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Irritation Thursday




"And now for something completely different"


As we near the end of the first month of the new decade, I would like to rant about something. By this time, most video-game magazines, websites, etc. have put out their various best/worst lists. One game that has come to my attention is Metroid: Other M. Now whether you hate this game or love it, I don't care. Honestly, I haven't played it. What bothers me is... well to quote GameSpy.com...

Samus Aran, the badass bounty hunter admired for being one of the few female heroes in games who hasn't been completely over-sexualized -- or at least, she was, until Nintendo consoles were able to output graphics detailed enough to give people boners

Now why did this bother me? The "hasn't been completely over-sexualized" part. This is the opinion of most gaming article writers (namely X-Play). It seems to me that they've been hung up on the Metroid Prime series. Why do I say this? Because the Prime series was the only sub-series that didn't let Samus show off.


Even the NES game, with its primitive 8-bit graphics did its best to exploit the fact that Samus is a chick, and a hot one at that. The sex-appeal of Samus has been being milked since day one, Nintendo just used to make it harder to access. Besides, I'm rather enjoying the ease of access at this point.


Moving on, today I was in the car, minding my own business. The news is playing on the radio, the broadcaster is in the middle of a sentence... BAM a commercial interrupts him. I'm sitting there thinking, "Are you kidding me?"


Anyways, feel free to post your own irritations. This is IRRITATION THURSDAY!!



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I can't decide on an Internet Browser.Also, I tried convincing my friend that he shouldn't buy the iPhone 4 when it comes out for Verizon (Since they will release a better one in a couple months). He laughed, then proclaimed he was still going to get it.AAHHHHH!!!! IRRITATION THURSDAY!

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Chrome + Cyanide and Happiness/Explosm addon = Mind blown by the awesomeness.Also, I am surrounded by complete imbeciles in one of my new classes this semester. And when I say imbeciles, I mean it like literally. If you exclude my IQ and a few others, I wouldn't be surprised if the average IQ was 70. It also doesn't help when the only three people in the school you'd love to personally beat/throttle the life out of are in that same class.

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AT&T may have switched my Unlimited Plan to a crappy 2GB plan. Also, you stopped blogging. IRRITATION THURSDAY!!!!

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