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In a world where the Sun has turned into a Red Giant unexpectedly, before it destroys the Earth, a well known mutant stops the humongous star from devouring the planet by making a barrier which hold the Red Giant off but not before the massive amounts of radiation render many countries incapable of allowing people to live in them anymore, and although it has lasted for 20 years, it appears that two years are all that the barrier has enough energy left to withstand, unless the mutant's three powerful sons find the one responsible for transforming the sun way too early, and change the sun back before the years are over or else the Earth will be no more. All of the countries on each continent have all fused together like how Canada, and the U.S all fused to become Summervile, and only Japan, Taiwan and China were the Asian countries that weren't filled with enough radiation that nothing could live their anymore.


After Summervile, their is the WPF UNION. The WPF Union is the World Police Force which tries as best as it can to police the other nations, and has a democratic government, and is the result of the fusion of all European countries minus Russia and Iceland and France which were all destroyed. Germany and the U.K are the strongest nations in the union.


The best allies of the WPF UNION is the Asian Alliance which consist of Japan who supports Taiwan with military aid while Taiwan is Japan's second largest trading partner, after of course the nations in THE WPF UNION.


The next one consists of the remains of New York which has become a independent country from Summervile, renamed New Tark and is a dictatorship run by villain Mr. Tar.


Miragetopia is the next nation located where China once was, but nothing else is known about it. Most people think of it as the hermit kingdom after North Korea was rendered incapable of living conditions.


The last one is in Antartica or what is left of it. It is called The People's Republic of Antarctica and is a communist style government. As a result of losing much land because of the heat from the Red Giant, this is the most militarized nation and is constantly on a state of defense. Our story begins in the nation of Summerville which was named after the great hero who stopped the Red Giant)


"C'mon John, I don't wanna train today!!!", Derek who was also the youngest of the three brothers at 13, complained as his 20 year old brother John who because of a curse is forced to wear a suit of armor which although it gives him great power, it somewhat impairs his speech and it also burnt his skin if any part of his armor was removed. The brutish brother grunted angrily as he tore the newspaper he was reading into shredded pieces of paper. This earned a chuckle from the middle brother Tom, who was 16.


"Grrr Derek you train or else you stay inside for whole week!!!", John threatened as Derek grumbled and began to walk out the door to train, as his living shadow poked out from Derek's backpack and promptly spilled John's coffee on his lap, which although it didn't hurt the knight it did get him screaming. Tom by this point was now on the ground laughing and narrowly avoided getting slapped in the head by his older brother, because of his powers to turn into and control wind. Before John's hand connected, Tom had already turned into wind and flown safely away. John then yelled that Derek was grounded and so was Tom. Tom then gave his brother the bird while Derek began to sulk, upset at his shadow because it got him grounded. Seeing his two brothers sit around, even though he told them to train, made John sigh in frustration as he stomped out of the house and began to explain again to his brothers, why it was so important to train.


"Me told you guys probably million times why you need to train!! If you forgot, Derek and you too Tom, need to train so we can beat Mr. Tar and save this planet!!", John bellowed as his two younger brothers grumbled and said they didn't need to train to beat Tar.


"Your such a dope John!! We are already strong enough to beat Mr. Tar, you are just too lazy to go and fight Tar!! Your nothing but a wimp!!!", Tom screeched as John just sat and took the verbal abuse as he then asked Tom and Derek if they recalled the last time they fought with Mr. Tar which was two years after their dad died. Back, then John didn't have his armor and for some reason he wasn't born with powers. So the super powered villain quickly subdued him, as Tom proved to be more of a problem with his wind powers. But once Mr. Tar learned Tom's pattern of attack he too was taken down. It seemed the brothers would soon meet their father, until Derek got knocked out and his shadow began to take control of him. The fight then began to turn into Derek's favor as the shadow was making injuries on Mr. Tar too fast for the jewel that gave him his powers to heal. Eventually, Mr. Tar was forced to retreat or risk breaking the jewel and severely weakening his powers.


"If Derek's shadow wasn't so strong, we be dead! Also, before you say it I know Tar is one who made Red Giant. He always want to destroy Earth, why? We never know. But, if you so eager we will storm Tar's base today Tom...", John said waiting for a answer from his cocky younger sibling who only cursed under his breath and told Derek to start training with him. John, smiled underneath his helmet as he knew that would get his brothers training as they both knew deep down, John was the only thing that stood between Mr. Tar and them. Even though Tom would never admit it to John, he was grateful for what John had to go through living with that curse all because he had to support his brothers and he also had to hang around the wrong people.


