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I Don't Know Anything About Dragon Ball

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No really, I don't.


Well, not MUCH anyhow. Here is what I know about Dragon Ball:


1) Goku is some dude from another planet who wanders around learning kung fu. He starts off ridiculously overpowered and as things progress it just grows astronomically worse. I don't know if they ever show him splitting a mountain in two with a karate chop, but I'm pretty sure he could and no one would blink an eye.


2) The planet he comes from is Vegata. I think he also fights a bad guy named Vegata, who then becomes a good guy. Or something. I don't know.


3) Goku is followed around by the usual assortment of anime best buddies. I'm assuming at least one is a girl and there's probably a brooding guy and a comically small old man as well, but I really don't know - that's just an educated guess. I think I saw one with a little pig dude, but I'm not sure if that's DBZ or something else. They all look the same.


4) At some point there is like a little Goku running around. I don't know if this is like his child or a clone or Goku from the past or what, but he's basically just shorter and more cartoony and annoying.


5) Goku has ridiculous hair, even by anime standards. I think he has like, power-up forms or something like Sailor Moon or the Power Rangers. In these forms his hair gets larger and sillier, as do his muscles and abilities.


6) Every episode snippet I've ever seen has pretty much the same plot as every Pokemon I've seen. He and his buddies wander around. He and his buddies train with some eccentric character. He and his buddies join a tournament. Fight fight fight. Goku wins with some ridiculous move he learned earlier. Sometimes, a Very Important Lesson is learned, usually about friendship or some nonsense.


So anyhow, maybe it's just because I'm a grown man in my late 30s, but I don't get what the big deal is. It all seems rather silly to me - even by cartoon standards. Of course, I dislike anime in general so I'm sure I'm already quite biased, but seriously people - WTF?


What I hate about Goku specifically is the overpower levels. It's why I hate Superman. The fun derived from watching someone you know is too powerful to lose wears off quickly. Writers have to start coming up with increasingly stupid ways to make fights winnable (I'm looking at YOU, kryptonite!) just to add a modicum of tension to the whole affair. I don't know if this was an issue for Goku, but it probably was.


Anyhow, there was no real point to this - I just wanted to rant about something and this was the first thing that struck me.


MY BLOG IS OVER 9000!!!!

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Bah. Ignore Haye. I grew up on Lucky Charms, Pokemon, and DBZ and I definitely get what you're talking about. 1. The kid you're referring to is Gohan, who is indeed Goku's kid. He looks like Goku, but then again, most kids resemble their fathers. However, I see your point. Specially in the last season, when Goten, Goku's second son, was introduced. The kid was Goku in every way! He even dressed exactly the same. He had a rivalry with Vegeta's kid (who looked nothing like Vegeta) too. 2. There was no friendship/meaningfully lessons involved. DBZ taught me nothing other than if my friends died and I screamed loud enough, my hair would turn yellow and I would kick @$$. I also learned that destroying the Moon has no negative side effects. 3. On another note, DBZ > Power Rangers/Sailor Moon. The Power Rangers were alright, but their efforts to teach me anything other than "fighting is cool" displeased me. Also, the Power Rangers only shot off sparks when they got punched. Goku and the gang were literally ripped apart and blasted to pieces many times (luckily, the dragonballs were there to save the day). As for Sailor Moon, it was full of strong confident women. This naturally alienated me. 4. Hey, I thought I was the only one on this site who wasn't crazy for anime!

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I have a long-standing dislike of anime, Marvel. Ask anyone. Upon creating an extremely offensive character called "The Anime Hunter", I was accused of being a bigoted N-azi and threatened with physical violence.I really need to remake him. We'll do a collab.

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I concur with not knowing a thing about DB, and I'm 11! I think it's a stupid show, in all honesty. AAAAAAHHHHH! In that time, any other being could knock them out.

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Well, Dragon Ball could be stupid at times.Goku is SEVERELY overpowered most of the times.At first the show talked about a " Legendary Super Sayian "Half-Way through the show about everyone can go Super Sayian, two of whom can go Super Sayian 1-4.Almost every couple of episodes a even more severely overpowered being bent on destroying the world pops up.... i.e Frieza, Cooler, The Androids.Somehow everybody becomes OMEGALY overpowered and they beat said baddie.A couple of episodes between someone learns a new move, which makes them unbelievably more powered.Goku starts off with a simple Kamehameha blast.By DBGT Goku knows Kamehameha x 40 ( Or somewhere in the double digits )No one stays dead, they all get wished back by the Dragon Balls ( The name of the DB made me laugh. )The end was extremely stupid.Goku goes train with the Omega Dragon, Shenron, for 100 years.He just drops everything, I mean his wife, kids everyone dies of old age! Whats the point of that?He fought so hard to save everyone then he left, and everyone turned old and died.Like " Honey, I'ma go train for 100 years, have a nice life! "Like WTF?

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