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Long Silence




Chapter 1: Long Silence


The girl found herself in a meadow, the pouring rain running down her cheeks. Her snow white hair becoming dirty in the mud, she didn't care she only would only lay there. It was already hard to determine if she was crying or if it was only the rain. One thing was certain however, she was upset. Vastly upset, over what might be the last time she ever saw a day of sunshine over her head. What would await was surely a dark cloud over head is what she would think. That is not something to brood over though, so she would eventually have to overcome the sad tribulations. She got up from the grass and sat in the rain, her tears showing now that the pouring water was coming from her ruby-red eyes clearly and not from the sky. Something happened to her that day, something horrible. Something that she didn't want to think about, but found little choice in that aspect. What could have been so horrible that her entire family was now dead for? Was it her fault? Was she a bad girl for some reason? Her questions would continue in her mind only to be silenced by the approach of a group of people through the thicket surrounding the meadow she sat in. She looked towards the rustling sound to see people, people with weapons, coming through yelling and shouting angry cries. A long silence came over the Meadow as the rain continued to pour, not one person making another noise. The girl, tears still pouring from her eyes, sat there looking at the mob of people staring at her with angry gazes. What could she have possibly done to deserve their Ire? Could it have been that she did something to them the other day? But if that were the case they wouldn't need to kill her family for that.


After long hours of nothing but silence, the girl stood up. Towering over the people looking up at her, she looked down at them still crying. Her clothing dirty from lying in the mud and grass for the past several hours. The people took up positions to protect themselves should she try to attack, but all she did was look at them with sad eyes and quivering hands. She was scared, scared of people so much smaller then her. The need to feel fear for these small creatures made her question her own existence as a person. Her mother had always taught her to love all those who were born of this earth and not hate anything. But her views were twisted into a mess of confusion and lies, not knowing what to believe anymore. Those she was told to love killed her mother, the very person who loved them unconditionally. The girl tried to speak, but all that came out were stutters and incoherent sounds. She was far to upset and scared to speak to her tormentors. One of the mob spoke instead.


"For what your kind can accomplish, you must perish. We witnessed a long time ago the powers of giants. I think the world would be better off if you disappeared with your family, Kurumi Mitsutana!" The others of his group agreed with him in the form of grunts and angry yells.


Kurumi just stood there, holding herself in fear and self-pity. Being a thirty-five foot girl didn't even intimidate the people below her, she couldn't even defend herself against them without breaking her vows. She was frightened beyond belief and couldn't do anything in her defense. She fell to the ground on her knees, the earth shaking from her doing so, and began to cry and scream in pain at what they had done. Not but twenty-four hours ago that same mob had murdered her mom, dad, and older sister. What was she to do, other then cry? She screamed in her head for someone to save her, to relieve her of the pain she was feeling. She just wanted things to go back to the way they were. With this thought, the people gathered around her and proceeded to plunge their swords and other weapons into her body. As she screamed in pain she just lay there, taking the hatred of the people she grew up with. And when they were finally threw, she closed her eyes and drifted off into a world of darkness away from the light of the world that hated her so much.


She would awaken to the light of a warm atmosphere. Trees that glistened in the light of the sun, flowers that revealed their pretty colors, and a house that looked old and deprecate, but inviting and gentle. A man touched her back and she jumped, afraid of what would happen to her. Her wounds hurt, and she realized that what happened earlier was not a dream but that she had almost died from blood loss. She began to cry as she sat there, but not for long as she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up. She was determined to carry on and do her best to make her family proud of her. She would work hard to preserve the good name of the giant race. The man below her would be amazed at how big she was, as he gawked at her before getting her attention by calling out to her.


"Hey, you! You got a name?!" He yelled as she looked down at him, realizing he was there for the first time since she woke up.


"Who me?" She wasn't the most straight forward of people and was quite naive.


"Of course you. There isn't anyone else around here besides you and me." He was very blunt as to get it across to her with clarity.


"Well, I am Kurumi Mitsutana, Umi for short if you want. Who are you?" She answered but without dropping her guard any.


The man just looked at her and walked back towards the house and didn't come back out for quite a while. Kurumi just sat back down and took a nap against a tree. The day would end quickly as she woke up to a setting sun and still no one had come from the house since he went back inside. With that she decided to do a little exploring of her own. What she would find was unclear to her as she didn't recognize the area she was in at all.



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