But, as Tom and Derek threw blows while John watched happily, unknown to the trio a slimy creature which seemed to be made out of ....tar!!! This being spied on them and once it appeared they were done the spy sunk back into the ground and began its crawl back to Mr. Tar's base of operations in NewTark(Its what is left of New York city after the Red Giant messed a whole chunk of the city up. After the barrier was put up, Tar claimed what was left of the city as his own. Once it arrived back to its master, it fused with him and Mr. Tar would chuckle as he knew that as long as Derek remained in control of his shadow, and Tom didn't stop being cocky, John would be his only threat in taking over the rest of the world. Well that is expect for that annoying Aust Williams, his deputy Bishop, and the rest of that miserable W.P.F(World Police Force.) which Mr. Tar was rated the highest rank of criminal at a level five. Before The Summer's father, Mr. Tar had never lost to anyone but he secretly feared that if Aust ever got the time to launch an assault on New Tark, Tar wouldn't be able to stop him. But, that wasn't important right now. What was important was informing his potential associate who stood before him, of the Summers. The figure was covered in a black cloak with blood red stripes running down the side of the sleeves, and his face was hidden by a yellow straw hat and a wooden yellow mask.


"You see Mirage, although I have easily beaten these fools in the past they seem to have grown stronger and so I warn you to not take them lightly. Because, I would hate to spend a couple more million dollars to find a new ally, and I'm not sure I could find another ally who owns their own nation! Miragetopia , if I'm not correct?", Mr. Tar asked as Mirage nodded and after 'digesting' the warning on the Summers brothers, and already knowing about their powers from his own spies, he signed the Mirage-New Tark pact which stated that either nation would asset the other in a attack on either one. Mirage then began to part out the door as he said he would make sure the Summers are eliminated and that Summerville would be ours for the taking. It was right before Mirage left the room did three figures appear behind him. It slightly freaked Mr. Tar out that the three figures had apparently hid until Mirage had left. But what shocked the villain the most and made him choke on his wine was the fact that when a bolt of lighting brightened up the room for a spilt second, black strings could be seen attached to each of the three figures’ backs. Mr. Tar cringed knowing what those strings meant, but let Mirage on his way and sent two tar monsters with him, but once Mirage was out of Mr. Tar's eyesight, through unknown means he disposed of the monsters. Tonight, would be the day that the Summers brothers would be disposed of and Mr. Tar could take over Summersvile and finally have enough power to defeat the WPF and only then once he did that, could he launch an assault on TPROA. The thought of that brought a grin to his face as he waited for Mirage to return to him.


After two hours of training, Derek and Tom had fallen asleep from pure exhaustion and as John was about to carry them back in the house, he felt something restrain him. As he struggled to break free he could hear laughter coming from behind him.


"Is that you Tar? Me knew you coward...never fight me face to face..", John grunted as the figure let out one more smug laugh as he began to speak all while, using whatever he was holding John with, to try and break the knight's arms. This gained a aggravated grunt from John who even at 10% of his power, couldn't break free from what was holding him.


"Its cute that you think that I'm Tar, but you have it all wrong John. That idiotic fool is only a means to a end for me, but before I can eliminate him, I must get rid of you and your pesky brothers...Goodbye John.", Mirage coldly stated as a quick flash of thunder revealed that strings were what was holding John. As John continued to struggle, strings began to wrap around his neck. John began cursing, as the strings wrapped tighter and tighter, until John was having trouble breathing. This drew laughter from Mirage who was determined to break John's neck. Then, a sickening crack was heard as John collapsed to the ground. Mirage smiled at his handiwork as he removed the strings and began marching toward Tom and Derek who were both still asleep.


"Goodnight, children, you will soon become part of my collection. Hahaahah-huh?", Mirage said confused as he heard the sound of someone breathing angrily. When he turned around to confront the noise, he was shocked to find out that it was John who was supposed to be dead as Mirage had heard his neck snap. It was at that point that John revealed he had only pretended to snap his neck and what the cracking noise was the sound of one of John's arms breaking but by increasing his percent to 20%, the wound healed and John was pissed. As John made an axe out of energy and seemed intent on bringing it down on Mirage's head, the masked warrior could have easily stopped the axe with his strings, but decided to show his other 'weapon' to John. John's eyes widened as he saw a being who was close to him in height as John was 6'4' and this man was 6'1 and wasn't wearing anything but blue shorts and had pale grey skin like that of a...corpse.. but something else was definitely off about this guy. One of those reasons being that two squares that appeared to be made out of wood, emerged from the man's forearms and blocked the axe, as Mirage then moved his hand around, which couldn't be seen very clearly in the dark rainy night. As he moved his hand, four steel bands erupted form the man's back as two slapped John in the face, which made him drop his axe.


