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Sieg and Rev's adventure Chapter 1!

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( Sieg and Rev’s adventure Part 1. For the first chapter, it will be from Rev and Siegfried’s point of view.)

Siegfried’s POV


We had finally stopped the threat that had attacked my and my friend’s worlds. Although we did lose Raziel, who …well I know this might sound very approitate for a knight like myself to say but I didn’t really like him much anyway. I even died during the time I spent with my little group! But eventually, I was brought back obviously, or else I wouldn’t be here talking now would I? I will admit that I died a pretty stupid death that could have been easily avoided, if I had just used my head. But their were good things, that happened, as I even almost developed a relationship with Vin and Galen’s daughter Katrina. She sure was a great person, and so is her father, but her mother, personally I think I could do without. I don’t care if she can do stuff with coins, I still prefer SC. I can’t believe someone as nice as Katrina came from someone as cruel as Vin. But then again that’s just my opinion. The one known as Ben Tennyson, I don’t really know about as I never really talked to him that much. Same with the Aang child. But Dante, heh he sure had a great sense of humor. He even let me guard his castle, while he was gone, and his friend known as Lady was pretty cute. Too bad, she always kicked Rev and me to the curb. I think I could have gotten her, if I tried harder. I tried to invite Dante to come back to my world, but he said that their were too many..’weirdos’ in my universe. I don’t know what he was talking about, Maxi never came around my castle! But now I’m back to my own universe, with SC in tow, and now we are all heading back to my castle, that I had gotten after defeating the Masked Emperor(Check out the SC wikia to figure out that.)



After what seemed like a eternity, we finally made it to the front gates of my castle. I was about to open the doors, when I felt something hit me in the back of the head. It felt as if a bee had stung me. I turned around and glared at Rev, who looked at me shocked. I rolled my eyes as I told him to knock it off. I then opened the castle doors, which let a tiny cloud of dust, come out and float right into my face. I coughed up some dust, as I wiped my eyes which were beginning to water. “Well this is one great day for me..â€, I say saracacticly, as I swat away the rest of the dust and begins to walk in.


Rev’s POV

Hehe, man seeing Siegfried get all teary-eyed and stuff when the dust cloud nailed hjm right in the face. Pff, I don’t know what he had to cry about, I didn’t feel anything. I chuckled to myself as Siegfried mumbled something about it being a good day for him. I can’t believe he would say that! I’m having a wonderful time! He is just being a big baby…back in 1655, when I was still alive, I was the most feared bounty hunter of all time, and I still fought pretty good, when I started getting old. Hell, even 356 years later, I’m still a good scrapper. Siggy thinks he is all that, because he wields Master Soul Caliber. Pff .He was the reason that Master died! If it hadn’t been for Dante’s weird magic, I would just be a pile of bones! Even if he is 27, he still has a lot to learn. I look around at the inside of Sig’s castle, which has freaking moss growing on some of the walls. It was disgusting. But then again..So is Sieg. Hehehehe, man I can’t wait to tell Master Dante that, if I ever see him again! I would have rolled my eyes, if I had any, as Sieg gasped as their were cracks in his castle, as if someone had been attacking it while we were gone. He gets all dramatic, and looks to the roof of the castle, and asks who did this. I got a couple of ideas, but Master Dante pretty much single-handedly took care of all of the villains in mine and Sieg’s universe. ..So who could have done this?!

Sieg’s POV


“I knew it! I just knew it! I told Maxi to not have a party while I was gone!! Who even gave him the keys to my castle??!â€, I screamed out loud as Rev chimed in and said that I was the moron that gave Maxi the keys. I had enough of him for one day…what with hitting me in the head, and laughing when the dust hit me in the face, now that last smart remark is what broke the camel’s back. I turned around and began walking towards him. He looked at me with confusion evident in well….his eye sockets, I guess. Before he could even ask me what I was doing, I leapt at him and was choking him. I knew this was pretty pointless as SC could just bring Rev back even if I did kill him. But it didn’t look like that was going to happen. He got his arms free and began to choke me. We were chocking each other’s necks, and I was about ready to pass out, when we heard a loud crash at the castle door, as we looked up, the doors were kicked off their hinges, by someone who I recognized all too well.


“Astaroth…what do you want? Still looking like a brute, like always?†I quip as the big golem growls and takes the axe off his back, and lunges at Rev and myself. I bring out SC and block his brutish attacks, as I try an attack of mine, only for him to grab SC, and lift me up in the air, and knee me in the chest. I cough up blood, as I feel his blow right through my armor. I fall to the ground, as I see the smoke coming from Astaroth’s hands, as it is..well think of it as SC’s defense mechanism. If he is held by someone who has evil misdeeds, or isn’t pure of heart, it will burn that person’s hand until the pain becomes unbearable.


Any normal person would have dropped the blade by now, but I guess Astaroth was too stupid, to feel the pain, as he lifted the blade above his head, and was about to bring it down on me, when Rev leapt in and blocked SC, with his own two swords. He then said something smart, about me being a dumb blond that needs someone to help him. I glared at him, as I took the chance to punch the dumb golem right in the stomach, which makes him drop SC and hold his stomach in pain. He then takes his axe in both hands, and after knocking Rev away, with the but of his Axe, he begins to charge at me like a wild animal. I then grab SC, and after focusing some of my power into SC, I dodge his slow attack and cut his axe in half. He roars and tries to hit me with what is left of the axe body, but Rev stabs his swords into his arm, as I use SC to stab his other arm, pretty much rendering him unable to fight. But just in case, he tried anything I stabbed SC into his knees, before he could even see my blade move. He then falls to the ground, paralyzed as I put SC away and walks toward him.


Rev’s POV

I pull my swords from Astaroth’s arm, as I see Siegfried walking over to him, like he was the one who kicked his big ass all the way from here to next week. I can’t believe that I didn’t even get a thanks for saving him from Master.. Speaking of which, I can’t even believe that he actually let that big ugly …thing, get his huge sweaty, mits on Master. Now Siegfried is trying to interrogate him.

I walk over to Siggy boy, and shoves him out of the way, and points my swords at Astaroth, who tries crawling away, using his tongue, but I stab him in the back, to hold him in place, as I ask him who sent him.

“ You will find out he rips you apart cur!!â€, Astaroth kindly said, as I wiped the spit off my skull, as I put my other sword in his back, which makes him vomit up blood. He seemed more eager to talk now.

“Alright!! Master SE sent me!!!â€, Astaroth confesses, as Siegfried and I look at each other and gasp, as we thought that Ben had killed SE, and Raziel had eaten Inferno.(The soul of SE) .


How could he be back, and why did he send Astaroth to attack Siegfried and Revenant?

Find out on the next action packed adventure of SAR!

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