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The Magician?




Chapter 1 Part 3: The Magician?


Her eyes, flew open, quickly to escape from the nightmare she experienced. She would see that along with the moon still out, that she also had a blanket placed over her. With caring hands she pulled it over her and went back to sleep.


"Thank...you...." She managed to say before drifting back to sleep.


Back in the house quirky sounds could be heard inside. The sounds would continue all night and through part of the morning. When they finally stopped, Jeralo Hilks kicked open his door and walked outside covered in what seemed like ash.


"Brilliant, I ruined another experiment. Can this day get any worse?"


Not much he could have said after seeing a giant girl with a blanket over her laying on the grass in front of his house. Walking up to her he just shook his head and smiled.


"Taking this in as a picture of beauty, what would my associates think if they saw this girl laying out in front of their house?" He chuckled and went down to the lake to collect more samples.


It would be another few hours before he came back, Kurumi would be awake and playing with two birds in a tree next to her. She smiled at the birds and noticed Jeralo coming back to which she smiled at him as well. Her smile was like a sunshine all on its own, and Jeralo thought that if she beamed anymore then she already was she would blind the sun itself.


"Good morning Mr. Hilks. How goes your morning?" Her smile didn't fade a bit.


"You don't have to call me Mr. And could you call me Jeralo please? It feels weird to be called by my last name, makes me feel like an old man." He said looking back at her as he went back inside his house. He opened the door back up again and stared at her for a few seconds. "Breakfast will be ready soon, if you want any you better stop goofing around and come get some." He said with a dull look on his face. "As for my morning, horrible."


The door shut again and Kurumi just giggled at what she thought was a silly man. She walked down to the lake to freshen up a bit before noticing that her clothing was pretty much ruined. She never noticed it before, but it was unbecoming of a girl to wear rags at a guest's house. She grabbed few of the reeds near the lake bed and chanted something super fast, so fast that humans wouldn't be able to understand it. At that she had fashioned a hair pin, but she wasn't done yet. She would gather some of the tall grass that she walked through the other day and made a completely new dress using her powers of nature and crafting skills. She put it on and found she made a few errors, which she quickly fixed with a remarkable design on the front of the skirt on the dress. The design of a mountain range combined with a few clouds and forests. She reused her old dress to create a sash and a coat for herself. The powers of the land were amazing indeed, as she could create anything out of the natural resources of the land if they had the right properties. She finished freshening up and walked out towards the house again.


"I wonder, what Jeralo is fixing for breakfast." Pondering this thought she reached the house and sat down in front of it.


He came back out to find her appearance changed as her hair was tied up and her outfit was different. He was astonished at how she had changed so much.


"How the- What on earth did you do?" Jeralo was sort of interested in knowing what happened to her in the first place, might as well start with how she was able to get a new dress out in the middle of no where.


"I use-" She was interrupted.


"Don't tell me, I like to guess at these things."


"Okay, guess away." Her smile always seemed to get bigger each time she showed it, though it was only an illusion of how majestic she was.


"Now let's see, since you were able to produce a flower patch by just thinking about it, I would assume you have the powers to manipulate nature energies yes?" He would have amazed himself by how accurate he was.


"Yes, that is exactly what I did yesterday."


"I see, then this time, you used it to fashion a new outfit out of materials you found near the lake?" He couldn't have been more right.


"Yup, again you guessed right." She beamed at him.


"Well it looks good on you, you should be proud of your handy work." He too smiled and handed her a giant sized omelet.


She gazed at it with sparkling eyes and took the giant plate from his hands, thanking him for the food before taking a bite out of it. She was engrossed in the food that she thought was the best she had eaten in a long time. Her parents were good cooks, but not this good. She was curious about this man who, despite being a mere human, could produce such godly flavor in his food.


"Oh and, to answer your question that you are about to ask me. I am human, but I am not what you would call a normal one." He knew how she would react. His ability to read thoughts was apparent now.


"How did you know....that I was going to ask that?" She almost dropped her food out of surprise but caught it in time.


"Ah that is a great question. And I have a great answer. I am a magician. I can know what others are thinking through the powers of magic." This answer, put Kurumi in a state of shock.


She had never encountered a person capable of using the mythical ability known as magic before. Though, calling it mythical when she herself was real would be sort of stretching the concept a bit.



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