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The Game In Review Episode 2




If there's two things in the video game universe that have been argued to high heaven, they are the best game ever and the worst game ever. In today's GIRE, I'll reveal what I think is the worst game ever. Hold on to your hat, because here it comes:




Never heard of this thing? You're not missing much. As I've said before there's much debate about the worst game ever. To me there's a difference between the 'worst' and the 'most unplayable'. The worst game ever needs to be playable, and The Black Bass is certainly playable... if you have about six free hours. The game brings the exciting [sarcasm] world of competitive sport fishing to the NES. This game is slow. Really slow. And I don't mean it lags, I mean it takes forever for anything to happen. The entire game consists entirely of moving from spot to spot on various lakes, casting, reeling in, and occasionally landing a fish. In fact, the game pretty much covers everything that goes on in actual bass fishing... minus any of the fun. I like bass fishing. It's relaxing and there's no feeling like reeling in some freaking monster fish. This game takes all the elements of bass fishing and removes any of the interraction. There's no sun, no water, no boat, nothing. Anybody could pick this game up and play it, but nobody should. There's a good reason why you probably haven't heard of this game; it's the most forgetable game ever. You spend forever playing it for virtually no payoff whatsoever. The graphics are ok, I guess. The music is generic for the NES era. There's simply nothing to see here.

But don't worry, folks. My next review is coming soon. I'll be checking out a Genesis game that could be the weirdest game ever made. Stay tuned.




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