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Marvel vs Capcom



Marvel vs Capcom



The other day, I went to my friends house, and my friend is a sucker for all the old superhero games the came out on the Nintendo 64, the SNES; and all the old gaming systems in the 90's.

But today, he had recently gotten the Marvel vs Capcom game series. It is a kickass agme which ressembles the side-scrolling arcade games. Now honestly, I don' t care for Capcom but the games was fun. You can take control of characters like Proffesser Hulk, Spider-Man, etc and in the game each person you chose according to which company it was with would have a set storyline which is a storyline as such as it mainly is just giving an ass whoopin' to the other opponent again and again.


The extras are good for a gfame this old, for a lot of the characters you could unlock a different version of them which would give them more powers and the such. For Hulk, you could unloch´k an orange Hulk which would increase his speed by a major amount. You could get Spider-Man his iron spider suit from the ninties.

Orange Hulk:hulk-orange.gif

All the Hulk animations from the series

I couldn't find any other character animations but this should show you what the game series graphics look like :angry:

All in all, if you like old superhero games, this is a must get for you gamers :ph34r:


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