As, John tried to focus after being slapped, Mirage quickly moved his hands, which appeared to control the steel bands as they grabbed John's legs and arms, and try as hard as he might John couldn't break free from these like how he couldn't get free from those strings. John screamed in fear as the man slammed John into the ground, almost denting his helmet. Although he didn't look it because of his armor standing strong, the slam down made John very dizzy and his nose was starting to bleed. But, their was nothing John could do to destroy the bands as the man kept slamming him down. Once, it looked like only one more slam was needed to kill John, a nice 'Jet' punch to the face knocked the man away, as Mirage made the bands hurl John off somewhere into the forest before the man landed. Mirage glared at the one who dared to interfere in his fight but smiled once he saw it was Tom who had used his wind powers to increase the power of his punch. Derek who was still sleeping snored as Tom laid him on the ground behind him, as he asked who Mirage was.


"But, if I told you that would ruin the surprise Tommy boy! Besides, its not like your going to live to remember it anyway..."Mirage said coldly as he moved his hands as it thundered showing the strings attached to the man that Tom had punched, 's back. Tom was confused, and didn't understand why strings were attached to the man like he was a puppet or something. But, Tom didn't have any time to pay attention to that as he had seconds to dodge the next attacker who had completely snuck up on him. The clicking sound as this new fighter's hands fell off to revel two blades where his hands used to be, was what alarmed Tom who after dodging tried to strike with a Jet punch. But, then somehow the man who because of how dark it was outside couldn't be seen too well, twisted his back so Tom's punch would miss and as Tom stumbled forward after missing, the man snapped back to his regular position as he proved too fast for even Tom as he left a deep gash on the teenager's chest before Tom turned into Wind and escaped. But as Tom flew away from the bladed man, the 'brute like' man from before had recovered from the punch and once Tom turned back into his human form, with a quick slug on the head with one of 'Brute's fists, knocked Tom out, leaving Derek the only one left but now his shadow and him were both asleep so the 13 year old was defenseless.. Mirage controlling his two 'fighter's moved them towards the sleeping child to kill him. It was at that exact moment, a chuckle could be heard as the bladed man flew to the ground with his jaw being broken, with a swift kick to the face. This mysterious savior then slammed Brute's head into the ground, after dodging his initial shoulder charge. Mirage, could only curse lightly as the smoke cleared and he saw who had stopped him from killing Derek.


It was none other than that annoying fool Aust Williams, or that British trash better known as Mr. Williams the leader of the British part of the WPF UNION. Mirage personally ignored their 'laws' as he knew the WPF UNION would be too lazy to try to force his nation to abide by the rules. Even though Mirage's puppets had quickly beaten the three Summers brothers, he knew with his puppets being as inexperienced as they were, they would end up getting destroyed and Mirage would have to fight Aust himself. He couldn't afford that...at least not now. So, wanting to revel his third 'fighter' Mirage had the third one appear and this one seemed the oddest out of the three as he was very short compared to the others as he was only 5'5 while Brute and the other were at least 6'1 and 6'0 respectively. Anyway, Mirage used his strings to remove the 'skin' on this new puppet's left arm which reveled a machine gun underneath. Aust, wanting to finish this fight fast used his own powers which consisted around him focusing his physical strength to power up his punches or kicks, or even shoot it out as beams of energy. As the bullets flew from the barrel of the gun towards Aust, the Brit quickly destroyed all of them with a huge straight beam of energy that tricked Mirage who was about to have Brute come in and protect his third puppet, but the beam went around the puppet and headed towards Mirage.


Starting to become frustrated knowing he couldn't possibly kill the brothers with Aust interfering, Mirage surprised Aust by reaching his hand from within his robe and stopping the beam with only one hand, although the explosion from stopping the attack, sent the long range puppet flying through the air. Stopping the puppet so it wouldn't crash to the ground and possibly break, Mirage left himself open to an attack by Aust, who tried to use a empowered right hook on the puppet master, but Mirage skillfully dodged the attack and after pushing Williams back after powering up only slightly, he had Brute and the bladed puppet who Aust noticed had the word SWITCH tattooed onto the puppet's neck, come back to him as the armored puppet's chest opened up and a smoke grenade flew out of its chest as Aust tried to destroy Mirage and his puppets in one fell swoop. As Aust struggled to see through the smoke, Mirage began to say his departing words.


"Next time we meet Williams, you should mind your own business...but then again that's the whole purpose of your little organization isn't it?" Mirage asked as Aust was getting ready to blow the smoke away by firing a ball of energy that would disperse the smoke.


