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Harry Dresden is the magic version of Peter Parker



Recently the Borders Bookstore around me have been closing down. As such, I've been there to two different stores. I managed to pick up a copy of The Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle. This I've been after To quote the author Jim Butcher from the Dresden files comics, "Harry is like Peter Parker, except instead of a science geek he's a magic geek." Now, after this fact a few things suddenly come to mind and make sense that didn't before. Some of it may be the personality, some of it may be the natural charm that this character has to the series fan-base, or maybe it's in some of the stupid choices he makes. I'd figure I'd start with some of the more strangely mirrored situations that occur in both series (at least of what I know of Spider-Man). Also, as this is a comparison.


First Girlfriend-

Gwen Stacey vs Elaine Mallory

As we all know the story of Gwen Stacey was killed by the Green Goblin and Peter catching her by her legs and this resulted in whiplash that broke her neck. thus adding to the guilt on his life. This was the last moment of the "Silver Age" as people point out. With multiple re-tellings and resurrections.


Elaine Mallory had a similar situation. Early love as a teenager with Harry, but when Justin DuMorne, their foster father, enthralled her and tried to do the same to Harry, Harry killed Justin DuMorne in self defense but in the process it seemed like he killed Elaine Mallory. Later in the series she comes back as a self dependent and even tell Harry who still has feelings that she shouldn't come back.



Everyone knows about One More Day how Spider-Man gave up his marriage to save his aunt. Severely considered the worst thing he's ever done by any Mary-Jane and Peter fan. Harry does something similar in the book Changes. He sells his own freedom to be restored to max power to save his daughter. Sadly, I'm more on Harry's reasoning here than Peter's. Mostly because Aunt May's had a good life and even told Peter that she's had a good life when Doctor Strange gave him the chance to speak with her.


The Wise-Cracks

Now, this one is just silly, they both make bad jokes during battles or at odd times.

"Now we're about to charge into a vampire's nest. Does anyone have any questions?"

"Why do hot dogs come in packs of 10 while hot dog buns come in packs of 8?"


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Since I know nothing about the Dresden Files, would you recommend I check out the tv series? Or is that crap compared to the printed stuff?

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Since I know nothing about the Dresden Files, would you recommend I check out the tv series? Or is that crap compared to the printed stuff?
I would say read the books, the comics are a better starting point and if you like them then pick up the books.
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