life to its new resting place. Your meadow will then be reborn in that place. We can't let them find you again, I am sorry for bringing you out in the open like that. I wasn't thinking about what others might do if they saw you. Forgive me."


"It's okay Jeralo, you don't have to apologize. It wasn't our fault. It was mine for agreeing to go in the first place. I knew something like that would happen but, what I don't understand is who those people were. They didn't look like the people that killed my family. They looked different. Do you know who they were?"


Jeralo looked down and then up, he nodded.


"Yes, I used to be a part of their organization before I realized how cruel and disgusting they were. They are called the Creature Society. They hunt down Creatures that are either endangered or Creatures that people just don't want seen in the world anymore. Basically they are a biased extermination group bent on killing off unwanted Creatures from the world. Such as your race, the Nature Giants."


Kurumi would begin to cry again after hearing such a thing. She hated that people didn't like her. But she steeled herself and dried her tears.


"Okay then, lets go someplace where they can't find us."


She ran across the country of Europe and finally down into the continent of Africa where she settled into a pasture. Jeralo placed the tree into a clearing and planted it solidly. The meadow began to breathe again and Kurumi could feel her strength returning. She watched as the area began to turn green and beautiful just like her original meadow was. She fell down on the grass and looked up at the sky before falling asleep for the night. Jeralo began constructing himself a new science lab and a house.

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