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My Updated Hulk Thread



:angry::ph34r:The updated Hulk Thread


As you all know I have an Incredible Hulk Respect Thread in the CBUB Character Chat frum. I have toadmit though I have been paying zero attention to the thread and because of that, no one is looking at the thread anymore.

So today, to cheer all you Hulk fans out there in the CBUB Forums, I have stated adding new links, showing Hulk feats and whatnot. So keep on checkiing the Hulk Respect Thread for new, updated information on ol' greeenskin.

A hint though, so far I have only added a few links bur over time I will be adding various bits of info on the thread, so keep your eyes peeled.

Alsö sll of you should feel free to add your own links and information on the Hulk.


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