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Movie tracking 2011

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Just my own little list of movies that I've seen during the year so I don't have to recall them all at once from my head. I'll post a few little thoughts about them.


Green Hornet: Well, despite the Seth Rogan fails as the original Green Hornet, I loved this movie mostly for Kato.

Paul: Two Seth Rogan movies in one year? That's odd. And with the guys from Hot Fuzz, it's a major win.

I Am Number 4: Michael Bay movie plan and simple. Seen one seen them all, just the kid had my rpg powers idea.

Fast Five: Cars and broken physics.

Thor: A good movie, not great, but it didn't suck.

Pirates 4: One Piece does Blackbeard better personality wise.

Everything Must Go: Will Ferrell can do drama. It's scary in it's own right.

Hangover 2: It's just like the first one.

X-Men First Class: Confusing emotionally, but good until the climax that was rushed it felt.

Green Lantern: Dear Lord this one was odd. Liked the storm cloud Parallax, but that's about it. The good fight was too short and the bad ones were too long.

Transformers 3: I was sitting next to an large fatass who wouldn't shut up, and I should have slugged him. It was the best of the three live action

Captain America: It was fun. Interesting choice for casting, but overall fun.

Harry Potter: Closest to the books.


I'll add to this, if you disagree or wanna comment then go ahead.

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Define?Uh. The Green Lantern had Ryan Reynolds (who should be Deadpool), the gossip girl, and some bad CGI. Story was generic enough for a summer blockbuster and featured no true comic book love. Parallax, a universal threat that drove Hal Jordan mad (and killed the Corps) was reduced to a grayish green cloud with an angry face. No Mogo cameo, and the only creative thing Hal did was copy his nephew's racetrack. Super 8 was awesome. Look for it. Look harder. Cowboys & Aliens was pretty good. Didn't read the comic, but the movie is probably better. It has SUPAH HAWT OLVIA WILDE in partial nudity. Nuff said.

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Tangled didn't really appeal to me, Priest just seemed too...generic for a vampire wars movie. And I refuse to see the Smurfs because I refuse to allow Katy Perry a movie career.

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Am i the only one that think Real Steel looks incredibly silly and yet awesome at the same time?
Rockem Sockem Robots The Movie.Its like a train wreck.. so bad... but you can't ... look... away!

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