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Best Superhero Movies ever!!



Best Superhero Movies Ever!!!


Alright there have been many movies made in the world and there are also many genres of movies, the most prominant being the Superhero genre of movie.

Tody I will list my top few Superhero movies and will list why I chose them to be in my list.


1:Batman,The Dark Night

I saw the Batman movies in thr order of which they were made, and sme were great like the first Batman with Micheal Keaton for instance and some were c**p like Batman with *shudder* George Clooney, Batman begins was good though it definitly could have made a larger impact on the Batman lovie fans. Then The Dark Knight cmes out, it had it all, good actio scenes a bit of romance between the Arch-rival and the ex-girfriend, an amazing villian(poor Heath Ledger ^_^ ) an dramatic car chases, need I say more :angry:


2;Iron Man

Though when you see a mrvel movie, you expect a large panel of superhero battles and action scenes, this marvel fick was slightly lacking, which is why this is number two in the list. The story though remians fiathful to the comics and tells the firstreally good origin story for a superhero. Robert Downey Jr perfect as Iron Man, and is staying for the next two movies :ph34r:


3; The Incredible Hulk

This movie probbly saved the Hulk media franchise, you know with the first Hulk movie being a bit disapointing for a true Hulk fan like me. Though Norton was a bit expressionless as Bruce Banner, ths movie as a good reboot for the Hulk, containing great Hulk battles and I alsol like the fac that the moie Hulk was based on he Mike Deodto Jr Hulk.


and the last....

X-men 2

This movie was the best of the marvel movies so far, containng a good Pre-Dark Pheonix story, and I liked the way much of the film was reffered to in Wolverine. The cast was good as always and quite a few action sequences and featured many cameos of other X-men, like Colossus for example. It was the best X-men movie and is a must see for X-man fans.


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