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-Chapter I- “Most people think I’m weird, and they’re right.� Travis Wolf




In the blackness of the shrine, the vampire king spoke to the dark god.

“I need more power… Give me more… power…â€

“I have given you all the power I can in my current state. If you wish to see ultimate power, free me from my prison…â€


“Travis pay attention!†Mrs. Frost yelled as she slammed her hand on my desk. I woke with a start as I was snapped from my dream. I sighed as I looked up to her. I remember her staring at me through her think, round, glasses that rested at the tip of her nose so she could look down on everyone around her. As our eyes met, my gaze was defiant. She had no reason to call me out of my day dream.


After all, I wasn’t like Nick in the back, goofing off and disrupting everything just because I had no idea what was going on. This stuff was second nature to me. The names of the gods and goddesses, their children and half children, the stories, the meanings of the stories, the way they compared through cultures – it was all so easy for me – and if I wanted to day dream, or even sleep, I had the right.


“Travis!†she called, apparently I had been lost in thought again, “Would you care to answer the question?â€


“Would you care to repeat the question? After all I was dreaming… A very strange dream.â€


“Can you tell me what the hydra represents in Greek mythology?†she asked, trying to hide the fact that I got under her skin. But it was obvious I struck a cord with her as her pale cheeks turned a bright pink color.


The class laughed. One would think that comments like this that would make me the class cut up, right? Whether or not that was the case, comments like the one that came next that branded me as a nerd. “The hydra is believed to represent people’s craving for lust, and the more you fight it the stronger it grows. We see this because when Hercules would cut off one head, two more grew in its place…â€


“So we should all give into lust!†A voice called from the back of the room. That’s probably what separated me from most of my peers. A sex joke was like gold to them, no matter how obvious it was.


With a sigh, I continued. “The hydra was the second labor of Hercules. Each one was a different task that represented man against nature. This was an important thing for people of the ancient world because they lived in fear of nature. Hercules was an important figure in Greek myths because he was a hero who could not only challenge the gods, but conquer nature. So if it wasn’t for heroes like Hercules we might not have ever thought it was possible to conquer our world.â€

In her usual, patronizing, way she said, “Very good Travis, now imagine how much you’d know if you actually paid attention…â€


My only response was a sigh. I wasn’t going to let her insults get to me. Mrs. Frost felt like everyone was beneath her. Arguing would only prove her right in her mind. I would defy her in a different way, I drifted off into my little fantasy world. I didn't get my head back on the desk for more than a second before I was getting yelled at again. “I asked you a question!†Mrs. Frost said slapping her hand down onto my desk, jolting me back into the real world once more. When I looked up at her, she smiled as if getting me to focus was some sort of personal victory, “Can you give the class a name of any other hero in mythology that conquered nature?â€


I shrugged, “I probably can, but why not see what the rest of the class thinks? There’s over twenty other brains in this room.â€


“Because while they need to learn mythology, something you know a great deal about, you Mr. Wolf need to learn to pay attention. So as long as you continue to stare into space and dream of whatever it is that you dream about, I am going to be picking your brain for every single bit of information. I can only hope that some of it soaks into your peers.â€


I rolled my eyes. There wasn’t much I could do, arguing would just make things worse – but answering her would only give Mrs. Frost her way. With a sigh I decided the battle wasn’t worth it. So what if my peers thought I was acting like a teacher’s pet? I was already outcast for being more mature than everyone.


“Well Travis?†She asked, “Do you have an answer for me?â€


Without a second’s hesitation I responded, “Ryu.†Obviously none of the other students in class had any idea who I was talking about. Anything that wasn’t related cars, money, women, or how to get one of the three was lost on my generation. But Ryu’s story is so unknown, even Mrs. Frost raised a curious eyebrow when I said his name.


“And who, pray tell, is Ryu?â€


With a confident smirk I smiled and asked, “You mean you don’t know?†Mrs. Frost huffed as her face went red once again. I just smiled and went on explaining, “Ryu’s myth comes to us from either Greece, or it’s the only surviving story from the lost city of Atlantis.â€


“Oh please, Atlantis? Do you think a supposed myth from a fictional place is going be credible in my classroom?â€


It was obvious that she was trying to find anything to prove me wrong. I just shrugged and continued, “Like I said it’s believed to either be proof that Atlantis existed, or a myth from ancient Greece set it the fictional city of Atlantis. But that’s not the point, Ryu was said to be the exiled prince of Atlantis, cast away by his father – the corrupt king Sargon. Years later he returned to overthrow his father…â€


Frost cut me off, “That’s all fine and good Travis. It sounds like a great story, but what does it have to do with the question I asked?â€


“…In overthrowing his father, Ryu set free an ancient evil – by the name Akua. Akua threatened to destroy the world, but Ryu stopped him.â€


“Once again what does this…â€


“IN ORDER to do so, Ryu used the sword named Dragon Heart. This sword carried with it the power of the elements – Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Using this sword he defeated Akua, a being of pure darkness. The myth of Ryu’s battle with Akua shows a warrior using the powers of nature to overcome darkness, our most basic of fears.â€


I smiled in triumph. The rest class was silent, like they were actually interested. Mrs. Frost was speechless. She wouldn’t admit that I knew more than she did on this subject, so she said nothing.


“Look at that! T-Cup is so lame that he knows more than Frost!â€


As the class laughed, I simply shook my head and smiled. It amused me to know how threatened Nick was by me. Every time I impressed anyone, he felt the need to do anything he could to turn it against me. Still the nick name he gave me was impressively cleaver. Since my last name is Wolf, it started as Cub – like I said, they’re not the smartest group. Cub turned into Cup, and with my first name being Travis it was an easy transition into T-Cup.


