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The Meadow




Chapter 1 Part 2: The Meadow


Kurumi wandered into a thick bundle of tall grass, though calling it tall in her case would be a lie. She had seen what looked like a lake from where she stood and wanted to check it out. Walking through the grass was difficult however, while she could easily traverse it she didn't want to accidentally crush a poor animal because she was careless. She payed close attention to the way the grass contoured to her legs and feet as not to cause that mistake. 'Why do I have to be so big?' she thought to herself as she managed to get through the tall grass without any problems. Upon exiting, she raised her head and beheld what she thought was the most beautiful scenery the earth could have ever shown her.


"W-wow...I've never seen a lake this clear or untainted before. Where am I?" Confused and still lost as to where she was exactly, she decided to head back to the man's house.


Passing through the grass again though, was something she didn't look forward to. She yet again had to watch where she stepped carefully and finally succeeded in making it back to the man's house after a short walk. In the back of her mind she was cautious as to who he was, not completely sure if she should trust him or not. Her mind constantly exchanged thoughts on trust and lies, but none the less he did save her life. This much she was grateful to him for. She smiled and flowers bloomed at her feet through her joy. She sat down and expressed her delight in the flowers she created, taking care not to harm them.


"I remember the first time mom showed me how to make flowers and trees grow. Of course back then, I could only make sprouts." She slightly giggled to herself. "But that's okay I was still learning. I think this entire area could use some color." Standing up she closed her eyes and held her hands together while smiling and taking in deep breathes.


The result of these actions produced a euphoric scenery of flowers and other plants of beauty, to which the man from earlier that day clapped his hands together in amazement. Kurumi, distracted by his clapping, stopped creating her beautiful landscape and stared in the direction of the man. She looked at him with a stern face but it shortly changed to carefree.


"Hello." Smiling down at him she squatted down to his level and just kept smiling, her smile was full of purity as if she was untainted by the sins of humans.


"Hello. Before you asked me my name. I apologize for not introducing myself when you were gracious enough to introduce yourself. My name is Jeralo Hilks. I am a man of science and your display of "special talent" just now intrigued me. I had wondered why you were so big, now I see the legends about giants weren't just legends." He cocked a smile as well but his was more rugged and with less innocence.


"I appreciate you saving me. But I have a question." She waited for his approval to ask.


"Yes? What would that be?"


"Where am I exactly? I know I am not anywhere near my home because I don't see my meadow." She was worried something might happen to it if she couldn't protect it.


"Relax. Your meadow is safe, in fact you are standing in it." He said with a smirk.


To this Kurumi was baffled, it didn't look anything like her home, but she began to understand why she felt at peace here since she woke up. She did wonder still, however, why there was a human living in her meadow. But didn't bother to question him about it now. It was getting dark and the sun was rapidly setting. She needed to rest to recover completely from her injuries. And with that she lay on the grass curled up in a ball.


"Sir I thank you for not harming my meadow. I shall bid you farewell for the night and will see you in the morning." She said with a simple smile before closing her eyes and drifting off to a land filled with memories of a once peaceful time long long ago.



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