"Whatever, problems you have with the WPF Union should not involve another nation. Attempting to murder innocent civilians is breaking the law wanker.. You are under arrest, so come quietly mate...or don't. I prefer kicking the crud out of people who resist..", Aust warned, as Mirage simply ignored the warning and fled into the forest with his puppets following after him. But, as the three puppets moved through the trees, their would be one more obstacle in their way. That obstacle being a pissed off, bruised and cut up John Summers who has made a sledgehammer out of energy and is at 33%. As Mirage, Switch and the third puppet got by, John glared as he saw Brute about to leap past him and after gathering some momentum as Brute was literally right in front of him, John slammed the sledgehammer into the puppet's head, as Switch and LR(...Long Range..) stopped to regain the use of their vision as they normally all saw the same thing. Although John had pinned Brute down and severely disfigured him, the puppet was still functional and as John began to walk away, Mirage cursed as he had Brute launch his right hand like a rocket of sorts. Before it connected though, Aust knocked it away with his hand as he with John's confused help launched a combined energy blast at Mirage who had Brute take the brunt of the attack but thanks to his built in 'shields' he wasn't too damaged. Mirage then had LR fire a rocket at the two which provided enough cover for them to get away.


As, John and Aust dodged the attack, Aust sighed as he knew Mirage and his puppets had now gotten away. But, that wasn't nearly as important to John who quickly rushed to see if Tom and Derek were okay. Tom, was alright with the exception that he had a big bruise on the back of his head, and Derek was just fine. John, on the other hand although he could have just waited for his healing factor to kick in, he wanted some sleep. Aust on the other hand would stop John as the tired 'giant' headed towards his house to treat Tom and so he could rest.


"*Sigh, What you want Mister? Me don't know you...but thank you for saving brother. Me saw and wanted to help but I too tired. Please, what you want as I want sleep...NOW!", John growled as Aust in his regular monotone voice with a thick Cockney accent responded.


"I'm Aust Williams representive of the UK in the WPF Union which is the union that all surviving European nations have joined. Nice to meet you mate..", Aust said holding his hand out for John to shake, as John stood shocked by the discovery.





After treating Tom's head wound, John put the two to bed and after inviting Aust in, John poured himself a nice warm glass of milk as he offered Aust a drink, only for the Brit to decline as he pulled out a canteen filled with vodka. John lifted up the visor on his helmet, and after putting a bendy straw in the glass, he began to drink the milk as Aust started to speak.


"Listen, I know you probably want me to get the hell out of your house, so you can get some sleep but I have a proposal I want you to hear. That is if you want to.", Aust said as John stopped sipping and motioned for Aust to continue.


"The offer is that incase the WPF Union ever comes under attack, Summervile can be trusted to assist it. " Aust explained as John nodded but then shrugged as he responded.


"Me think that good idea and all. But their one really big problem. Me not leader of Summerville...", John confessed as Aust sat their stunned that the SUMMERS brothers were the leaders of SUMMERVILE!! After smashing his canteen in his hand, Aust rose from his seat and got in John's face.


"Well then mate who is the leader? Also, what role do you have here then?", Aust asked as John shrugged meaning he didn't know who the leader was but he did respond when asked about his 'purpose'. "Me and brothers protect Summerville but we no lead it. Me think....oh! Me know someone who lead people! He say he nice but people in part of Summerville that used to be Canada say he is cruel. Me don't know." John said shrugged agian as Aust absorbed this information and nodded.


"Thank you for your time John, and before I go take this. Its my number so that way if you ever need my assistance, you can call me right up!" Aust explained as Aust ran into the forest, to get to his ride back home in England. John kept the piece of paper that Aust had written his number on, in his secret cabinet. After doing that, John put his brothers and himself to bed.


Meanwhile, Mirage would arrive back at the Empire Tark Building, sighing angrily as he knew that Tar would give him a earful. As he opened the doors and stepped in, he and his puppets were confronted by four tar monsters that soaked the ground with every step they took. Not, wanting to deal with them Mirage had LR set them on fire, as they then ran past leaving the creatures to 'die'. As Mirage neared Tar's office, Switch LR, and Brute stopped as Mirage felt something preventing the strings from moving. He then noticed globs of tar were weighing the strings down, preventing him from moving them. With a exsprated groan, Mirage shook his head and yelled.


"ALRIGHT TAR!!! Knock it off...I know, I know, the brothers should be dead, but guess who was their!! Aust Williams, that one idiotic Brit, who works for the WPF Union got in my way.." Mirage confessed and after he said that, the tar leapt from the wires and crawled under the door, to get back to Mr. Tar who had two tar monsters open the door. As Mirage stepped into the room, the tension could have been cut with a butter knife, as Tar and Mirage waited for the other to speak. Eventually after 2 minutes, Tar began the conversation.


"So, Williams interfered and you couldn't kill the brothers because of him?", Tar asked as Mirage angrily mumbled yes underneath his breath. This for some reason brought a smile to Tar's face which confused Mirage. "Don't worry Mirage, I'm not upset. In fact, one of my tar spies has seen Aust walking back to his boat. An ...friend of mine will make sure Williams never makes it back to England..." The building was then filled with evil laughter.



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