“Alright, alright, alright,†Mrs. Frost said, her face still flush, “Calm down, leave Travis alone.†When the laughter stopped, Mrs. Frost let out a breath of relief. She didn’t really care about protecting me from ridicule. She just hated that the joke was about me being smarter than her. Luckily for her the bell rang, and she didn’t have to put up with me anymore.



At my locker I saw her. Nothing I could put down on paper would do her justice. What I will I say is that whenever I would ask what mom was like, dad would smile and tell me that, “She was an angle,†I can only imagine that my mother was half as beautiful as Katie Vanderstar.


She brushed a strand of copper hair behind her ear as I walked toward her. My knees where week and my palms where sweating. When she closed her locker and turned to walk away I tried to say something to get her attention but the only sound I could make was a weird choking noise that she didn’t hear. I stood there, feeling like a moron as I watched her walk away; until some jerk came and started hitting on her.


And no, I’m not just saying he was a jerk because I liked Katie. This guy was a serious punk. Fights, jail, it was all too common for this guy. People avoided him like the plague, and Katie didn’t seem to think any different. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but from the way she was shoving him I knew what she was thinking.


“Leave her alone Ethan!â€


Both of them turned their attention to me. “Look loser, this is none of your business. Why don’t you go along and play your little card game with that sissy boy you call your cousin?â€


“Why don’t you try hitting on a girl with less self esteem and more father issues?â€


“Father issues?†Ethan asked, “You think your cute Wolf Pup?â€


“No, but I’m glad you do.†I replied with a smirk – I thought I was hilarious, “What’s the matter? You’re daddy didn’t hug you enough?†Ethan however didn’t.


Without so much as a word he swung at me. I parried the punch and pushed Ethan away. “My dad teaches Tae-Kwan-Do, you’ll have to do better than that.â€


Ethan took a step toward me and asked, “Tae-Kwan-Do huh?†he punched again, this time a wild wide swing. I blocked and got inside his punch this time. Before I could do anything else however, Ethan head butted me. I felt a crack as my nose was bloodied.


My hands shot up and I got a knee to the gut. “I learned that on the street.†Ethan mocked as I fell to my knees. As I sat there breathing heavily with blood filling my hands and covering my shirt, Ethan planted his foot into my chest sending me to the ground.


“Stop!†Katie yelled, stepping in the way. “Stop hurting him!â€


“He needs to learn to watch his mouth.†Ethan said.


“And you need to learn to respect women.†I said standing.


“See Katie? The Wolf Pup wants more; aint that right Pup?â€


He was right; I would have thrown a punch, a kick, anything if Katie wasn’t in the way. But she was, so I just flipped him off. He made a move toward me, but Katie put her hands on his chest. “No.†she said, “It’s over. You won Ethan, and if you ever want a second chance with me you’ll leave him alone. Got it?â€


“You’re lucky Wolf.†Ethan warned, “Next time you run your little mouth, you better hope she’s here to save you again.†And with that he walked off. I let myself drop to ground and coughed. After a couple of minutes I was able to catch my breath.

With a warm smile Katie offered me a hand up. I could feel my face grow red as she helped me to my feet. “Are you okay?â€

I nodded, “I’m more worried about you.â€


“Oh I’m fine. He wouldn’t hurt me.â€


“Are you sure?†I asked, “He has a violent reputation. And he sure as hell didn’t have a problem laying a hand on me.†I said with a laugh.


She didn’t get the joke, “Sorry about that. But I’m sure. We’ve… been dating.â€


My heart sank. “Oh…â€


“Well, that is, we were dating. He kept blowing me off. He says it’s about work but never explained anything about what he does. I got tired of it and dumped him.â€


“Oh, that’s good.†I said with a hopeful smile, “No, I mean – it’s good that you… um, stood up for yourself. You don’t deserve to be ignored. You deserved someone who’s going to pay attention and take time for you.â€


“Well thank you.†She said before she started walking off.


“Wait,†I called after her. She stopped and turned with a smile, “Will you come with me?â€


“I would love to, but I really have to go.â€


My heart sank and I could feel my cheeks flush. “Oh yeah… alright that’s fine.†I said, not meeting her eyes.


She let out a giggle, it was the cutest sound in the world, and then she kissed me on the cheek. I couldn’t hide my smile, not that I wanted to. My face went bright red. Before I could react she said, “I’ll see you tomorrow Travis.â€



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Hehe, nice job Tom my boy! Travis reminds me if Percy Jackson and any shy kid were combined. Say Tom, are you planning into turning this into a book? Also, you think you can include me as a main characther?

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I am planning on turning it into a book. Travis is largely based on myself, except shier and smarter. I have all the main characters planned out already, but I can try to include someone like you as a side character if you like. PM me and tell me what you want him to be like and I'll see what I can do.

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Can it be a badass nerd, well I for that, there wer some minor grammar issues nothing that couldn't be fixed easily enough with a read through. The characters are great and it seems to me we've met the hero and his love interest.

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Say, Tom, are you sure that you don't know anyone at my school? I mean, Mrs. Frost sounds like an exact combination of my Expo Comp teacher and a religion teacher at my school. Plus, his classmates sound oddly like some of the rocks at my school.

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Say, Tom, are you sure that you don't know anyone at my school? I mean, Mrs. Frost sounds like an exact combination of my Expo Comp teacher and a religion teacher at my school. Plus, his classmates sound oddly like some of the rocks at my school.
Lol, I'm pretty sure. To be honest I didn't base Mrs. Frost or the other students off of anyone, just what I pictured to be generic jerks and a rude teacher.
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